Welcome! With the pre-season event, you can earn more coins with this method! Go to “Treasure Hunt” event I’m just gonna play until my stamina finishes. This event is a bit difficult so I suggest you watch how I play so you can get the shooting right. This is how I play. Watch closely to see how I shoot the ball. This event is quite hard to win but it’s very possible. Yay! Finally finished. Needs a lot of effort but the rewards are high. Let’s see what I get OMG! Got the “X”map piece! Can quicksell for 50k coins! Not bad! Yay! Not too lucky but not too bad either.

There’s a very high chance to get a 50000 coin doubloon. Let’s quicksell the tokens! Yay! I have earned more than 60k from this time. If you keep playing repeatedly, you will surely get 1m coins in no time..

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