Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Alexander the Soul of the Creator. This is the twelfth and last raid in the Alexander series, also known as A12. Here you finally get to battle Alexander, inside Alexander, while he summons Alexander, because we wouldn’t have it any other way. This fight has three phases and is on a tight schedule.

High DPS and positional efficiency is important here as Alexander will not wait for you to move between phases. Keep Alexander facing away from the party to contain his cleave attacks. Mega Holy deals arena-wide damage. Heal through this as needed. Punishing Heat is a heavy tank buster. As main tank, use heavy cooldowns for this one if you have them available. Sacrament charges up massive death lasers of doom from the sides of Alexander. You can find safe spots at the diagonals, even if you’re standing close by. And before you ask, no, there’s no safe spot right at the center.

Blazing Scourge marks a player for a heavy splash damage attack. Move away from the party to minimize overall damage. After a while, Alexander goes away and summons two groups of Lanner adds to keep you busy. Pack them all up in the middle and burn them all down. They do hit you heavy, so make sure each tank only pulls one of the groups. After a few seconds, two General’s Might adds spawn as well. Same as before, one tanks pulls each and brings them together for a burn down. After a few more seconds, four General’s Wing adds spawn at the corners. These ignore enmity and will keep spamming Almost Holy until you put them down. Focus on these first as they can hit the entire party with massive damage. After yet a few more seconds, and regardless if you kill the adds, a huge Alexander will rise at the far side of the arena. He then charges up his ultimate attack and you can see a countdown for this on the screen.

You must use a Tank Limit Break at around 5 seconds to cover the party, otherwise this will wipe you outright. In this phase, you must deal with the same mechanics as before, compounded with a few more at the same time. The most important of which is Time Stasis. While charging, this marks a couple of players with a red arrow for splash damage and one with a yellow stack marker. This then stops time, while Alexander teleports to another spot, and executes the attacks. To handle this, players with the red arrow must move away from the party, while all others must stack on top of whoever has the yellow stack marker. To make this easier, the player with the yellow stack marker can move right behind Alexander before he finishes casting. During execution, Alexander also charges up Sacrament. Look for a safe spot while you’re frozen and start running for it as soon as you see it. After a while, Alexander teleports to the center and summons four adds.

These move to the corners and open four dark portals in time. All four DPSers must go into these portals, one into each of them and then kill the adds inside. As off-tank, pay attention to whether a DPS happens to be dead or doesn’t know he needs to go in there, in case you need to go there yourself. You must kill all the adds inside the portals within a few seconds, or you will wipe. When you get back to the present, Alexander will pull a few more tricks from under his metal sleeve.

Gravitational Anomaly spawns huge red AoE circles in the arena. There are safe spots between the circles and at the edges of the arena. He now starts casting other abilities at the same time as this one, so pay attention to any other stuff going on. This is especially true for the next Time Stasis. This compounds Gravitational Anomaly, a yellow stack, red splashes, and Sacrament. Alexander follows this up with Incinerating Heat, another yellow stack attack, so hug together nicely. After this, Alexander, not happy with fighting inside Alexander, goes on to summon Alexander. The humongous Alexander from before rises again at the edge of the arena and starts targeting players with a sniper red beam. These then drop four persistent AoE puddles where the player stands. You don’t want anyone else standing on these and you don’t want to stand on more than one of them yourself.

Therefore, go somewhere to the edge of the area to drop these side by side where they don’t stand in anyone’s way. The next Time Stasis also includes this mechanic, just to make sure you’re paying attention. From here onwards mechanics repeat until Alexander deems you worthy. And that’s it for Alexander, The Soul of the Creator. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. See you next time. .

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