ZERG zerg zerg!! (This is all about doing as much dmg as possible, in a very short time). Mage Ballad not needed usually till final phase but if needed use is when your healers are at 1.5k MP.. Use Battle of Voice with it 😉 Phase 1: DO as much AoE DMG as possible while keeping TP up. Phase 2: Melee on Knights, Casters on Soldiers. Once dead stand on edge of arena (I perfer north) so bugs can go straight to dreadnaught. Phase 3: Hope your on edge of arena 😉 ok Once knight/soldier dead everyone on Dreadnaught DPS hardcore before next set of mobs show or dread will just restore himself..

Phase 4: Kill closest Rook soon as possible then other rook asap once they down AoE the crap out of Bugs before Soldier & Knight. Phase 5: (Hardest Part) Melees knight asap, casters soldier gogo!, then zerg Dreadnaught as much as possible till Rook shows, then on rook asap zerging. Have your Melee LB the Rook for easy times. Once dead everyone back on 1st dread zerg dead, then bk on melees knight, casters on soldier.! Phase 6: Rest is all down hill stack up and use Mages Ballad if healers MP below 1.5k, otherwise zerg away nice and easy… Thank for Watching JDragon Sanchez on Hyperion!! Like & Subscribe if this was helpful or you simply enjoyed. over 125+ videos & always updating! Till next time 😉 .

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