Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Xelphatol. It turns out the Ixal are yet again trying to summon that crazy Garuda bird so you are here to foil their plans. Again. Luckily for you, this dungeon is ripe for the mass pull. So, pull that trash like no one has ever pulled trash before. Still, on the second mass pull, do pay attention to the big Nix’s annoying AoEs. You can stun these so you don’t have to move around so much. The first boss seems to really like balloons.

Maybe his parents didn’t give him enough balloons when he was a little wee bird. Who knows. Tank Nuzzy wherever, it doesn’t matter. Wind Blast targets a random player with the usual line AoE. Evade this or you will look very silly. Long Burst targets a random player for point damage, heal it up as needed. Lift makes the boss float and go about his business. The first time he casts this, three adds spawn, plus a floating turret. The turret is fixed in place, so pull everything around it and burn it all down. However, just before you finish off the turret, one player needs to get just below the floating boss. The turret’s Hot Air explosion throws everyone up into the air, making that player crash into the boss and bring him down.

The boss then summons two air stones that protect him from damage. Go ahead and take these out. The second time he casts Lift, four air stones and a turret spawn, with the air stones protecting the turret. Take out the air stones first and then the turret, while again preparing for the Hot Air explosion. The turret ignores enmity, so don’t bother with it as tank. Rinse and repeat until you send him off to meet Phileas Fogg. On the following mass pulls, take care not to stand on the spikes that surround the platforms.

They may tickle your feet a bit more than you like. The second boss is a gigantic feather with what seems like an Ixali bird holding it. No seriously, I wish I had a weapon like that. It even doubles as a folding fan in the summer, how cool is that? Tank this guy in the middle to make mechanics easier to follow. The arena is surrounded with a spike strip, so don’t go wander too far off. On Low targets the tank with a strong cone AoE. Evade this as needed. Swiftfeather makes the next On Low an instant attack. As tank, pop a cooldown to soak up any damage. On High deals party-wide damage and pushes everyone back to the spike strip. To handle this, position yourself against one of the rails around the arena. The boss targets a random player with a red arrow for a persistent AoE. Drop these between the rails so you don’t have to choose between the wind and the spikes.

Rinse and repeat and do let me know if you can steal that huge feather from him at some point. The next trash areas have these War Balloons constantly dropping adds on you until you expire. As tank, keep the adds under control. As everyone else, dump DPS on the War Balloons first so they don’t overwhelm you. The final boss does deserve some respect. He is able to summon Garuda all by himself and he’s not even a warrior of light. Now that takes some feathers. Tank Tozy wherever, he will move soon enough. Ixali Aero II targets a player for a line AoE.

Just move out of the way or prepare to look silly again. Ixali Aero III deals party-wide damage. Heal through it as it comes. Hawk does one of two things. On some casts, it targets everyone for a splash AoE. Spread around to minimize damage. On other casts, it targets a player for stack AoE. Gang up together to protect that player. Summon Garuda calls forth a mini Garuda to annoy you. Garuda then marks the arena with several AoEs, while Tozy casts Hawk on you again. Deal with these as they come and avoid the everything. Rinse and repeat and you’ll have bird soup for dinner.

That’s it for Xelphatol. Always a good place to go when you fancy some chicken wings. Thanks for watching and feel free to subscribe for more guides and soundtracks. Next, it’s time to put the books back in order in the Great Gubal Library Hard Mode. See you next time. .

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