Hello everyone, welcome to my guide on climbing Kugane tower! If you’ve been in Kugane recently, you might have noticed a lot of people talking about climbing. This is Kugane Tower, offically called “Kugane Hostelry” on the mini map and when entering the area. I like to think of the tower as having three separate sections. Each section is somewhat self-contained: in section one, if you fall, you will fall to the bottom. In section two, if you fall you will probably be caught by some part of the tower and can keep climbing! And in section three, it’s all or nothing.

If you fall here, you’re more than likely starting back from the beginning. Falling here isn’t too bad, just run around to the porch and climb back in! Although we haven’t made it far yet, the roof acts as a sort of net, keeping you from falling too far. These first few jumps are relatively simple. Try to do short hops from one beam to another. The corner can look intimidating, but just ignore it. We want to angle diagonally here, or else our character’s head will hit the roof and we will fall when we jump. Now it’s just a simple run to the right for our next section! This part can be a little tricky. There are two ways to do this jump… Risky… (see how I almost went over the edge there?) And safe! (See how there was almost no chance to fall?) From here, it’s a simple hop up to the next roof! Congratulations! You’ve made it to the second part of the tower! From here until the third section, any missteps you make will likely land you no further down than here.

🙂 For most of these jumps so far, we’ve been doing hops (barely pressing jump and forward) Now, we’ll have to do a mixture. This third jump is a normal long jump. As is this one. Make sure you’re aiming for just left of the beam Otherwise you’ll collide with the roof and fall. Back up so you’re a bit off the beam, and… Jump! Channel your inner wall runner and hop, hop, hop! Don’t worry about visibility here. As long as you’re running straight and jump, you can’t miss. 🙂 This roof has invisible walls, so jump your way over like I do. Line yourself up with the top part of the third row of shingles on the edge. If you normal jump from here, you’ll never miss.

🙂 Some more hopping… And a normal jump, here! Don’t be afraid of falling off here. You’ll probably hit this roof, and you can repeat the steps over again until you’re back on the beam! Do a normal jump here (Again, don’t worry about falling. The corner piece will catch you!) This looks scary, but come at it straight on. 🙂 Stand off the side, and hop forward! Now aim for the corner piece… This part can be confusing when you first reach this part of the tower. If you look, this way, you can see the banner isn’t a real object, and you can jump right through. 🙂 I normally keep my camera overhead, but angle it however helps you! 🙂 This is probably the trickiest jump in the tower. We want to activate sprint, but also jump longer than a hop but shorter than a full run.

It is also very easy to overshoot, and is one of the few places in the second part where you can fall to the bottom if you aren’t careful. Line yourself up so you have a triangle between your character’s right foot and the beam. Then hit sprint, back up, run forward, and…. Whew!!! 🙂 Don’t make the next jump without canceling sprint. You can click to deactivate it, or wait for it to run out (like me). If you wait, look around! The view is gorgeous. 🙂 Okay! Just a few little hops before you get to the third section! Congratulations!!! You’ve now made it to the third part of the tower! This is the do or die part, as any misstep here will likely send you tumbling down to the bottom. But if you do fall, don’t worry! You’ve made it here once, and you can do it again! 🙂 I like to line myself up so I’m right next to the corner of this pole. Take your time, this is the third jump from the end! There’s no rush! When you feel like you’re lined up, take a step back, and do a full running jump! Only two jumps left! Like before, don’t worry about this being diagonal.

Just jump straight on. 🙂 Alright, now comes the trickiest jump in the whole tower! Notice how my camera is moving in? That means if I jump there, I’ll hit my head on the roof and fall all the way down. Back up a tiny bit and keep jumping until your character clears the roof. Now, back off of the beam until your character is off completely. Get ready to do a full running jump! Congratulations!!!!! You’ve beaten Kugane Tower! 😀 Just in time for the sunset, too! If you haven’t climbed to the top before, there will be a vista in the center on the very top. Right about here. 🙂 Get ready for one final jump… And enjoy the view!! Don’t forget to take lots of screenshots! Thank you so much for watching! I hope this guide has been helpful. If you need any advice, feel free to ask! 🙂 o/ .

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