Hello Everyone and Welcome This video I will be going over how to get the Titan Egi for your summoner job. So without further ado lets get started. To get the Titan Egi all you have to do is your LV 35 summoner job, in doing this quest you can not miss getting Titan’s Egi. as a bonus you’ll also get the spell Fester. Now we’re off 🙂 if any of you have any questions for me fell free to leave them in the comments section below. to anyone who is wondering I am playing this on the PS4 One thing that you all need to know about the fight that is coming up is that. this is my first time doing this fight and that this is a two part fight. sorry about going past the text I was watching the golem. I will try not to speak or type during these types of parts.

Ok what Titan does is he hits pretty decent. he summon earth spirts to aid him, later towards the end of the fight he summons golems to fight with him. sorry don’t know what I am doing with my summons. like I said this is my first time doing this fight. I have no idea what the earth spots are for, my best guess is that is where the golems come from. Now starts the second part of the fight that I was talking about. ok you want to focus on the Ifirt Egi, the fight will end when Ifirt is between 30% to 25% HP That was a rough fight. anyway lets head on back. Remember if you have any questions please ask them in the comments below. I do hope this has helped you all. If you all would be so kind I would like to hear what you thought of the video. just have to run back now 🙂 After talking with the teacher I will summon Titan to show you how it done. That’s all that’s to it, I do hope this has helped you all in some way.

I do hope you’ll look forward to the next one. See you all next time. .

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