Welcome here to my video where I’ll show you how to get elites quick! Well, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Welcome to FIFA Mobile S2, where elite prices are skyrocketing high. Ordinary players cannot afford such elites yet. Well this is my team for now! I got 4 elites here. Although I can afford more, I’m waiting for elite prices to drop to at least 100k. While waiting I did something to get these 4 elite players. Let’s find out how I did that You can increase a player’s OVR by using skill boosts.

I encourage you to buy the 20k skill boosts pack in the store. Ok this player is actually a 79-rated player. I bought this guy for slightly more than 200k. I also trained this guy for a cost of 30k (increase of +1 OVR) I also invested in skill boosts to increase his OVR further (by +2) This is the Arsenal starter player. This guy is a beast with insane stats. The pace is 101. Insane!! He is also a 79-rated player who i trained to become an elite Let’s go to the market to look at prices for 79-rated players. In this new season, we can snipe players easily. You can easily find elites below 200k if you have the patience. Oh prices of 79-rated players were at 200k at the start of season. I guess prices have increased since then! Sorry for the inconvenience! FIFA servers are still so shit in the new season… Anyway it’s cheaper to buy a 79-rated player and train him to an elite Training cost of 79 rated player to elite : about 300 – 400k Cost of elite : 500k to 3 million It’s definitely cheaper to train a 79-rated player to elite than buy a elite.

Do you like the new season of FIFA Mobile? Comment below. I hope this video has helped you to get elites faster. Thank you for watching!!!.

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