Hey there my fellow Fallout 4 players. Today I’m going to explain how to romance Cait as a companion. First of all, let’s very quickly talk about romancing companions in Fallout 4, and what that means. Well, if you play Fallout 4 and you recruit a companion, you’ll notice that they like or dislike certain actions that you take along the way. If after traveling with you for a while, they have liked enough of your actions, they’ll slowly start revealing more and more of their backstory to you. You’ll also notice that some of the dialogue may turn rather friendly or even flirtatious. Eventually, you’ll be either given a quest to complete for them, or they’ll skip right to idolizing you depending on the companion. Once they idolize you, you gain a special Perk that they offer as part of their repertoire. In addition, resting with an idolizing companion nearby will grant you a super-charged version of the Well-Rested perk called Lover’s Embrace.

That gives you a 15% bonus to XP for eight hours instead of the normal 10% when you sleep in an owned bed. They’ll also make certain flirtatious comments to you along the way. However, there are certain companions you can’t romance. Dogmeat and Codworth can’t be romanced, for example, as well as a few other non-human companions, like Strong, Deacon and Nick Valentine for reasons I don’t want to spoil for you.

Just know they can’t be romanced. However, all the others are good to go with same-sex romances even possible in the Fallout franchise. Now only 5 companions have personal quests that will speed along the idolization process: Cait, Curie, Danse, MacCready, and Valentine. Completing their quest will almost automatically lead to idolization opportunities whereas with the others, it just takes time and enough likable actions. For this video, however, we’re focusing on Cait.

I’ve mentioned in previous videos why I think Cait makes the best stealth build companion. In fact, I went into a great deal of detail at the beginning of Episode 10 of my trivia walkthrough series. So if you’re unsure why I think she makes the best companion, just watch the beginning of that video and it’ll all be explained. I’ll put a link in the description below. If you want to find Cait, look for her at the Combat Zone. Once you clear the place of Raiders, the owner of the bar will pawn Cait off on you and she’ll then join your cause. However, during your adventures, she’ll slowly start to reveal that she’s a drug addict, but she wants to get clean. However, she needs a special kind help, a sort of experimental cure, which can only be found in Vault 95. You’ll have to wait until she brings it up. But once she does, you can then complete her quest called Benign Intervention. Make sure you’re ready for the Assaultrons that guard the entrance of the Vault.

The rest are just Gunners that you can wade through to get to very back where find the mechanism to cure her. Once that quest is complete, within the next few hours or so of your gameplay, she’ll engage in some very appreciative dialogue with you. At this point, you’ll want to be ready for it in order to maximize the potential of romancing her. If you already have a high Charisma, then simply pop-on some Charisma-boosting clothing and you’re all set. If you have a low Charisma, like my character, then you’ll want to be ready with some Grape Mentats. Grape Mentats boost your Charisma by 5 and can be crafted at a chemistry bench without any Chemistry perks necessary. It just takes one regular mentats, some whiskey and two hubflowers, which can be found on the side of the road in most areas of the commonwealth.

Those who have played Fallout 3 will recognize them as a carry-over from previous installments. When that conversation comes, here’s how it’ll go. She actually caught me off guard while I was house shopping in Diamond City. I temporarily purchased the Home Plate residence and was in the middle of deciding that I didn’t like it when she insisted on talking to me about her feelings. So I just stepped away, changed clothing, hit record, popped some Grape Mentats, and went ahead with the conversation… And there you go, she is now a romantic companion. And if you sleep in an owned bed, you’ll see here what the Lover’s Embrace perk looks like… You’ll also get her perk called Trigger Rush, which is supposed to regenerate Action Points faster when you’re low on hit points. However, sometimes it kicks in when you’re low on Action Points instead, which is one of the few bugs I’ve seen that actually works in your favor.

All right guys. Short but sweet video. Hope this helped you guys out. Throw a like on it and share it around. And we’ll see you next time on the Skooled Zone. Peace out….

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