Far Cry 5 is finally upon us and players around the globe are crossing into Hope County Montana to take on Eden’s gate cult, led by Joseph Seed. Hope County is a huge place with a lot to see and do, if you don’t take a moment to prepare yourself the journey can be overwhelming to even some of the most hardcore survivalists among us. Getting weapons in Far Cry 5 is as easy as picking them off the bodies of your downed foes.

This can be a bit hit or miss. Since you never know what an enemy combatant might be carrying. The best way to get the weapons you want however is to visit some of the in-game vendors You’ll find at least one at every outpost in the game. But they can also be found just by walking in the forest to look for an icon of a handgun and you’ll have found a vendor that can sell you whatever weapons you’re looking for.

If there was ever a game to make you happy you have a high-quality turtle beach headset like the incredible Stealth 700, it’s Far Cry 5. You haven’t experienced true tension until you’re walking through the woods of Hope County at night and hear…something. Maybe it’s a couple of Eden’s Gates thugs picking on the civilian or perhaps a bear. Each is terrifying for different reasons, But both must be dealt with just same. Spend time walking around and talking to civilians with exclamation points above their head. They have something to tell you that can aid you on your journey. Sometimes these civilians will also have diamond icons above their heads, which indicates that they know the location of a prepper stash. These are typically bunkers that are filled with weapons, ammunition, collectibles, cash and silver bars.

If you’re going to take on Joseph seed and the Eden’s Gate cult, you’ll need all the resources you can get your hands on. Find prepper sashes and solve the riddles that unlock them and you’ll be well on your way. You can hire fighters to join your cause as you fight your way through Hope County. You can also complete missions to unlock specialists. These NPCs each have unique abilities, some are good with sniper rifles, others will use stealth to eliminate enemies at close range and few just walk around with RPGs like it’s no big deal. Point is you can hire these folks to join you, and if you do a certain amount of planning you can bring the ones that are perfect for the job at hand. The perk system in Far Cry 5 is set up to the way that you earn points for just playing the game. Make sure you open your in-game menu to view the challenges that are available. Because there’s no point in using an assault rifle when you can get three perk points for briefly using a handgun. See what challenges are a good fit for your play style. Hope County Montana and Hunting go together like peanut butter and jelly.

To truly feel at home in Far Cry 5 you’re going to want to load up in a vehicle, strike out into the wilderness and take down some wild animals. But hunting is more than just a bit of fun. It’s a vital way to earn more money and perk points. Now that you’ve got a few of the basics under your belt you’re totally ready to head into Hope County and see if you can smooth out this whole cult situation. Far Cry 5 is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox one and PlayStation 4..

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