What’s up guys? Happy 4th of July weekend. In commemoration of the holiday, I thought I’d put out a quick tutorial video on how to get your hands on the very rare Stars and Stripes bandana in Fallout 4. Just something a little fun you can snag on your travels through the Commonwealth. And it couldn’t be more timely with the whole Independence Day theme and all. And in keeping with the holiday weekend, I will finally be putting out my first settlement showcase video tomorrow, on 4th of July, with a really cool fireworks display at the end of the video. Yup, using the new Contraptions DLC and all that.

Not only will the settlement be epic but the finale will be epic as well. So tune in tomorrow for that fun before you head out to see some fireworks in real life or what-have-you. I know 4th of July is mainly an American thing, but you know what I mean. Okay, onto the location of this bad-boy. You’re going to want to head to a place called Monsignor Plaza. Here it is on the map. Northeast of Diamond City, across the Charles River. In real life, this would be where Cambridge is located and might be referring to the Cambridgeside Galleria. But anyway, Monsignor Plaza is overrun with Raiders, so you’ll wanna wade through them on your way to a clothing store on the bottom level.

I’ve already taken the liberty of dispatching them… Liberty, no pun intended. So you’ll head around here and then down to the lower level. Then into this clothing store where a few items still remain on the shelves. One of them being the Stars and Stripes Bandana. It’s right behind the counter here on this shelf. And voila. I’ll show you real quick on the local map where we are. Okay, now we’ll jump cut to a brighter location where I’ll show you what it looks like on both me and Cait. All right, as you can tell, we are here back the Red Rocket. Still want to keep my showcase settlement a secret until tomorrow. The Red Rocket is always my backup joint. Anyway, this is what the Stars and Stripes Bandana looks like on my character, in place of the normal green bandana that I always wear.

Can’t see the whole thing, but it actually looks pretty cool. I think I’ll probably wear it in the 4th of July settlement video just for kicks. But check this out. Just before recording this, I went back to Monsignor Plaza to see if the bandana had respawed, as a test, and it had! It’s been about a month since I recorded the footage you saw a moment ago. Not sure how long it takes for the bandana to respawn, but it DOES respawn. So there’s a cool bonus tip for ya. And you can see now what it looks like on a companion. Actually looks pretty good on Cait with the whole Coyote Ugly look I got going on with her and all. I should put it on Strong and see what it looks like on him. Oh and you can put it on Dogmeat too.

Currently in my game, Dogmeat is off following Kellogg’s scent as part of the main story questline. So I don’t exactly know where he is at the moment. But we’ll continue on with the Reunions mission after Far Harbor. All right guys, that’s going to do it for this video. Just a short and sweet little tutorial that I thought I’d crank out for the holiday theme. Again, check back tomorrow for my epic settlement video and the really cool fireworks show at the end. Thanks for tuning in. Subscribe, like, share and comment. All that good stuff you guys do. And we’ll see you next time on the Skooled Zone… Peace..

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