Greetings everyone I’m Kazekawa. Many people will tell you that there is no need for gold during the low levels. …and for the most part these people are right. They are also telling you this to keep you from spoiling their gil making fun. I’ll show you 5 ways on how to make easy gil…by the book. (puns!) Though gil is not essential early on. You can always start saving gil from level 1. For expensive purchases that will come later. Somethings you will likely spend money are… A room in your free company house which is about 300,000 gil…

Using gil for investing in your crafting when you get to that point… and buying rare minions on the market board which require crafting. The following 5 tips for making gil will be judged based on time investment… Ease of earning the gil and by the amount of gil that can be earned. We will rank these from 1 to 5. Without further adieu here are my top 5 ways to make gil in Final Fantasy 14 if you are a new or returning player. Number 5 on our list… are vendor items. There are different NPCs from around the three capital cities where you can buy an item for relatively little gil but then put it back on the market for a ton of gil! Admiranda from the Old Gridania area…Syneyhil from Limsa Lominsa.. and Yoyobasa from Ul’dah… all sell weathered tools. These tools can be purchases for under 100 gil. But then usually sell for up to 15,000 gil on the market board.

Not only those three vendors but they’re different independent jewelers from around the different capital cities that sell rings and necklaces and trinkets that people are willing to pay a lot of gil for although it didn’t cost you all that much to begin with. So do some research on what sells on your server and sell accordingly. Number 4. Monster drops. There are different monsters you can fight while leveling up that yield skins and horns and all kinds of things that sell for a lot of gil. Aldgoat skins and horns can be farmed from Billies and Nannies in East Thanalan. From about level 14 to 15. Gigantoad skins can be farmed from laughing toads in Western Thanalan from about level 21. Just be careful to watch out for level 50 hunt monsters that might be in these areas. … or you might find yourself in a bit of trouble! Diremite webs can be farmed from banemites in North Shroud from about level 23. And megalocrab legs can be farmed from… megalocrabs in Middle La Noscea from about level 9. These items are always in demand and you can farm quite a few of them in a decent amount of time. And if you are the appropriate level you can get some good experience for doing so as well.

Number 3 on our list is market board flipping. The concept here? Buy cheap. Sell high. Resources like cedar logs or Stalks of Ramie or… other valuable goods often drop very low in price about midweek and rise right back up during the weekend. This is because people play the most on the weekend and are in a big hurry to make the most of their time. and they are usually willing to spend more money on the market board! Regardless of the price! This takes some time to master but it can sometimes payoff big! Number 2 on our list…. gathering! You can pick up mining and botany from level 10. For mining, you start off with mining shards, before moving on to iron ore. From there you can mine alumen which is always a big seller… and finally moving on to very valueable silver ore and crystals! For botany, just like mining, you start off with gathering shards. From there you’ll also be gathering various logs and occasionally some cooking materials if they sell decently on your server. Botany starts to really pay off from level 20 to 30 when you can gather walnut logs, million corn… and the big moneymaker flax! Flax is used by even high level crafting and is always in demand.

Gathering is incredibly easy to do… but it can become kind of mind numbing. And takes a great deal of time. As you level up you’ll get abilities to make it go by a little bit faster… but gathering will always be a very slow but consistent way to make gil. And finally for number 1… low level crafting. This requires a a major time investment, but pays itself off in the long run. Fish and horn glue, high quality items, leather and ingots, basic crafting materials… Crafting is the end all be all gil maker in Final Fantasy 14 hands down. The more you put into it… the more you get back. It will take you countless hours and a big investment to get crafting to the end game… but! It’s an investment that keeps on paying back. Aim for stuff like glue or leather early on… and try to make high-quality items when possible plus you get bonuses like being able to repair your own armor! I hope these tips will help you beginning players on your way to making a decent amount of gil. Try to use more than one of these methods or prices may drop and gil will become a lot harder to make.

A last minute suggestion is to save your gil when possible. Repair your armor only when it down to… about 10% durability… and just have fun with it! Don’t give up that one day you too may become… a gillionaire! I’m Kazekawa and until the next video… I bid you farewell. .

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