Way what’s up Youtube, this is tropical gaming and Industry today I’ll be showing you guys how you can play Far Cry 5 on your PC whether it is low end or not it doesn’t matter Maybe it should be low end PC So basically guys currently. I am having an issue with my new media control panel. I cannot open it I’ve tried a lot with the control panel and other ways but it is not opening so I hope you won’t be having that issues and Levansky once you have opened it.

You have to set all of these settings Accordingly I have mentioned them in the description ambient occlusion off and Any stroke anisotropic filtering? Application control and blah blah blah etc and you have to set them accordingly. I have mentioned them in the description I hope you get them from there and Once you have set them What you gotta? Do is just to set the internal game settings for that you have to run the game So now we are gonna run the game and see what we got so guys Once we are in the game now We are going to be setting the in-game settings so try to maintain as low as possible the settings as I’ve got a pretty nice video card over here You have to set the settings a pretty local set everything try to low but to these wound effects the major things that affect the settings are sounds sorry our shadows and environmental So I also make sure you have a volumetric fog also set to normal or low So once we are done here motion blur on I’ve said it vsync off enable little lock to on and Make sure you check the values So guys once we have set the in game settings now we are going to be Setting the config file 4 4 5 5 as there are some settings that are not mentioned in the in game settings So for that we are going to be heading towards the commence head over to my games and then 405 and There you gonna be seeing the gamer profile and dot XML you have to open it with notepad and After there will be a lot of stuff over here you we got confused so we don’t miss any of these But just be there you should be having show fog equals one you have to change it to 0 not 1 it will be 0 and show shadow also not equal to 1, but should be equal to 0 and click ctrl + s and You’re done over here.

I hope you guys are having a pretty nice FPS now actually I cannot play the game at While I’m recording So thanks for watching guys make sure you like and subscribe and a place and non-related subscribers Please and subscribe please.

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