If You’re Just Waking up to find out that your World has just torn up by a nuclear apocalypse Then It’s Important to know the Perks and Key Aspects for surviving the post apocalyptic world The Perk we’ll focus on in this chapter is….. Robotics Expert In the wasteland you’ll have to deal with many hostile humans and Creatures to prevent death in the wasteland But there’s always one thing you always have to remember Is that there are also hostile robots in the Commonwealth That’s why it’s vastly important for you to know how to hack into these robots in tough situations.

It is possible to make your own robots to take care of these hostile robots But Hacking Robots has much more variety like: Being able to Shut down the unit to make it more easier to kill Making the robot self destruct to make it go out with a bang If good enough, you’ll be able to command it for yourself And making it incite to attack everyone in your area HOWEVER! If you thought about not getting this perk and letting your companions do all the work Be aware your companions may not be able to hack a robot, and only attack them. So it’s best that you abandon them and try to hack the robot yourself But we all know the most important robotic piece of Vault-Tec is……. It’s YOU buddy! You Spark Our Circuts

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