Hey guys, Stark here and this is the survival guide for Sohr Khai. This is a level 60 dungeon where Hraesvelgr will put your conviction to the test in your quest for freedom from Nidhogg. Now you can pull big on this one, if both tank and healer are decently over-geared. Just be aware that some mobs have large and annoying AoEs that can keep you on your feet.

The fist boss is King Moggle Mog 13th Extreme Mode. Just kidding. Sadly. Anyway, this fight is not unlike the one against Mister Sawface at AlwaysReap. During the fight, Prince Moggle here calls upon his merry moogle squad to help him out. Captain Mogsun in particular, Covers the boss, making him invincible. Regardless of that, pick them all up and burn them all down. The main mechanic here is Pom Raise, when the boss tries to revive the moogle squad.

You can avert this by attacking the downed moogles to push them away from the revive circles. If any do get raised, picked them up and burn them down again. Prince Moggle eventually summons another squad, so rinse and repeat until his pom has had enough. As tank, take care of pulling too much on the section with a levelling party. These Anzus have mean cleaves and AoEs and while they don’t pose a risk by themselves, the whole gang together can pack a punch.

The second boss is Pegasus, because you can’t have a floating palace without a winged horse, now can you? Keep Pegasus facing away from the walls here, as they can crumble and you need them for protection in a bit. The boss runs through a set series of mechanics until you beat it. Quasar is a column AoE on a random player. If you’re not the tank, keep stacked behind the boss to bait this away from the walls. This doesn’t hurt very much even if it hits everyone and it’s better than having the walls fall down, as this reveals an electrocution stripe surrounding the arena. As you’d expect from a winged horse, the boss then flies into the air and prepares to divebomb on one end of the platform. Go to the other end and wait there near a wall. The boss then rushes through the arena, pushing everyone to the side, which is why you need the walls for protection.

The boss also marks a player before summoning a thundering cloud on them. This cloud delivers several AoEs that destroy walls. Try to leave this cloud away from the party if you can. Otherwise, as tank, prepare to drag the boss all the way to other side to move away from the cloud. Mechanics repeat until Pegasus flies his last flight. The second mob segment features the usual dragons and speedrun blockers, nothing to worry about here.

The final fight in Sohr Khai is against our favourite eight-winged dragon, Hraesvelgr. Now I haven’t made up a pet name for him because I honestly like this fellow. Like the Kraken fight in Hullbreaker Isle, this battle takes place in a number of platforms you can jump between. Unlike the Kraken fight, Hraesvelgr has a thing for destroying platforms with his bad ass breath of doom attack. Needless to say, jump to another platform when you see this coming.

This also acts as a soft enrage as you will eventually run out of platforms. Along with this attack some sprite adds will spawn and attack random players. They don’t hurt much and don’t need tanking, DPSers can kill these as they see fit. However, do pay attention to all the flying ice cubes and dragon heads. These stroll around the arena just looking for someone to hug. And when they do, they hit you like a ton of bricks and apply a heavy debuff. Hraesvelgr also has a multi-boom AoE that takes a large chunck of the platform. Avoid as you can or jump to another platform entirely. Of course, there’s also the usual AoEs like Diamond Dust, that hit the whole party.

Heal through these as you go. Mechanics repeat until you win or you run out of platforms. And that’s it for Sohr Khai. Nothing like bungee jumping without a bungee on floating rocks at ten thousand feet. Next you will make some pirates do the Manderville in Hullbreaker Isle Hard Mode. Thanks for watching and see you next time. .

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