If You’re just waking up to find out that your world has just been torn up by a nuclear apocalypse Then Its Important that you know the perks and key aspects for surviving the post apocalyptic world. The Perk We’ll focus on in this chapter is, Cap Collector. A Post Apocalyptic world can make bottlecaps hard to find and obtain because they’re no longer produced in factories That’s Why It is vastly important for you to obtain as much currency as possible to get Weapons, Ammo, Aid, Junk, and Other Miscellaneous Items.

But First Lets Discuss ways to earn, obtain, and collect caps There are many different way to obtain and earn caps like Doing a Favor for someone that nearly kills you Or Kill Someone innocent and take their bottlecaps for yourself Or dare try stealing bottlecaps by Attempting to pick the lock of a valuable vault Or you could try pickpocketing someone (Not recommended for people who do not have this perk) If it starts to get to find and earn bottlecaps It never hurts to ask help from Man’s Best Friend! Your Dog has the senses of, well A Dog And is able to find a dead body with 20 Caps or less This makes your fluffy little companion quite the treasure hunter! However! Be aware your dog is also not as good at finding bottlecaps as your own self. If your dog doesn’t find any dead bodies with caps, be sure to abandon him and You may have a chance to find more caps than your lazy dog. But we all know the most important currency of Vault-Tec is…… It’s you buddy! You’re a value to everybody!.

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