I know there are already Triple Triad guides for FFVIII, but I’d like to distill this rule information to newcomers to XIV’s version of the game as simply as possible.

I assume that the player reading this already understands the basic of capturing cards (higher number captures lower number).


Same is the simplest rule. If this rule is in effect, if your card matches the numbers on two or more cards on each side, you will capture those cards.


  • In this field, there are two red cards.
  • Place a card on the top left, compare sides…
  • …each side matches, so the Same rule is enacted, capturing the cards.


This works in a similar sense to Same, in that you compare sides. With Plus, you add adjacent numbers (each side is separate); if they have the same sum, you capture each card.


  • Another field with two red cards. We’ll place a blue card at the top left.
  • We will compare the sides as with Same…
  • …but as sums. The sums match, so…
  • …the Plus rule is enacted, capturing the cards.


This rule is only applicable when Same or Plus are active. Once you activate either rule, any cards adjacent to the flips are compared as if you had actively placed that card down yourself. Combo captures normally (greater number captures lower number), and does not apply Plus or Same again.

This rule is incredibly dangerous, as it can turn the tide of a match completely.


  • Your opponent has the upper hand with 6 tiles occupied.
  • Luckily, you have a card…
  • …that enacts Plus.
  • However, combo is in play…
  • …turning that around quite nicely.
  • That last card is not captured through Combo, even though it enacts the Same rule.

This can be turned against you just as easily, so be wary!

Hope this helps people new to Triple Triad. The rest of the rules are very straightforward!


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