Hello Gamers, my name is Jogador Playys and welcome to a new guide for Fallout 4 Today gamer, i’m going to bring you a continuation from the previous guide, in case you didn’t saw i advise you to see so that you can do what i’m going to do in this guide, in this guide i will show you how you can gain XP easily and fast by using the previous guide, in the previous guide i show you how you can how to get unlimited ressources by using a glitch with the workshop, and so gamer, that’s what i’m going to do today, before that you will want to see the other link in the descreption and in the video, that will show you how to get all the picket fences magazines because you will need them to gain XP easily. So gamer now what we will do is open the workshop menu, but before thar i’m going to show that i’m at level 19 if you do this with a lower level character you will gain level up faster don’t forget to see the links in the descreption, so that you know how to do the statues and how to have unlimited copper.

So now let’s start putting a lot of statues. So let’s utilize this 20 road and do this i’m going to this for a while, and you will see my XP go up, we have pass one level ewven with Presley putting himself in front of me the good guy let’s keep this going don’t stop The more Copper that you have the more statues you can do, and also you can remove the statues later, so don’t worry about them it’s just that you gain XP easily let’s keep this a little bit so now imagine if you do this for a long time, how many levels won’t you gain this is just a little bit while i’m talking with you guys and i have already pass a few levels now i’m going to stop doing statues anf if you see my XP keeps going up, as if it was nothing Look at the collections of statues that i made, after that you can simply go to the creation mode, and turn them into scrapp another level and the Xp shoul rise for a little bit i don’t know if by a lot, but look the XP is still rising and with this im at level 23 i was at level 19, and it stop if you are in a lower level this will be faster, but you you can do this for a while, if you have the Copper to do Well gamers, this is how you can gain XP easily and fast in Fallout 4.

I hope that this guide was helpful if it was don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe to the channel and share this video and Gamer Keep on Playing.

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