What’s good- It’s Fevir We’re talking about xp and leveling and I’m going to share with you the best way to level from 40-50. It’s so good it will most likely be fixed in the future so be sure to take advantage of it. It’s pretty common knowledge that FATES are where the experience is at.. but there is a particular FATE that blows everything out of the water. Located in Northern Thanalan and easily accessible by both the Camp Bluefrog and Ceruleum Processing Plant teleport. The name of the FATE is Dark Devices -The Plea. This is the first part in a 4 part FATE that will give about 60,000 XP for clearing them… and only takes about 10 minutes. But the real beauty lies within the first part of the FATE Dark Devices. If you ignore the objective and focus on the entrance… enemies will continuously spawn and with a full party… or a zerg, you can grind these mobs to great effect and HUGE chains. Sit and spam your AOEs for the 15 minutes the FATE is active for and you are looking at about 100k plus.

To put that in perspective… all things considering, I’ve averaged about 180k each time I’ve done the set of FATEs for about 21 minutes. The amount of experience from 49-50 is 529,000 The only thing that can mess it up are players that rush forward and solo the objective… but for the most part people flocked to the AoE and just join in. And even if they mess it up, it seems to spawn every 45 minutes to an hour and there are plenty of FATEs to keep you busy while waiting. Hopefully this helps you. If this was of some use please remember to Like the video and think about subscribing if you want to see more Final Fantasy 14 content.

This is Fevir…see you at 50 Peace. .

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