And we’re back for another episode. In this episode we gonna be power leveling Blacksmith from 50 to 60. And as always hello from Mister Blue Sideburns. So the very first thing you need to do and the expansion if you want to think about power leveling is, well you don’t need to do it but I like to do it comes to the blacksmith guild again and do the quest which effectively leads you to Ishgard. And when I do my Power Leveling Guides I do like to do the class quests along the way just to make sure that I don’t have to do them again later on so I don’t have to like go through all the quests after I hit Level 60. And as well I’m trying to do I’m going to do this with Leve Quests as before they could do it 50 to 60 with leve quests. The point of a power leveling guide is to do it as quickly as possible so we’re not too concerned about the cost of getting the high quality materials because in theory Mithrie and friends are going to make all the high quality materials for me so I don’t have to worry about it.

And as well the thing is is that you need to make sure that you just take advantage on whichever leve quest gives the most experience but at the same time not the one which was gonna break break your bank bank account make sure that you have a reasonable pace. Let’s go to Foundation and I to get to Foundation you have to finished Patch for A Realm Reborn to Ishgard and one thing we’ve learned as well is that in order to unlock the Temple Leve Quests which are the Leve Quests we’re going to be doing for the power leveling which are located right here these Temple Leve Quests you need to have done the quest “The Better Half” which is literally maybe the second or the third quest you get for the main story when you arrive in Ishgard. So after you’ve done the Quest “The Better Half” then you are able to do the Leve Quests.

Anyway let’s go quickly to the The Jeweled Crozier a let’s finish this level 50 Blacksmith quest. Every single class in the game for crafting and gathering has a new level 50 quest that leads you to the expansion so it’s worth doing them just get them down so that you don’t have to worry about it later. Of course you also get rewards and experience points and a reason why we want to do all these question anyway is because they give later on especially at 58 to 60 a lot of free Rank 4 Materia’s.

That’s what we’re really concerned about. We turned in that quest and we’re done so now we need to go to level 52. Now what is truly interesting about the expansion is that it’s not like every two levels I before so 52, 54, etc. It is actually 53, 56, 58 and 60. There isn’t a quest at level 52 or 54 they just made one quest in between at 53. What makes it easier to do the Leve quests here in the expansion compared to before is that all of the Leve Quests are done right here. No traveling required. Very very straightforward. There’s just a case of choose which Leve Quest, turn it in multiple times and so on. These power leveling guides for 50 to 60 are going to be a lot shorter than they used to be. Let’s talk to him. We want Trade-Craft Leves only. Not the large-scale ones were not interested in these we want these ones and let’s see so 47k, 109k Just pick whichever one is cheaper to make. In our case we’ve picked these Mythrite Patas. We’ve accepted it. Let’s hand it in.

Hand it in over and over. I’m anticipating having to turn this Leve Quest in a total of 9 times in order to hit level 52. Once we are level 52 we will continue ok so we were able to hit level 52 by turning in the Leve Quest a total of 9 times. Turning in 9 Mythrite Patas. We’re back here with the Leve Quest giver The next Leve Quest is a Tradecraft Leve. 140k, 70k and 140k. A Mythrite Zwiehander or a Mythrite Stilleto.

When we looked at the materials we discovered that the Stilleto cheaper to make than the Zwiehander that’s why we make those instead. Let’s accept that quest. The tradecraft Leve Quest is called “Freight and Barrel”. It is so much easier doing the power leveling in Heavensward it is ridiculous. Let’s trade the item in for 280,000 experience. I am anticipating having to turn in the quest a total of 10 times to hit level 54 as once we have over level 53 we can go and do the level 53 blacksmith quest from the same place where we left off in the Jeweled Crozier. For that quest we need three High Quality Mythrite Rivets. Which you can see I’ve already got prepared. Once we are level 54 we will continue. ok so we were able to hit level 54 blacksmith by turning in 10 tries to let out a very very straightforward than our back and we did also the level 53 West as well which is call so I C train crash leaves for 54 C 7870 k unreservedly K was just a case of picking which one you think is cheaper to live on the dial titanium increasing knife or what we’ve made the hard silver source of us accepts and then let’s turn in baton and high-quality this will give us three hundred and fifty thousand we also got 84 for the challenge law so that might save us time later so we don’t rely on that we’re going to do the numbers if we don’t have challenged organ bonuses I’m anticipating having to turn this in a total of 12 times in order to level 56 and also there were 56 you need a titanium bastard sword in order to do the level 56 blacksmith quest the ones we’ve done both are we ready to progress past 56 we will continue ok so we were able to hit level 56 by turning in a total of twelve parts of the source next take a look at the next leave tradecraft leaves and at sea hundred and ninety K N 96 K and hundred and eighty Kate’s always is under them idk we won I what’s interesting is is that this 96 K requires two homers whereas this one which is a hundred and ninety-three requires one ballots so yeah so I just think about what gives the most-used p is also worth it like you do want to be consulted with the prices well as well come on too late and I’m anticipating having to turn this in a total of roughly fifteen times the level 58 and for the level 58 quest you need to turn in a titanium lump hammer if you want to get that ready as well when we hit level 58 so once we are level 58 we will continue ok so we were actually able to hear level 58 by turning in the quest at all laws I believe 13 times and the reason why it wasn’t 15 as I for is because obviously I didn’t factor in the amount of experience I got from doing all the question along the way and I have done all the questions that level 58 quest so far and I recommend you do when you hear the fifty a question you select the rainfall materia if you’re not intending to over mounted a CELTA to stop for example then just go on the market bought check which rightful that Syria is one of the most money gettin down summit in my case is the commands which are the most so we’re back with the lead guy who got to do the 58 to 60 Brian Sozzi tradecraft leaves out this is an interesting thing ok so look at this time I would ignore that 200 K looks good 298 K the finger is the problem with this these require Adam anti adamantine I guess they’re very expensive they can cost as marchers 6,000 to 10,000 each on the patio outside of Iran and its the same size and amount I dollar bra is exactly the same thing a hundred and forty-four $200,000 what we’re actually gonna do we’re going to go back to the 56 range is nothing to stop doing that and we’re gonna do is keep turning in these battle axes because they’re much cheaper to make and you only lose seven K or 14 games double that pattern in but you save yourself a huge amount of gill during titanium rather than an amount site so I dissipating having to turn this in a total of something like E about 20 times in 20 ish times to reach level 60 bucks course the second week we’re about to hit level 69 miles he will make a video showing how continue the video and we’ll have the death count and as well the level 60 quest requires us to turn in a tandem anti if we want to get the rightful with syria rewards at level 60 which I do recommend that you do though once we’re about to hit level 60 we will continue ok so we did it guys were already the point of hating level 60 as a blacksmith tradecraft leaves level 56 on the diamond sold us accepts and along the way what I was doing this I had to go to challenge log which came about ninety thousand extra XP so in my case to get from 58 to 60 talk sixteen leaves by factor in whether you do the quests the class goes along the way and if you got any talent dogs on the way as well you might need one of the very very much and over yes on simply their ego will sixty blacksmith simple as they are we got the eg man Tampa Tampa 6 sat down and what we gonna quickly quickly do is we’re gonna go in town in the final blacksmith questioned why I really recommend as well as always is if you haven’t seen the story of each of the classes including the craft classes before I do read them to watch the cutscene stuff like that because they are really really interesting but there is actually a published in this case it would be seen my level 60 blacksmith video and but if you’re doing it on and all like I am right now then you know what you’re done watching the reminder light at least trying experience at least once because it is really fun to do and I guess said the reason we want to get all the class quest on it just so we don’t have to do them later and for all of the right for materials which we can then sell to make back all the money that was banned making the items to get to level 60 and the level 60 class gives you one of each of the right for serious oversee p1 a calming the cb1 the counting the command control and the competence for craftsmanship thats get the cutscene and now let’s go in front of the front the rounds now the general story you’re helping someone have a really awesome sword so that they can become a night that’s basically what they want effectively audition to be a nice you make them the sword of that they can succeed that is basically the blacksmith story but it’s obviously a lot more interesting when you watch the cutscenes and see how it all unfolds I’m gonna talk to her that’s why we needed the animal type which has effectively the sword that we handed over to the now let’s go back to Modi and Dane so let’s see the dog Rosie I said I am very very happy that this requires like no traveling in order to get down i mean a couple of the class question required be like the first are the travels to tell whether it was really straightforward so lazy song and it won’t compensate for one coming four and one command for all three of them so they go so we have now finished level 60 blacksmith level 60 class in the expansion of a mile and it was very very easy to do and all we spend barely any like let’s see that’s actually had it so it costs 90 mins to get from 50 to 52 and to get 5240 well together 54 to 56 258 and 16 to get from 58 to 60 but some quick mental arithmetic 1981 for it cost sixty leaves the literally 60 leaves to get ten levels fifty to sixty and that’s a very straightforward dog may be literally by the end of tomorrow I can start working on the next class and if you like the structure of the power leveling guide so you have any suggestions on how I can improve them please let me know in the comments below and as well if you have I’m gonna goldsmith goals with a leveling guide which whatever class you would want me to do after goldsmith just please again let me know and I’ll do them in whatever order you asked me to do it anyway guys that’s it for this episode thank you for watching and as always but by from me and goodbye from the sidelines

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