Greetings fellow Wastelanders. It’s Paul here comin’ back at’cha with another fun little Fallout 4 video. Kind of a cross between a tip video and an Easter Egg you could say. It’ll be especially appealing for those Fallout players out there who are still into the deep exploration of the Commonwealth and are looking for new places and objectives to discover. Before we get started, welcome to the Skooled Zone. The channel that features gaming tips, tricks, and a special kind of let’s play gaming videos called trivia walkthroughs. If you haven’t seen one of my trivia walkthroughs on a game, then I’ll leave a link to the Fallout 4 playlist below. You can also find a list of other playlists from the drop-down menu on my website: Also wanted to let you guys know that about 99% of the time, I record my voice simultaneously with my let’s play videos. I think it’s just more organic that way and my reactions are more authentic. But for this video, I’m going to be narrating it instead. I was actually just doing some of my own exploring in the game and hadn’t intended on making a video about this discovery when I stumbled on the first location I’m about so show you.

I did happen to have my Elgato recording, though, because you never know what kind of cool random encounters you’ll come across in the game, as you’ll also see in just a second. So let’s get started… I was wandering northeast of Fallon’s Department Store when I noticed some of those dish towers you see around the game. Decided to explore a bit further. I’ll flash a quick shot of the map location on the screen now and then we’ll see it again later when I head back to Fallon’s.

Then I ran up to this rock to get a vantage point and see if there were any enemies around. BTW, using VATS and a scoped sniper rifle is the best technique for range-finding enemies in the area and that’s when I noticed a non-hostile settler down there and decided to investigate. See this is what meant by a random encounter. I discovered later that Doc Anderson is a traveling medic that you can actually recruit for your settlement if you’ve set up a Surgery Center and have enough settlers to treat. I don’t have that yet, so you won’t see that option available when I open a dialogue with her but it’s a good tip to know if you ever happen upon her and you want a level 4 clinic at your settlement. Just wanted to see if she had anything special available. Noticed she has some addictol, which not all merchants carry. Antiseptic. Noting really else that stood out. But I left this in the video in case you guys were interested, you know. Figured might as well get some rads cleaned up while we’re here.

All rightie, as Cait just helps herself to some stew. Okay, now we head the relay tower. When all of a sudden these litter buggers ambushed me. Didn’t stand a chance though. Overseer’s Guardian to the rescue. Cait’s so funny. She thinks there might be something of value on some mole rats yet she’s always complaining when I carry junk back to my settlement. As viewer on the Skooled Zone commented during one of my USS Constitution quest videos, “She’s walking contradiction.” Okay, time to see if we can interact with the tower. By the way, discovered a nice little toy back here. I wonder if that’s leveled. If not, that would be an awesome gun to snatch up very early in the game if it’s tagged here, so to speak. Unlocked terminal here. And you just extend the satellites and you’re golden. Pretty cool little animation there. Then a moment later, you get some signals coming in. Sort of… I go into my Pip Boy and see if I can hear them. As you can see, or hear in this case, no luck with any of them.

The secret behind the first distress signal is actually back at Fallon’s Department store, where I just come from. That’s why I grouped these little two pieces of the puzzle into the same video for you guys. It’s a pretty cool discovery. There are some other distress signals too that I may save for a future video. But we’ll go ahead and head back to Fallon’s now. Since I’ve already cleared the building, I can go right to where I think I need to go. Here, I’ll get out my gun and speed up the video for you guys to save time. Now if you haven’t been to Fallon’s yet, it’s a really cool location. Huge, in fact; lots of loot, a perk magazine, and tons of neat little trinkety things for your settlement. Fun place to explore. However, it is teeming with Super Mutants, so come prepared.

Okay, I can hear the signal now and I’m about to head to the basement when I noticed a safe that I had somehow left behind. Say what? Can’t let that go unlocked. Well, it’s a master safe, so my “partner in crime” will have to do the honors. So funny that she calls me cap’n. Now if you guys haven’t seen my How to Get the Cryolater Early and Fairly in the game, you’ll have to check out that video. Cait CAN, in fact, open master locks. She just may need a few tries to get it done. You’re pretty hard on yourself there, Cait. Relax, be one with the lock. Thank you Cait. You’re a regular Dorothy Dietrich. So I wanted to move the body out of the way here so you can see this trippy little sight. What?? Man, if I had the Skooled Zone Instagram account up and running, that would be a great screengrab to post. Soon. Oh, here ya go… Bonus points for the Seasonal Shout-Out Contest if you guys can come up with a catchy or funny little title for this screengrab. Be creative in the comments down below and I’ll feature that in the winner video on June 19th.

By the way, there’s still plenty of time to win. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll put a link in the description and icard above. Anyway, on to the safe. Just some minor loot. Now on to the basement. There’s a Protectron that I released earlier. I guess they become dormant after a while if they go unused. I released one on the top floor, by the way, and he turned out to be a Legendary. He did half the work for me taking out the supermutants. So that’s a nice little tip for ya. Although it may depend on your Luck score and your current level if he’s a legendary or not. Okay then you’ll head behind the jewelry counter and look for the Railroad sign. That’s the kind indicating a pointer, usually leading to a cache or an ally. Totally missed that safe behind me by the way, even with my flashlight on.

Anyway, just wanted you guys to note that closed bookcase over there, while I raid this raider real quick. Okay, there’s the red button under the counter. Fallout 4 is one of those rare games where you actually have to point at an object to know it’s even interactable, as opposed to other games that hang a lantern on items from a mile away. I like that though, makes Fallout 4 that much more explorable, especially for the completionist types. I did a quick save here because I didn’t know what would happen. This part is all new to me when recording the video. I tried to get a good angle here so you guys could see the secret door open but it opens too fast. Anyway, you get the idea. Secret bookcase room. Lovin’ it! I don’t know how many of those there are in Fallout 4. This may be the only one. If you guys have discovered other secret bookcases, let me know down in the comment section and I might make a video about it. Love that whole Arthur Conan Doyle vibe. Bethesda did that in Dishonored too.

I’ll throw in a link to that secret bookcase video in case you’re interested. Oh man. Poor girl. Guess she died locked in the safe room. Okay, here’s the storage key in the tool case that you’ll need to open all the safes. Oh man, she died of dehydration. That would be a horrible way to go. Okay, now here I just wanted to check and see how the whole distress signal works with it being on or off and why I couldn’t hear it before raising the relay dishes. You know, just doing some experimentation to understand the mechanic behind it in case there are more out there. Now, let’s loot some safes! Yes indeed Cait. No loot is too minor. Not even tin cans. Gotta recycle baby. I’m taking the items out slow here just so you guys can see what’s inside. Otherwise, I’d just the TAKE ALL button. Where’s my partner in crime.

Gotta carry your cut, Cait There’s also where I released that Protectron by the way. Great, now I can move again. Oh, real quick before I left I just wanted to see if I could finally get a dish from this port-o-diner. Has anyone ever actually had it pick up and dispense it? Let me know for sure down below. I’d be interested to know if that’s even an option before wasting my time with any more of those that I run across in the Commonwealth. Yeah, two tries is enough. I’m not a gambler. Okay, well that’s going to do it for this video. Throw a like on it if you enjoyed it or helped you out with another cool little explorable area in the game. I might put out of couple more small fun type Fallout 4 videos before we launch into Automatron next week. That’ll be a like a deep miniseries on the channel. And I’ll be interspersing more Quantum Break videos in there as well. So get subscribed if you’re not already. And thanks again! We’ll see you next time on the Skooled Zone…

Peace out..

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