Hello Tanksters, Stark here, and this is the guide for Baelsar’s Wall. This is the main story dungeon for patch and a very cool one at that. The mobs here pose little danger though. The Magitek Sky Armors do lock on to the first player they see so you may want to kill them first if they tether to a DPS. Otherwise, if you’re decently geared, the usual group them up and burn them down works as fine as always. The first boss is the Magitek Predator, same model as Terra’s Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy VI, now isn’t that cool. Magitek Claw is a sorry excuse for a tank buster. Pop a weak cooldown when you see this coming. Magitek Ray is a frontal line AoE on a random player. Just move out of the way. The boss summons Sky Armor reinforcements at different points. These lock on to DPS players so burn them down as they come.

The boss targets players with red prey markers for a volley of rockets. Try not to stack these with anyone else. That’s it for the Magitek Predator, rinse and repeat. The next mob area has a little mini gauntlet of adds spawning from different sides. It’s funny, at first, I thought this was a carpet roller you had to get into while evading the obstacles. But nope, it was tons of little spider mechs coming our way. The second boss is the Armored Weapon. This boss looks strangely familiar but I can’t pinpoint it exactly, let me know if it reminds you of anything. Launcher targets one or more players for a rain of rockets. As tank, do pop a decent cooldown when you see this one coming, just in case all the rockets come down on you. Sometimes this splits rockets on other players as well, although for less damage. Dynamic Sensory Jammer debuffs everyone with Extreme Caution. This makes you take severe damage after the debuff ends, based on any action or auto-attack you make while you have the debuff. Therefore, when you see this coming, don’t do anything.

Don’t even auto-attack, just deselect the boss and wait for the status to end on its own. Seriously, this hurts like a ton of bricks. Diffractive Laser targets a player for a heavy hitting AoE. Magitek Bit summons several untargetable adds around the arena. These attack the party using an AoE pattern, while the boss is doing its thing. Distress Beacon summons several cute little spider adds onto the arena, just to make sure you’re paying attention.

Pack these all up with the boss and burn them all down. Rinse and repeat and off you go. Again, nothing special about the next mob segment, pull the lot and burn them out of the way. The final boss is… You know what, I’m not actually going to tell you, you’ll have to see the cut-scene for yourself. Let’s just call him Griffy. Just know this fight is messy and awesome. Beak of the Griffin deals damage to the entire party. Heal through it as it comes. Claw of the Griffin is a decent tank buster. As tank, do pop a cooldown for this one. Flash Powder is a gaze attack that stuns everyone and lowers their accuracy. This makes you prone to his next attack. Griffy then jumps to a far side of the arena and powers Sanguine Blade. This massive AoE covers most of the arena, hits hard and knocks you back. Run straight to the safe side to evade it. You may have to use sprint if you’re too far away.

As this covers a very large area, it’s useful if everyone stacks in the center for most of the fight. Restrain Collar takes the healer out of action and insta-kills them after a few seconds. If the healer dies here, the party is in big trouble, so target and destroy the restrain collar before it finishes casting. Lionshead is, well, gorgeous. This mechanic drops multiple swords everywhere, which proceed to power deadly Corrosion AoEs, covering the entire arena. To avert certain doom, you need to create a safe zone by destroying one sword before it finishes casting. Griffy tries to stun you with his gaze attack while you smash the sword, so turn your back to him while you do so. If you survive this, it’s rinse and repeat yet again until either of you wins.

That’s it for Baelsar’s Wall. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next on the list is Sohm Al Hard Mode. Until then, take care and see you next time. .

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