Hello tanksters, I’m Stark and I’m here to show you how to tank Alexander The Cuff of the father. This is the second raid of the Alexander series, also known as A2. Believe it or not, this one is even easier to tank than A1. In fact, you may argue whether you need a tanking guide for this one at all, but just in case you want one, here it is. This raid opens with a couple of mob packs to annoy you, just burn the lot and move on. Once you get to the main arena, the real fight begins. And this fight is nothing more than a gauntlet of spawning gobbies. Adds will spawn at different stages in both the north and the south sides, so agree with your tank buddy who will stay at either side to reel them in. And that’s it, really, at least as far as tanking goes. There are a few mechanics going on in the background with the bombs and the majitek walkers but as tank, you don’t have to worry about them.

Just try to share all the spawing mobs equally with your tank buddy so neither of you gets overwhelmed. Near the end this huge Magitek Spiders will spawn, try to tank these separately as their size makes it hard for everyone to see what’s going on. If you somehow see yourself on the brink of the death don’t be afraid to pop your god mode cooldowns. Otherwise, this one is as easy as it gets. And that’s it for Alexander the Cuff of the Father.

I did say you wouldn’t need a guide for this one. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next you’ll be drinking beer with aqua man in Alexander the Arm of the Father. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time. .

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