Hey Everyone, this is William Strife with a quick guide over Hacking in both fallout 3 and New Vegas. This isn’t a guide I ever intended to do, but I’ve revived a lot of requests to cover the intricacies of hacking. Let it be known right now that I DO listen to you, my viewers, and the more I’m requested to do something specific, the more inclined I am to actually fulfil the request, baring a select few subjects. Anyway back to topic, hacking. Starting with the basics hacking computer terminals serves a few different purposes. These things range from data retrieval, to unlocking doors or safes, to tampering with hostile security systems. In order to attempt hacking a terminal you first have to meet a minimum science skill requirement. How much is dependant on the difficulty of terminal you’re attempting to hack. The hierarchy is as follows, you need a science skill of at least 15 to hack a very easy terminal, 25 for easy, 50 for average, 75 for hard, and 100 for very hard. Once you’ve accessed the terminal you’ll be presented with a wall of gibberish code, with comprehensible words strewn through it.

The goal is to choose the correct word within four attempts, how many tries you have left are displayed as boxes at the top the of computer screen. If you fail four times in a row, the terminal will lock and you’ll permanently be unable to access the terminal again. However, if you power off the terminal before you use all four tries, the passwords will reset and you can access the hacking mini-game again to try from square one. Accident’s happen though, so it’s a good idea to save just before trying to hack a terminal, just in case you lock yourself out. Now the actual process of finding the correct password. Amongst the gibberish code on screen are actual words that are all the same length.

One of these words is the correct pass-code, and when you choose a wrong word you are told how many correct characters are in the right places. Here’s an example: Say the password is “Harsh”, but you choose the word “Faith”. The computer will read back to you that there are 2/5 letters right; Because the ‘A’ and ‘H’ are the second and fifth letters respectively in both words. It’s basically a process of matching, and trial and error.

There are some additional tricks to hacking though. Search through the code for a set of parentheses, brackets, braces, or greater than less than symbols. If you find an opening symbol followed by it’s respective closing symbol on the same line, you can sellect the opening symbol to either remove a dud passowrd, or replenish your attempts to four. A few notes aobut this, there can be any ammount of gibberish code between brackets, and they’ll still work. But if a full word is between them they won’t do anything. Furthermore if a word obstructing a pair of brackets is removed as a dud, then the bracktes will work. Finally one closing bracket can work with two different opeing brackets, this means you can make two commands out of two opeing brackets and one closing bracket.

Just keep in mind that all of this hacking trickery with brackets only works when all the symbols are on the same line. If the brackets are split between two seperate lines of code, they won’t match up. Also remember that brackets will only pair when they are open followed by close, and of the same style. In other words you can’t mix say a paranthesies with a brace. That’s everything to hacking in fallout 3 and New Vegas. While it is one of the most mentally engaging things you do in the game, there’s nothing ever stopping you from avoiding it altogether.

Regardless I hope that now you have a better idea of how to pick the code of the terminals found in either game. Until next time this has been William Strife for Visage Guides and Kerosene Dreams, I’ll see ya later..

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