-GB – Hey Joel – Hi Adam I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 It is a fun game Great game And in Fallout 4, there’s a bunch of companions The compa… Oh, the companions.. i know the – The companions, like everyone in your life -There’s that guy and that guy – has a relationship status – and that guy Yeah, uh-huh – And, this is Codsworth – Oh, sure, Codsworth And, if you max out their relationship status You make them love you to death – they give you a special perk – Nice, nice Uh, so, I feel I.. Codsworth was kind of a finicky mother fucker Yeah he’s a little finicky You know, I was just running around killing Raiders and I figured I’m gonna kill these dudes, because that’s what you do in Fallout Sure, sure – So, you shoot the Radiers – Yeah And everything seemed fine Uh-huh, and then…

Oh he didn’t, he didn’t like that No, no, i dont know. I figured it was because it was a person, and he’s just a humanist So I’m gonna stick to bugs That makes sense, just stick to bugs, just animals and bugs No-one likes animals and… uh.. He didn’t like that either He didnt like that either. So I’m not going to kill anyone I dont have to I found a spot here, right now I am saving his arse Saving him, yeah There are fucking ghouls everywhere. Saving him! Surely, he liked that – Wow didn’t like that either – Fucking.. didn’t like that either Alright Im not gonna kill anyone I’m just make sure that I don’t die. I’m gonna disarm the traps because I dont wanna get blown up, thats what you gotta do – Surely he has no problem with that, right – Fucking..

You know.. that’s it Alright So now, i’m just, i’m not gonna do traps I’m just gonna make sure I can get some loot – I’m gonna go around the world collecting loot, that’s it – It’s just a lock, can anyone ha… What in the fu… Fuck it. I’m just gonna stick to settlements – I’m gonna farm, i’m gonna eat my fucking potatoes – Fuck it, just eat a Tato Adam – That’s it – Noone can hate you fuckin…. He FUCKING HATED IT GOD DAMNIT You know what, fucking Codsworth I’m gonna, fuckin, build something for you that you’ll really fuckin like God damn, i’ll put this here, fuckin, put this up here Look at all my fuckin friends, Hi Marcy Long Let’s fuckin.. uh.. close this fuckin door Adam, this is a little disturbing Looks at this, Codsworth, want to see something you’ll love? – You’ll fucking love this Codsworth – No Adam, that’s..

– Fuck you, fuck you – This is not good Adam.. that… – Ahh, want them to fucking burn? – Adam… Adam – Like that shit? You like when everyone fuckin dies? – That’s not.. that.. that’s not.. You know something, somehow that does sort of seem to make some sense It’s kind of weird That’s how you maximise relationship status with Codsworth just kill everyone in the world No it makes sense Thats a helpful guide Adam, thankyou for showing us that Adam Where do we find other videos? We have alot of other videos that you and anyone else can watch right here! You can also Like and Subscribe to us right here Thanks

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