Hi guys, welcome to my another final fantasy 14 video in this video, I would like to show you how to be a miner, how to mine an item, how to extract an item from the stone or from the rock. firstly I want to show you this skill, the stealth skill, because it’s kinda important, especially when you walk in a map that has a lots of monsters aggro monsters like this one, like this one right now I’m walking, I’m passing the monster, and the monster is not chasing me because I’m using this ‘stealth skill’ it’s pretty useful, okay.. now I will mine this rocky outcrop to mine it right click into it, and you will see this quarrying window or mining window here and you will see the sets of the-, the list of available items to mine like now I want to mine this grade 1 carbonized matter I will mine it now.

Yes! and I got this fragment of grade 1 carbonized matter and this skill the sharp vision skill is used to raise your gathering items by 5 percent 15 percent or 50 percent, and this sharp vision 3 has 50 percent of raise but of course this consume a lots of GPs. OK I think I will use this 2nd sharp vision, because I think it’s enough, as you can see if the chance of getting the item has been raised so I can get this item. Actually the chance of getting the item is affected by how much gathering stats or gear you have, and the perception (stats) in your gear affects the percentage of getting the HQ materials.

so that’s how miners work ok guys I think that concludes my tutorial how to be a miner, how to mine an item in Final Fantasy 14. if you like please like it and subscribe to my channel as my channel always be updated ok guys this is me again, I’ve back from my stealth and okay, see you guys.. bye~ .

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