Gaming… gaming never changes. In the year 1997 the first Fallout game changed the world of computer gaming forever and paved the road to a legacy. In the year 2008 the series was revived by Bethesda in the form of Fallout 3, which is often called one of the best RPG ever created. It has been 7 years since Fallout 3 and 5 years since the last Fallout game and that time has come again. Companies and game mechanics have come and gone, new textures over old engines, Fallout looks very different today but gaming… gaming never changes.

You know what does change? game requirements… Look at this! This is not recommended requirement these are minimum! But hey… When has that ever stopped us? This is LowSpecGamer where the only thing that never changes is the computers we use to play games over many years. So… forget about Grass and decent draw distance because we are going to make this game run. You know what is an alarming sign? When the game is not even able to identify your video card. You don’t have to remind me it’s old. The game drops us to the Low quality preset, which uses these settings as you can see here. Which may be meant for that minimum requirement setup we saw before. Very shoopy. Let’s check if there are some things we can reduce on the settings. Apart from lowering the default resolution there is a couple of things we can reduce here. Ambient Occlusion, and AntiAliasing can still be turned off. This lead to a framerate that is… less dramatic but still too low for combat…. So, the game has forced our hand. Time to get tweaking. First, we are going to manually tweak the game.

We need to open the configuration file. This file is located in your document folder, my games, fallout 4… and the file is called Fallout4Prefs.ini. Open it using notepad. First we have these two shadow distance variables that control the distance shadows are rendered. We want to reduce this distance as much as possible. Then we have the main shadow resolution, this one is pretty important performance wise. 1024 is the minimum the game usually goes. You can try put it to 0 to gain performance but this will cause a giant shadow to be rendered around the player. If you are willing to work with that… good! Otherwise, I have found 64 to be a good resolution without having a lot of odd lighting glitches. Now, I believe some of these variables control draw distances for many animations and elements. So I am going to reduce them from their minimum values. Same thing with these group of variables over here. On older versions of this engine these helped control level of details after a certain distance, so feel free to experiment on reducing them for slight increases in performance. Now… this over here is very important.

This is the resolution control for the game. Fallout 4 has plenty of resolution options, which is a good thing, but if you still want to try a custom lower resolution, this is the place to put it. I am going to use 960 by 540, same resolution I have been using on many computers on previous videos. Then we have the fade distance for sky elements like clouds that can be reduced quite a bit. This one controls the number of particles. Aha! This one is fun. This controls the distance on which most of the grass is rendered. By putting it to 0 we can get rid of most of the grass.

Excellent! This part is my favorite. These variables under LOD control the main drawing distance. When an element is taken out of that draw distance it fades away. This is really good for performance since there is less stuff to render. The lowest you can go here is one and you may notice that the control for objects, items and actors is still over 1. I recommend you put all objects to 1 and actors to 2. Putting actors to 1 fades enemies and NPC way to quickly which makes combat very hard but there is no problem with having a low distance for objects. Save the file and make sure to go to properties and set it up as a read only file. This game loves to revert your changes. Remember this Red Rocket station? The one that was on all the next gen trailers for this game that got everyone so excited and looked so good? Yep…

We have come a long way. Brand new day for wasting some power cores and traveling the city… this very low detail city. Wow, look at that shadow distance, look at that detail level. Aaah, the old familiar sound of gunfire. I am not getting involved on that one. No sir. However, if you find all these changes confusing there is one thing you can do to simplify everything. Fallout 4 has not been out for a week and there are already working mods for it. This is why I love the modding community. We are going to use this one, the low graphics mod for Fallout 4. Keep in mind this is a very new mod and it will probably improve in the future. As it is today it helps out a lot but keep checking for updates. To install this mod extract the downloaded zip and run the console.bat installer. All you need is an updated version of java installed in your computer to make it work.

You can choose an alternate path for the game if you have installed it in some odd place and after that just click on Install and all the work is done for you. If you want to tweak even further over the mod, such as lowering shadow resolution, you just need to remove the read only effect on the config file, do your tweak and then turn read only back on. Fallout 4 is a highly complex RPG game where you are given quests by all sorts of people and create complicated relationships with all sorts of entities… and every single mission seems to be go to this building, kill everything that lives in there and come back. Beautiful… aaaaah. Wow! Is that glowing? Ok… I need to recover some health. That is… mmm…. Haha, got me a little bit by surprise…

Yeah, I guess he IS radioactive is just… you do not expect to see radioactive glowing zombies every single day… that explode with radioactivity. I have… 27 bullets, laser bullets. Shush, come on… No, No… don’t corner me. This is not going well. This is… Mmmm… … around here somewhere… I got to be really careful. Ok, let them come. Let them come. NO CODSWORTH. DON’T. There is a mine there. Dammit. Aaaand now my own mine has crippled me. I swear. It’s kinda funny. Look how the objects appear. That is some low draw distance. That is kinda awesome. Okay. Glowing Zombie. Glowing Zombie. There he is. Where is Mr. Radioactive. No. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. I am safe here. I am falling. Ok.Goodbye Codsworth. No… No… Ok. Wow, is he…? Ok… This is going to be much harder than I expected. Yes… Yes! PLEASE AAARGH…. Gotcha! These games are so hard. And this is supposed to be a door. See? This is how you find doors… the best way to find doors is when they are not even rendered. So you can find them in complete darkness. I do love the sense on immersion this game provides. Look at that sunset.

Beautiful. Especially because, well, so many things… Wooop. Ok. Is that supposed to happen? Did… You just saw that? That… that just vanished. The entire antenna just vanished. Ok. Guess we are… wooo… and there it is again. Aaaaand Ok. You know what? I will take it That is all for this episode. I am extremely excited to be able to play this game. I love this type of open RPGs… I do wonder if I will ever finish the main storyline… to busy doing side stuff. I am going to go and continue playing, but before that let me announce the next: LowSpecGamer giveaway. Last week I asked about who introduced you to gaming. I read some amazing stories, it was truly enlightening to realize how things have changed since a friend, many many years ago, introduced me to the Nintendo 64… Ah… good times. The winner is xd34th, who started his gaming journey when her big sister got a super nintendo.

Oh man, that is a great place to start. This week, the prize is a steam copy of Disco Dodgeball, donated by JaydenMyatt. The question is simple, the year is quickly running out so I am going to ask a very typical question: “What is your game of the year for 2015?” You can answer over comments, steam group or reply to my tweet and a winner will be picked at random, even if I do not agree. This was fun, I have never received so many requests in such a short amount of time. If anything new for this game comes along, I will be sure to make a video out of it. Thank you for supporting and see you for the next LowSpecGamer video.

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