What to Do First in Far Cry 5 This video will contain a list of things to do first, and tips for players just starting out on their journey through Far Cry 5. After completing the introduction and waking up on Dutchs island, youll be able to start improving your gear set and abilities. Perks of the Job Perks are skills and abilities that make your deputy a more formidable opponent and a better survivor than the other citizens of Hope County. PERK POINTS Unlike previous Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 lets players buy new skills by collecting and spending perk points.

Perk points can be earned in a number of ways:. Locate Prepper Stashes Every stash hidden around Hope County has three perk points to collect. This is the best way to farm perk points quickly, especially with the help of our guide. Challenges are one of the best and simplest ways to unlock perk points – you might not even realize youre doing it!. You can find individual copies of the survivalist magazines found in prepper stashes scattered around the map, so keep your eyes peeled!. Play Far Cry Arcade. Leveling up in Arcade will earn you cash and perk points to use in the campaign. WHAT TO UNLOCK FIRST Once youve collected your first few perk points, youll need to figure out what perks to unlock first.

Here are our reccomendations for how to spend your first 15 perk points:. Parachute (1) Odds are youll find yourself plummeting towards the ground at high speeds – its always better to do that with a parachute. Grapple (1) This will let you reach almost any location around Hope County. Close Combat Gear Bag (1) Because extra sidarm ammo is never a bad idea. Wingsuit (4) This will let you get around even faster, especially if you need to make a quick retreat from a mountainside firefight. Harvest Master (8) One of the best ways to earn money besides raiding Prepper Stashes is to hunt animals and sell their pelts. This perk will double the loot you take from plants and animals. Of course, what you unlock is up to you – so spend some time checking out all your options before spending your initial perk points.

FIND YOUR GROOVE Dutchs island is the perfect playground to explore different styles of play. Maybe take out an outpost using just a bow and your bare hands, or blow another one sky high. Once youve figured out what might be your (initial) go-to fighting style, build yourself a loadout that fits. If you want to maintain maximum stealth, then a compound bow and a trusty baseball bat are the way to go. If you favor a louder approach, well, Im sure theres somebody with a flamethrower around here somewhere. (There is, as soon as you get off the island head towards Holland valley and youll find them burning an orchard on the side of the road. ADOPT A DOG Every hero needs a good sidekick, and who could ask for a better one than Hope Countys resident good boy, Boomer. While the other guns – or fangs – for hire have a lot of great qualities, Boomer is an excellent get early on since he can mark enemies and retrieve weapons for you.

Plus, no matter how bad your situation gets, hell always be a loyal friend. UNCOVER A PREPPER STASH (OR TWO) Prepper Stashes are a great way to gain some quick Perk Points and cash, and some even have other special rewards like unique weapons or vehicles. Youll definitely want to hit up a stash or two early on, but we suggest your first ones be since they also unlock a vehicle, meaning you wont need to buy one from a garage if you need a ride:. Holland Valley: Man Cave. Unlocks a customized pickup truck. Unlocks a classic muscle car. Whitetail Mountains: Hangar Pains. Unlocks a fighter plane. GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS The population of Hope County will do their best to help your efforts against the cult.

Talk to people around town or that you rescue and theyll often give you helpful information that will lead to missions, outposts or hidden stashes..

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