Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Alexander, The Breath of the Creator. This is the tenth raid in the Alexander series, also known as A10. The intro to this raid contains the usual trash mobs. There’s nothing to worry about here, just group them all up and burn them all down. The Boomtype Gobwalkers in the third section do inflict vulnerability up but you will likely deal with them before this becomes a problem. Take the trash out and you get to face the boss of this raid, Gobbie-egi Lamebrix Strikebocks. No, seriously, that’s his name. I always wondered if the lore team made these names up by taking random word combinations out of a bag. Well, here’s my confirmation of that. Anyway, let’s pause this for a second. This fight is all about avoiding traps.

The arena is a long rectangle, surrounded by an electrical stripe. Moving into that stripe inflicts paralysis, so keep your distance from it. There are three trap buttons on the floor here. The southern trap raises all the spikes on the ground of the arena, immobilizing you and dealing some damage. The middle trap drops big arse spike balls of doom down on each button. You can evade these by moving to the side or just between buttons. The northern trap shoots out a volley of spikes down the long edges of the arena. You can evade these by keeping in line with the buttons. Now there is no reason to trigger these buttons yourself, so stay away from them while you go about your business. However, you will need to react accordingly when the boss uses them. Let’s look at recurring mechanics. Illuminati Hand Cannon is frontal line AoE. Move away as usual. Gobrush Rushgob is a heavy tank buster. Cooldown through this one to soak up excess damage.

Single charge is one of two different attacks. If you see a green circle icon on the boss, this attack hits everyone at a distance. Move close to the boss to evade it. If you see a red triangle icon instead, the attack hits and knockbacks everyone close by. Move away from the boss to evade it. As main tank, you can also stay against the wall to avoid a knockback and keep the boss steady. However, you will get a vulnerability stack by doing this. This means more cooldowns needed for the tank buster. A red tether targets a player for a line cleave. This is shareable but there’s no point in it. Move away from the red tether and let the targeted player take it. At several points the boss casts Trap and jumps onto one of the buttons.

Pay attention to which button that is and handle the trap accordingly. Roughly at 70% health, the boss shields itself and summons a Gobpress on the southern side of the arena to make short work of you. This big fella will cast Steam Roller every few seconds. This deals some damage to everyone in front of it and pushes the roller closer to the boss. You must destroy this roller before you run out of arena or you will wipe. The boss will continue to AoE everyone from the distance, so there’s no rest for healers here. That includes Bomb Toss, a stack attack, so pay close attention to movement while dishing out damage. After this phase, you can come back to the main gobbie. The rest of the fight is mostly more of the same, with increasing frequency of mechanics. For example, the boss will now trigger two traps in a row. Pay attention to the order of these and evade them as they come.

Near the end, several see saws will raise from the sides and knockback anyone in their path. They align with the buttons, so stay between them and you will have no problem. Finally, Critical Wrath targets several players for splash damage. Move away from each other to minimize this. And that’s it for Alexander, The Breath of the Fire Demon Gobbie. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next, it’s time for some exponential forwards and backwards in Alexander, The Heart of the Creator. See you next time. .

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