I’ve been seeing a repeated question being asked regarding how to play your own creations in the Far Cry Arcade. And for the uninitiated, it’s agreeable that it can be confusing on how to introduce your map to play with friends and the general matchmaking lobby. I myself experienced this confusion, and through a bit of trial and error, along with help from the friendly community, I was able to work it out. So let’s go through some of the best practices of preparing your map, and steps to getting your creation out there. So you’ve spent 8 days making the perfect map.

Painstakingly getting every detail right. Visualizing the flow, the hot spots, setting up spawns, getting the lighting just right… Or you’ve haphazardly placed a bear or two on a flat surface and a bunch of random spawns in a low effort attempt to get your name out there- NOT JUDGING. And now you’re ready to introduce your map to the populace for consumption.

Of course, all that time you wasted busting your hump to build your map- you wanna see the payoff by way of having your ego stroked IE Player counts. Dont worry. I’m a Youtuber. I empathize. Well firstly, have no fear! Immediately upon publishing your map, it floats to the very tippy top of the pile of maps, giving instant access for your map to be selected for votes by anyone playing the Arcade, giving you an essential boost and a good chance at exposure. But that doesn’t answer your most pressing question: How the HELL do I play MY map with others? So before we get started, here’s a few things to remember as you publish your map: What even IS your map? What kind of effort did you put into it? This will factor into the map being voted for (or not) later on.

Do you have a great Snapshot? Arcade players have almost nothing to go off of for your map prior to voting for it. A Snapshot is what sells the map to would-be players, and it needs to sell it hard. Also, it needs to stand out. If you want your map to have legs, it not only has to have a great snapshot, but it needs to be a recognizable one for the future. Excellent maps that people love will keep popping up by those who have made it one of their favorites, and a recognizable snapshot will see it getting more and more plays in it’s lifespan.

If it’s just a snapshot of a flat terrain or a bunch of trees, your map will almost certainly not be voted for, if other candidates are showing something a little more complex or attractive than yours. So here it is. You’re ready to introduce your map into the wild, and see it in action. Here are some very important steps to follow, or else you wont be participating with others playing your map any time soon. The Arcade lobby system is designed to move fast. So in order to ensure that you’re getting your map into the voting rotation when you’ve been selected as a nominee, you’re going to want to be quick. You’ll also want to be watching for subtle clues that you have been selected as one of the only 3 participants in the lobby to put up a map for a vote. Just as you are finishing your current map, and you’re seeing your XP bar fill up from how badass you were in the previous match, if you have been selected to introduce a map for a vote, you will see the words “Searching” show up on the screen before re-entering the lobby.

This means that the system is compiling a dozen or so of the most recently published maps for you to select from. YOUR MAP WILL NOT BE IN THIS LIST. This is the common issue most folks are running into. The Far Cry Arcade lobby system is designed to provide exposure for as many maps as it can in a fair manner for all map builders. So if you’re wanting to find YOUR map, you’ll need to dig a little deeper. It is VERY important to remember that you have a very limited time to do this. The map selection process only allows for around 15 seconds, so you’re going to want to be sharp. If you look to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button prompt named “FILTERS”. This is the first step to locating your map. Once you’ve entered the filters screen, move your cursor or mouse to the second category and arrow over until you see “My Published”.

When selecting “My Published”, the menu will now show you ONLY the maps that you have built and published to the Ubisoft servers. Select the published map you want to play, and the menu will show you more information on that map. You will need to select it AGAIN, before it’ll introduce the map on the lobby screen for all twelve of the players to vote on. AND THAT’s IT! Your map is now ready for vote, May the odds be ever in your favor. Alternatively, there are many other places that you can share your map online. Head over to far-cry-arcade.ubi.com and login. You’ll be able to see the map you’ve publish and achieve a sharable link to spread around the internet! Using great places like the Ubisoft Map editor forums, Reddit, and various Facebook groups, all with great communities to provide feedback for your map! And feedback is a gift… If this guide to playing and sharing your Far Cry Arcade map was useful to you, dont forget to like the video and share it with your fellow Map Makers so that they have this valuable information as well.

Also, feel free to check out my remake of the awesome map “HOUSE” from Rainbow Six Siege on PS4, and you can find a link for that, and all other important stuff in the description below! Play nice kids!.

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