What is up my fellow Fallout 4 players. My name is Paul from the Skooled Zone. Normally I do trivia walkthroughs on my channel, which are basically longplays interspersed with fun facts about the real world within the context of the game. But sometimes I also do tips and tricks to help you guys have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Today I’m going to show you how to toss grenades and other thrown explosives in Fallout 4. And the same principle will apply to placing mines. It took me a while to figure this out because it’s not made obvious through any action oriented tutorials in the game. And the mechanic is different than previous installments. But don’t fret, I’m going to show you right now. I’m also going to direct you to where it IS pointed out in the game, so you’ll know the meager attempt they made to show you how to do it. Okay, the first thing you want to do is head into your weapons inventory in your Pip-Boy.

Assuming you have some grenades or Molotovs, you’ll want to equip one of them and then exit your pip-boy. This won’t interfere with your currently equipped weapon. As you can see, now it finally shows you a little tip in the upper left hand corner. That’s the first clue that may not be so obvious. The next place you can find a clue is in the Help section under grenades… See, there ya go. It’s a pain in the butt to look stuff up like that but the HELP menu IS a great resource if you get stuck. Okay, so it doesn’t show you holding the explosive, but it’s nevertheless equipped and ready to throw.

And you can also fav the item. Just head back into your Pip-Boy, inventory, grenades or whatever you want to favorite, and select the spot to place it in. As you can see now, I have my gun out but the grenade is also equipped from the favs. You can see that over on the right side there. When you’re ready to throw the item, you simply need to hold down the right bumper. You’ll hear a ticking sound and that’s the grenade cooking, sort of. There doesn’t seem to be a timer, so you can hold on to it as long as you like.

Not going to blow up in your hand or anything like that. The ticking is just letting you know that you’ve pulled the pin, but haven’t necessarily let go of the plunger, as long as you hold the right bumper down. As soon as you let it go, it tosses it and the plunger and all gets released. Then you can create the arc you want by looking up or over. Higher arcs will throw farther and the distance may be based on your strength. Not sure about the math with that. But you can throw pretty far. You can also throw pretty close and it won’t bounce around too much if enemies are running up on you.

Just make sure you’re safely away from the explosion. The same principle as all this applies to mines. You just toss the mine on the ground where you want it through the same equip and right bumper process. I know, it’s seems so obvious now, but don’t feel bad if you didn’t know how to do it at first. I consider myself a fairly smart dude and I went for several levels without knowing how to do it. But now you know! So let’s go ahead and throw one.

Oh and by the way, we’re here at the Red Rocket Gas Station and he’s a little Easter Egg for you. Well sort of. A minor Easter Egg. After you clear out all the mole rats in this area, there’s one more hiding underground, even like many levels or many missions later. He won’t come out unless you toss an explosive right where the old gas pumps are. So if you want to fully exterminate the area before you build it into a base or something, then take care of this little straggler. I’ll go ahead and beat him up with a little Kung Fu… Waa-kaa! All right. Hope that helped make your adventures in the Wasteland that much cooler. If you appreciate the quick tip, leave a like and share the video. And if you want to see my badass Fallout 4 trivia walkthroughs, I’ll leave a link in the description or the i-card above. Thanks again for watching. Peace out..

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