Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the tanking guide for Pharos Sirius hard mode. This is a level 60 optional dungeon where you will help Limsa Lominsa purge good old Siren’s tower from bomb-loving kobolds. And as a bonus, you can enjoy yet another version of the enchanting Pharos Sirius theme. As with Saint Mocianne’s, you can mass pull most of the mob packs in this tower. There is something to pay attention to later on, but we’ll get to it in a bit. The first boss in an animated stack of cornflakes who think he’s healthy for you.

Tank this fellow wherever you want, it doesn’t really matter. It does matter that you notice where all those little mobs are in the background. At various points, the boss will tether to random players. These will spawn very strong humanoid mobs after a few seconds. To negate this, pass the tether to one of the oblivious mobs in the arena, preferably a bird if you can, as they won’t drop a poll of poison when they die. This will then spawn a weak mob, instead of a very strong one. Repeat this a few times and you’re done. Now the second mob segment does have a couple of cleaving constructs, so you may want to take it easy if you’re running this at minimum item level. There will also be some annoying time bombs coming your way but you can ignore these and move along. The second boss will keep you on your toes. Literaly that is, because you’ll have to keep running after him all the time. He starts with Strip Mine, a very scary distance based AoE attack, but don’t bother running away.

Just pop a cooldown if you even care and keep attacking. On the second hand, this attack opens a fissure on the floor that starts leaking aether and generally making bad things happen. Players can plug those fissures by dragging the green goo adds on top of them. That means, don’t attack the adds, let the DPSers or the healer take care of that mechanic. At some point, two big blue aether engines and a couple of kobold adds will spawn in the arena.

These will power the boss and allow him to keep charging at random players. Therefore, go grab enmity on those adds while the DPSers finish off the engines. At the same time, keep paying attention to where the boss is facing to avoid the next rush. Rinse and repeat until you’re done. On the next mob segment, you will have to be efficient if you want to avoid tons of extra adds coming after you. First, you will see this bomb incubator with a few adds around it. This is here to help you recognize what you will face in just a bit. Finish it off and keep going. If you want, clean up the next mob group separately, including the big fellow with the huge cleave, to make things easier for you next. You will now come into a room with three bomb incubators and you will notice some mobs and bombs start running towards the walls.

If those walls break, you’ll have a ton of extra adds coming your way. To avoid this, mass pull every single mob in this room, including the mobs around the incubators and the mobs hammering the walls. You can stop near the third bomb incubator to allow your party to AoE everything down. The final boss is clearly not happy with your handywork back there. Keep Mrs. Red here in the center and facing away from the party.

Once in a while she will summon multiple Grey and Lava bombs onto the arena. Grab the lot of them, and let the DPSers do their work, with the Grey ones first. When she dies, she will summon more bombs around the arena. As soon as you finish these, Mr. Blue comes to the rescue. This is more of the same, except Mr. Blue will now summon pairs of grey and remedy bombs. The remedy bombs will slowly move towards the grey bombs, tether to them and make the arena go boom. You can help avoid that by attacking the blue remedy bombs if they get too near the grey bombs. Your party will usually handle this mechanic on their own, but keep an eye on them just in case.

And that’s it for Pharos Sirius hard mode. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next, it’s time to put the pirate cap on and take to the skies inside The Void Ark. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time. .

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