Hey there fellow builders! I have another fantastic Fallout 4 settlement tour for you today. I’m gonna be showing you my pristine Covenant build using all kinds of fancy tricks and creative concepts. All done without mods of course, because that’s how I roll here on the Skooled Zone. Now, while I’m making my way over to Covenant, I’m gonna be giving you some interesting prologue along the way. Cool backstory stuff about the build and all that. But you’re always free to skip ahead if you’re the impatient type. I’ll add a pop up to that time code. So, Covenant is not normally one of the preferred settlements players like to build up in the Commonwealth. And I think I know why; For one thing, a lot of players still love the ratchet look for their Fallout 4 settlements. You know the grungy distressed look? Like it’s just barely survived the war, apparently more lore friendly or something. However, Covenant is quite the opposite.

A lot of it, in fact, still looks like a pre-war settlement. Now the topic of whether the clean or dirty look is more lore friendly, is actually the focus of a video I have coming up in the no mod shop class. So I won’t delve into that here. But the bottom line is that you won’t get that authentic raider look in Covenant. The other reason some players aren’t fond of Covenant, is that there are many objects in Covenant that can’t be scrapped without mods. Including some of the beds, tables, and most frustratingly; the turrets! Now many of you already know there’s a quest you need to complete in order to unlock Covenant as a settlement. And it involves either siding with the original residents or turning against them. If you turn against them, the turrets will turn against you too and force you to destroy them.

However, all the smoldering scrap piles that remain of the turrets once they’re destroyed, for some unfathomable reason can’t be removed or replaced. Now most players opt to turn against the residents because they make a snap judgment about the intentions of the residents. However if you side with the residents instead, during the Human Error quest, the residents remain friendly and the turrets remain intact. Now, if you happen to be new to Fallout 4 or haven’t done that quest yet, I’m gonna be giving some spoilers here. Just a fair warning if you want to skip ahead. Okay, so here’s the reason I chose to side with the residents and keep the town friendly and intact. And this is just my take on the quest, you’re welcome to disagree.

So, honest Dan’s entire premise is actually based on lies. Emilia is in fact; neither Old man Stockton’s daughter, nor human. And the residents of Covenant were right all along. She is a Synth! Honest Dan jumps to the conclusion that the town is some satanic cult that just randomly kills caravaners or something. He’s also not willing to engage in any diplomacy with Dr. Chambers. Now admittedly their testing procedures are rough. But the truth behind the residents of covenant is that their friends and family were previously killed by Institute Synths, so they became like vigilantes against the Institute, and ferret out Synth infiltrators before they corrupt other settlements. So in a way their intentions are actually pretty noble. And if you first thought: “well, murder is cruel…gotta save Amelia” Keep in mind that Honest Dan is willing to murder all the guards, and later everyone in covenant. And he kind of forces you to do it while he goes back to get paid.

So in effect he’s really more of a mercenary than a detective. And, all the while Amelia’s not even Stockton’s real daughter and turns out to be a synth. And Stockton knows it too, and he just selfishly wants the likeness of his daughter around him. Like a memory toy or something. Now, Bethesda is known for making many of its quests morally grey. Where there’s often a fine line between who’s right and wrong, and you just have to play it the way you want it. In this case though, they named the quest giver Honest Dan and made Dr. Chambers almost like a Dr. Mengele type character. In retrospect, that seems a bit skewed actually and it’s easy to see why most players would side against Covenant on the first play-through. And it doesn’t help the case for Covenant by making all the residents overly happy to the point of almost being creepy. I mean that’s kind of the vibe they were going for so you’d be weirded out and all.

Like some kind of murder mystery or invasion of the body snatchers plot happening around you. So, if you’re one of the players that ended up with Covenant in smoking ruins, and bodies strewn about that won’t de- spawn, then don’t feel bad. You were sort of nudged a bit in that direction. However, I actually did something interesting in my playthrough of the quest. Before choosing whether or not to side with Honest Dan or Doc Chambers in the compound, I went up to the cell holding Amelia and I took a pickpocket look in her inventory. Sure enough there was a synth component! So it’s possible Honest Dan was lying and/or Amelia was lying. Although, she’s most likely a memory-wiped synth.

But either way, Doc Chambers was telling the truth! So I took a leap of faith and sided with her. Long story short… that’s how I justified it in my play through. And how come my Covenant build is gonna look all intact with the original residents still alive. Well, except for the mayor, he was really annoying so I took him out. Haha! Now I’m the mayor! And now I can end the caravan raids you know? In my head Canon and all. And reformed the town into a welcoming little oasis in the Commonwealth. Anyway, I kept the basic structure of Covenant intact in this build. But added a lot of ambiance, neat building tricks, and a lot of new decoration. But I imagine there’s gonna be three types of players viewing this build. The first type are the people who aren’t familiar with Covenant at all. And are gonna think I totally use mods because so many things are gonna seem impossible with just the vanilla assets.

The second type are the people who are vaguely familiar with Covenant. And they’re gonna think I really didn’t change that much or added to the original layout. And then the third type who are extremely familiar with the original Covenant. And they’re gonna notice all the subtleties and variations added and will be impressed by the amount of work it took. I’m ready for all three types in the comments, it’s all good! Anyway the cookie crumbles! But the reason I’m showcasing the settlement now, is because there are a lot of things included that’ll be part of the double black diamond lessons coming up later this month.

So if you have questions about how I did anything in the build, just know that a lot of things will be covered in upcoming lessons. Feel free to leave any questions or comments you want of course, but I’ll be covering just about everything I haven’t already covered in future videos. And here we are folks! My version of Covenant. Now, it’s gorgeous at night with everything all lit up. So I’ll do a roundup tour at night at the end of the video. But I wanted to start off during the day so you get the full experience. And as I go I’ll be giving a lot of the pros about Covenant. There’s very little cons actually, you know, at least in my opinion. So let’s take a look. Actually before we go inside, let’s take a spin around the perimeter so you get the full perspective here. Okay, sorry about that jump cut there, someone called me and I had to see who it was. So first of all we have the guard who patrols the whole complex I guess you could say.

And you know how it goes? Like he’ll stay at his post for about like five minutes and then just start wandering around the compound. We’ll check him out later. I didn’t really do much to this area right here; this guy Swanson is just gonna sit there. You can’t assign him to do anything so he just kind of welcomes visitors you know? Of course I got Drinking Buddy, he goes with me everywhere I go, to all my settlements. And yeah, you can’t scrap some of this stuff so I just kind of added some decorations. This will be like the little security checkpoint or whatever. Wanted to keep it relatively simple. There’s my provisioner. All right, so we’ll scoot around Buddy so he won’t start a dialogue with us.

All right, so as you can see, we’ve got these really cool turret towers that I set up. The original turrets work perfectly fine, but they don’t count towards the settlement defense number for some reason. So, you have to build up extra turrets to get that number up to kind of deter settlement attacks. And you end up having kind of an overkill of settlement defense, but it’s pretty awesome. As you can see right here, we’ll take a quick look at the stats. Gotta get within the settlement boundaries to do that, Hehe! Okay, there we go. So as you can see there’s 11 people, 12 food, 13 water, 100 power, and 111 defense. So let’s go ahead and take a swing around here. We’ve got… These kind of got a little messed up here, but I set up these little tires to be.. “chairs” because this area right here is outside of the settlement boundaries. But all of the caravaners swing by and kind of lounge in this area.

So they’ll get knocked around, but just for the role-playing of it, you know, I’m gonna say that they come and sit on the tires. With mods you can probably extend the radius out a little bit and build like a real campfire, and all that stuff. But not with the vanilla assets. Okay, I’ve got a laser turret right there with the green light you know: meaning all’s well. I like the way this turned out because these turrets right here, now can reach all the way down this hill over here. And that’s where a lot of the enemy spawn is, down there.

Okay, so we’ll continue around here. All those turrets are intact. So one of the pros about Covenant, of course, is that the walls are impenetrable. And all the enemy spawn points are actually outside the walls. You know, unlike other settlements where sometimes the spawn points are actually inside the parameters of the settlement. Which is always frustrating. And there’s only one way in, so most likely, the enemies will never actually make it inside of Covenant you know? Your residents will still rush outside to try and battle them and everything. But yeah, this is one of the most secure settlements in the Commonwealth. Now, I did add some extra missile turrets just to boost up the defense and put them in areas where they’re not gonna hit really any the settlers so.

Another spawn point is back here somewhere. So, it’ll crank out those explosive shells at them. And another spawn point is right around this area right here. So, this missile turret will take on those enemies. And I like how I gave it a little ledge to perch on. It’s pretty awesome! So, that kind of gives you a perspective of the outside. Buddy’s so funny, he always walks to the edge of your settlement, almost like he’s walking away, you know? Ha-ha! Most of the other settlers actually don’t swing out this far. And then I added some streetlights to the sign here to light it up. Because you can’t really see it at night you know? It’s almost like the sign ends up being pretty dark without it, but it worked out really well. So, let’s go ahead and swing on inside.

And here we go… I’ll give you a little panorama. Okay! Cool! Alright, so we’ll start around this side here. And, I don’t have anything really going on over here. Oh, except for this spotlight which is all hooked up wirelessly. And I used my automated spotlight glitch deterrent there. So that it never duds on you like they do without that. Okay, so here’s the first house within Covenant. And comes with this bed and also these bunk beds right here.

So one of the pros about Covenant, is that these beds right here… This is the double bed that I made myself in my last video. But these double beds actually count as two beds. And these bunk beds also count as two beds. So two, four, six beds! Just in this one house right here, okay? Put a little radio, some paintings, decoration, a little newspaper reading. And yeah, hooked up some lights. I like the lighting scheme that I got going on here because I actually made this light right here look like it’s functional. This light is normally dark. But with some little lighting trickery behind the walls there, I made it look like it’s lit up. Yeah, I got a colored light there and let’s see what else… we got a little coffee pot for some morning coffee there.

Okay, so we’ll head around to the next house. There’s a kitty around here wandering around. You’ll see it in a second, but I put a little kitty Bowl there. Still wanders around wherever it wants. But yeah, I left these mailboxes and little cartons of milk cause it kind of… If you scrap these, you can’t replace them so, it’s kind of what I did. Oh! And I have a little trash can and a kickball down here. In case anybody wants to play some kickball in this wide open courtyard. Yeah, that’s the thing I did… (There’s the kitty!) I left the main area here, the concourse here, sort of open cause you know, it’s good to have space. I don’t like builds that are too cluttered, but you’ll see I do have a lot of things crammed in here.

Okay, so we have a little signpost here; “Exit that way”,“first aid that way”, and “theater that way”, which we’ll get to. Another thing that’s really cool is that all the residents will actively maintain the property. You know, In addition to whatever their other job is. So this guy right here, Ted I believe his name is, he is assigned to the crops. But he will, you know, take time out to paint the wall, and paint that wall, and just…

You know, repair things around the property. This is a new resident actually. And another interesting thing about alternate jobs; I assigned her to the scavenging station and what they’ll do is (just like the guards with their guard posts) they’ll work on the scavenging station for just a bit then they’ll go, often, sort of… Their other default mode is to patrol the premises, you know? So it’s pretty cool! Yeah! Here’s the cat! The cat actually has a lot more animations and functionality than a house cat that you can get from the cages. You know, if you summon your own cat. So this cat, Dora… It’s not listing the name, But Dora is the name of the cat. The cat will roam around… Oh! What’s up buddy? [Settler]”Hey I hope you realize how much you did for us” [Narrator] -Haha! I love the look I gave him; he’s got this gun that looks like an AR-15 or an AK-47.

And I gave him the Covenant guard armor. And another thing I like about these doors, they close by themselves. He-he! You know! It’s pretty cool! Okay, continuing on: We have a… Oh, this door was supposed to be closed so I can reveal the food. Guess some settlers went and got a snack. Okay, yeah I have a little barbecue area around here. Kinda get a little perspective of it, but yeah! There’s the cooking station with an actual barbecue pit with sand and everything. Pretty cool! That took some finagling but it worked out well. I’ll maybe try to show you guys how to do that. Fish rack over there of course, if you want to change out some of the red-meat for some fish. Got the food storage shack over here and as you can see it’s fairly well-stocked.

Got all kinds of boxed goods. Smoked meats, vegetables, utensils, and sugar bombs and stuff for breakfast I guess. I don’t know how those corns got stacked so perfectly like that, to be honest with you. I used settlement mode to place them on the top shelf, and I think they slipped down and just stood up like that. But hey! I’m not gonna touch it. Looks pretty cool! All right! And then we have a picnic table over here. Melon in the basket, some people were eating around here. Ah, it looks like somebody fried up some bacon and eggs. Salt shaker, burger tray. Just to make it look “lived in” You know what I mean? Nothing’s really back here so let’s continue around.

And of course buddy provides all the refreshments for people. Then this is one of my favorite elements of the settlement, this centerpiece here! You can scrap this tree, but it’s so awesome you know? I just decided to leave it. It’s like this really big oak tree, and I glitched in a fountain and added some colored lights. This is gonna rock at night, wait till you see it! And got a little settler bell there with a gnome.

Who’s…you know; “garden gnome for the garden centerpiece” There, there’s another gnome round this side here. So, here’s another resident. This guy is Brian, and he doesn’t work, you know, he just wanders around. He’s kind of a couch potato really. So, what I decided to do is dress him up to look like my concierge you know, or conciliary. You know, maybe he’ll run the day-to-day operations as the vice mayor or something while I’m out of town. So this is the second house, you can’t scrap any of this stuff like this table. I really wanted to move and align it with the wall, but you can’t. So you know, I did my best to decorate it. Look all nice and stuff. And yeah, it turned out really well.

Let’s see what he has to say… Nothing? Okay! Ha-ha! He’s like: “I got nothing for ya” All right, and a little lounge area for the settlers. Got some stuff they can play with here. Cigs for the smokers, games, toys, you know, for visiting kids I guess. I don’t know. Maybe the adults, you know, want to play a little baseball. Form their own softball league. Got the stereo, yeah it looks cool! And I like this, you know, the terminal! It just has background information on Covenant. But it looks like it’s a… I don’t know. I just I didn’t want to get rid of it. Tiny little trash can…Love that! Why can’t we build this stuff with our own assets? Okay, moving on! See if he’s got something to say now: [Player Character] “let’s trade some things” [Narrator] -Nah, I don’t want to trade with him. Okay, I went and picked up Duke from Erickson. So there’s Duke. What’s up little buddy? “Who’s a cute dog?” Who’s a cute dog?” All right! Heh-heh, And he’s got some toys to play with, the water bowl. Got this tiny little fountain to put water into his water bowl, gotta love it! Then, let’s see here, we have Anna.

I decided to give ‘er, her own clothing Emporium here. So this is one of three shops and.. well, four shops actually, in Covenant that I’ve set up. So, she turns out to be at the highest level clothing tier if you give her this clothing Emporium. I set up all the clothes in the display and stuff like that. Had some clothing hangers right there, but they must have fallen to the ground somewhere. Covenant is actually, you know, in comparison to other settlements. Covenant is remarkably good at, you know, items not falling through structures to the ground. Maybe it has to do with the fact that a lot of this stuff is pre-built.

Or it may just be that it’s a smaller type settlement. I did go over the settlement size limit quite a bit with this settlement. Not quite as much as my Vault-42 build, but yeah. I’ve had very few objects fall through. I would say; probably of all the settlements I’ve been working on, this one has the least trouble with your junk items falling through. So you’re gonna see a lot of items that are unique that would be really disappointing if they glitched through to the ground or disappeared. And it doesn’t happen as often. Now, it’s not a guarantee, so you know, don’t take my word for it. But you’ll notice as you build this place up that the items will tend to stay right where you put them for the most part.

It’s pretty cool! So another one of the pros about covenant is that a lot of the base structures are already built for you. So, you know you can save a lot on resources. In fact, if I ever start a new game, this is probably gonna be one of the first settlements that I acquire you know, after the red rocket and all. Because it would be so easy to use as a starting base, you know? Okay, moving on! We’ve got… well, I’ll get to that later with the elevator. Back here we’ve got plumbing and the electrical, ha-ha! I’m calling this the septic tank even though it’s actually the water pump. Sunk that into the ground as well as the generator. And I’m imagining these blue trunks here actually batteries, you know, for storing up the electricity. But yeah, you’ll see back here we’ve got my spider web of wires that are going all underground.

Vis-a-vis my invisible wiring techniques so you won’t see a single wire anywhere in the settlement. Except of course for the… you know, the power lines that come with the original settlement. But yeah, it’s gonna be a pretty, pretty wireless experience here. Alright! Moving on, we’ve got the clear weather shell firework mortar here and my weapons bench. I guess this is a little maintenance area back here, you know, for crafting and storage and stuff like that. That’s the way I’m imagining it. Okay, we’ll get to all this in a minute so it’s keep rolling around. Here’s another pro about Covenant: Unlike most common settlers, the original residents actually have nice things to say to you, ya’ know? They’re not all down about the post-apocalypse, you know? [Settler] “Do you need to use my tools?” [Narrator] Oh, that’s nice of you! Not right now, he-he! Okay! And then of course, one of the other cool residents that comes with covenant is Deezer! So he will always stay right in this spot, so I decided to put a little vending stand right there in front of him so it looks like he’s actually doing it on purpose.

And it’s got all kinds of refreshments, you can just grab a drink… Ooh! One of them is starting to glitch through there. I’ll get that later. But yeah, that’s the first time I’ve seen that with this entire build. Okay, so you’ve got; you know, candy, funnel cakes, perfectly preserved pie. [Deezer]: “Get your lemonade here!” And then of course, he gives you free lemonade as well.

So it’s pretty awesome! It gives you like 50 hit points, no rads. You get one a day, kind of rocks! Refreshments! Oh, and then over here.. Restrooms! See, there isn’t really room to build bathrooms in any of these houses. I did for my house. The overseers house there, but for the rest of the place, they can just use outhouses so… Got a nicely lit, clean outhouse there and gift shop. We’ll check that out in a second. Okay, so let’s get on to the player house. My overseer house, all right? So check this out! First of all, a little nice porch there! Oh, and here’s another outhouse they can use. I was gonna put men’s and women’s, but I didn’t bother. Okay, Overseer! We got a power door here all right? Check this out! All right! And then you can close it from the other side. Okay, so I’m gonna do a little panorama here for ya. All right! Pretty sweet! All right, so we’ll start around this side.

Got my little stack of gold there cuz I’m a baller in this place ha-ha! Back here you have a little safe that came with the settlement. It’s hidden behind this crate so I left the crate. And this safe is perfectly safe. Heh-heh! None of the settlers have taken a single thing out of it, so that’s pretty awesome! Over here got my little unique models display here. And got the double beds of course. Had to build that, full king-size bed. Yeah! Let’s see here. Got this table with a bunch of magazines to read.

There’s my Silver Shroud display. Did this really cool lighting scheme so the silver machine-gun would kind of glow like that. And then you have this computer terminal that came with the settlement so of course I left that. Every once in a while the settlers will spawn in here. But it’s mostly the security guard actually, like he’s monitoring the cameras. And by the way, there’s cameras all over this place. That’s another cool thing, see you got a camera up there. Camera up there. Cameras all around the compound. They’re kind of out of sight, but they’re there. It’s pretty cool! All right! And then we have, you know, a little newspaper, some reading materials. Got video game cartridges up there. Some ramen noodles, and some nuka cola, and a napkin. And we have my bobblehead display over here. This is interesting: So, I don’t think any other weapons will do this in the game. But Grognak’s axe; If you put it in the corner of a room, let’s say you add the weapon display rack across a corner like I did with the silver machine gun over here.

And you put Grognak’s axe on it… And then you re-select the display rack and move it, the axe will actually look like it’s kind of chopping down like that. So it was total serendipity I discovered that. But it looks so cool that I decided to leave it. And then put in a mutant hound’s head almost to, you know, insinuate that the mutant hound got its head chopped off or something. But yeah! It kind of adds some dimension to it. It’s pretty cool! One of those fortunate accidents. Okay, over here we have the bathroom and what I did was… Open! There we go! And what I did was, I glitched in one of the vault-tech rooms in here to give the bathroom some privacy.

And then over here we have some mutfruit trees covering that. But yeah let’s take a look at the bathroom! Yeah, I’ll just do a little spin around here. So got a little ottoman, got these really cool sink counters that I fixed up. And that’ll be one of the lessons I’ll show you in an upcoming episode. Got the little medicines over here, tooth brush. Glitched in something that’s close as I could find to a mirror in the game. And yeah, it looks pretty cool there and it’s all nice and clean. Got a little bobby pin for… Oh, Kate’s assigned to one of those beds over there so… Got the bathtub and hamper. Now, I’m really pissed with vault-tech workshop. They didn’t include a nice clean bathtub. Like as if, you know, you can build a super reactor. But you can’t build a new bathtub. Or at least clean it. So, whatever! Heh! But they gave us a new toilet at least and all that.

So, moving on! Okay, we have my little bookcase display here with a pip-boy. Some of my toy models, and got all the Nuka recipes in there. It looks so awesome! Okay! It’s actually getting on to night time so we can check out… Oh! And I glitched in some colored lights into these fans over here because they didn’t come with lights. And you can do that pretty easily, it doesn’t require any extra effort so… Gotta hook them up on the roof of course, but… Anyway, now we can take a quick night tour so… Here’s the cool thing I wanted to show you about the switch alright? So I switch it on and it opens the door.

And if I forget to close it on my way out, it’s gonna close by itself. Check it out! Heh-heh. Isn’t that sweet? That’s pretty awesome! Okay, let’s take a ride up the elevator here. All right, got the balcony with a little outdoor theater here. Isn’t that awesome? Alright! Got the new orange drink mixer here with some cups. Got the lounge chairs with little shelves for snacks.

Kind of decorated it, you know… I wanted to cover up that window, but it turned out really nice. And… Yeah, so they can come up here and watch movies. See that little slot right there? I imagine they probably have to watch holotapes. You know? There’s no broadcasting going on in the Commonwealth as far as TV stations go. But yeah! You know, they can pop in a movie there and watch it. Ha-ha! And I got another way to get down cuz settlers can’t use elevators.

So, they do use this though, they do use these stairs. And I’ve seen them up here sitting on this couch drinking and just staring at the TV. It’s pretty awesome! Ah, look at that nice moon over there. Oh, and that’s another thing that’s really cool. Is that there’s birds! You know these little black birds or whatever they are. They just hang out all over your settlement. It kind of adds some extra animation gives it some extra life.

It’s pretty cool! That’s actually what gave me the inspiration for those flamingos there you know? Even though they’re not flamingos obviously but, heh-heh. So a little tribute to them. Okay and… Here I’ll close this for my OCD friends out there. All right! So we have the gift shop. This is kind of the general store. I don’t know why I put this little mannequin here. This area just kind of felt like it needed something there. And I didn’t want to put anything right here in this blank spot because the cat, wherever Dora is right now.

The cat actually sleeps on the ground in this spot. So, you got to leave that area blank if you want the cat to curl up on the ground and stuff. I think the cat might be in here? No? I don’t know where the cat is. -There’s the cat! Okay so, this is what it looks like at night. Yeah! Here’s a quick panorama. We’ll check out the clinic in a second, but yeah this is a shelf with some extra items to purchase. And the cat jumps right up on this counter, so I put a little cat Bowl and, you know, some milk. But got all the sundries back there everything has stayed! It’s amazing how well all those items have stayed on that shelf throughout most of my build actually, you know? I was kind of testing it with other items and they stayed so… Got several unique items up there, that would be sad if I lost them. But yeah, it looks really nice. Got all the nuka varieties up there. Oh, heh, this cash register you know, and the charge card, nuka cola truck. Caps only! Got a little breakfast nook here so you can pick up some pastries or a fruit bowl.

There’s a toaster, an expresso machine, you know? So, settlers will actually use this couch and drink coffee and stuff. Got a safe over there, I don’t use it myself but, we’ll assume it’s for Penny. And got my giant Vim bottle which also travels with me to all my settlements. This is the clinic! And the reason I kept it a clinic is because one of the residents is a doctor. There she is right there actually, walking by. So she’s actually assigned to this spot right here. So I decided to go ahead and make it a full-on clinic using one of the pieces from Vault-Tech. Glitched that in there. It looks…Like a clinic! And the residents will actually come and sit on these green chairs while she’s at work. And she’s got a clipboard and inspects them. And glitched in the chemistry station. Made it look nice with some cabinets and stuff.

Perfect sink. Gotta love that! The perfect sink on top of the chemistry station. Just rocks! And that’s about it. Okay, so I’ll cut to some footage of this area during the day and then we’ll continue on with the night tour. [In-game dialogue:] -Enjoy your stay! -Hey Penny! -My favorite shopper, need anything? -What’s in stock? -You won’t find better quality anywhere. [Resume Commentary] Patricia is the resident doctor in town so that’s another Pro. You don’t have to set up your own clinic, you know? She’s pretty much already there for you. And she’s a top-tier doctor who will fix you up and sell you any kinds of supplies, that sort of thing. Okay, and got the Little red cross. Didn’t really do anything back here, but you can see the piece of the clinic there. So this is the maintenance area where Talia works. So she kind of is… I don’t know what, she’s the mechanic of Covenant or something? I just left her whole tool shed intact there. Added an ice machine, scavenging station with a lantern on it. And then this is the bar! The Cove! Get it? If you guys get it, leave a comment down below.

And there’s Penny. So, yeah! It worked out great. Buddy hangs out in here, gives people extra beverages. He’s like the shot-girl of the cove. But it’s awesome because when it’s time to close up, I can just close up the bar from here after everybody’s gone asleep. Open it back up and it’s cool because if you want to close it from the inside… Hey! I didn’t say you could open that door dude! Then there’s a button here to close it from the inside as well. Of course that involves logic gates.

Which is one of the lessons we’ll be rolling into in the Double Black Diamond. Got all the Gwinnet beers. “99 bottles of beer on the wall” Ha-ha! I love it that they interact with this bar. This whole area was the farm, but all the residents get all their food from all the decorative fruit trees around the place, so… Worked out and the two or three farmers that I have just travel to all the different locations where those fruit trees are.

So that worked out well. I’ll show you what it looks like during the day but… We got Kate back there being the bartender. Kind of looks sort of… You know, It’s got like a Coyote Ugly vibe to it, you know what mean? Kind of looks like a Roadhouse bar but, I love it! It looks really nice. And I got a slight maritime theme there. Of course I didn’t want to cover up the turret. So I left a little moonroof sort of thing over there. But yeah! Looks good and then we’ll take a swing outside again and look at the whole thing at night. [Music] All right! That about wraps up my pristine Covenant tour. Hope you guys had some fun checking this out with me.

Maybe gave you some inspiration and ideas for your own settlements. Now, there’s one more tutorial I’m gonna squeeze in before we roll in to the Double Black Diamond lessons. Where I’ll be showing you how to do a lot of the things you saw in this build because they were actually variations on things that I included in my Vault-42 build. So we’re just cruising along here. I just wish I could crank out more videos per week. But thanks for your patience guys. With the way the channel is gaining subs, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to roll into this full-time before the end of the year. And of course, if any of you want to help speed that process along, you can always head over to my Patreon page and become a supporter of the channel.

Very cool perks for every tier. For example, my Patrons got to see a sneak peek of this build way before I posted this video. So head over there if you’re interested because every little bit adds up. And of course you’re always showing that love when you subscribe and leave a like on the video. Be back soon guys with the next lesson. Until then, happy building… And class dismissed… [Music].

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