Have you just started playing far cry 5 and are having trouble killing on of these bears? Especially when this dude wants you to kill 3 for him? The side mission “Bear Necessities”, which is just behind Rae-Rae’s pumpkin farm, requires you to kill 3 bears. And if, like me, you’ve just started the game and haven’t got a lot of perks yet, this can be quite a challenge. Well here are three simple ways to kill three bears. At this point you might be limited to only one companion, but that’s okay.

You don’t really need to hire more to fight for you just stand close to them and wait for the bear to come to you. The NPC’s will automatically shoot at enemies nearby. Bears included. Another easy way is to run them down with a vehicle. Bikes, cars, anything you can find. And… if that doesn’t finish the job, just empty a few rounds into them. Sneak up to the bear without being detected and use an explosive to blow them to SMITHEREENS! Just make sure you don’t blow up your dog too. KABOOM! we push they push back harder John.

As found on Youtube