Hello Eorzeans! We’re back with another top list! Let’s first of all be perfectly clear: this is just the opinions of Speakers of Hydaelyn, and everyone is different so naturally, people have different looking lists! Last time we looked at the top 10 best dungeons from A Realm Reborn. Today we’re gonna look at the top 5 worst dungeons. The same basic criteria applies here, so the ones with the lowest scores here, gets the first spot. Well, without any further ado, let’s take a look at Speakers of Hydaelyn’s Top 5 Worst Dungeons from A Realm Reborn.

-NUMBER 5- Amdapor Keep (Hard). Starting off this list we have the hard mode of Amdapor Keep. This dungeon is on this list primarily because of its terrible pacing and gating. The music is slow and dull, and is comparable to Snowcloak’s sleep inducing theme. Although the speakers are all torn on this specific dungeon, we all agree that the design is basically a washed out version of Amdapor Keep. The monster variety is lacking, mostly consisting of bugs and trees, and the bosses, even if they have some new mechanics, are generally uninteresting and not particularly fun to play.

Only exception being the room before the last boss as well as the last boss itself, which actually does introduce a number of new mechanics. -NUMBER 4- Dzemael Darkhold Here’s one that we’re pretty sure people will agree with. Dzemael Darkhold is one of those dungeons that makes you go *SIIIIIIIIGH* whenever it pops in your roulette. And there is a reason for that.

The dungeon is riddled with horrible gating in form of Magitek circles that players must stand in – and wait for it to count down before the door opens! – Fun times. The design of the dungeon is quite basic, being just a dark musty cave with some crystals sticking out of the walls. The music at the beginning is somewhat interesting but it cuts out after a minute, leaving you to complete silence when not engaged in combat, and once you enter combat, you are presented with the generic dungeon battle theme. All of this makes the dungeon plain… Boring. The bosses in Dzemael is what pulls it up a bit, as they are pretty quick to kill and has at least a couple of interesting mechanics. Big plus for being easy to speedrun, so you can get out of that crystal hell pretty quick. -NUMBER 3- The Tam-Tara Deepcroft This dungeon’s Hard Mode captured our Top 10 Best Dungeons list’s 2nd place, but man, what a massive difference there is between these two dungeons.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft is a short dungeon that has very little going on inside. Just like all other A Realm Reborn dungeons, it has no actual theme playing throughout, except for a short sample at the very beginning, automatically putting you into “bored” mode. The bosses won’t help this dungeon out either, as they are just the same bosses over and over again with slightly more adds each time. The last boss has one mechanic involving a tethered add. Which is actually fine, because this is supposed to be a “tutorial dungeon”, learning mechanics is fine. But the fact that this is the only actual boss in the entire dungeon is both sad and disappointing. Plus points for having some optional routes, promoting exploration, even if the dungeon is a bit bland. -NUMBER 2- Copperbell Mines This dungeon gets the number 2 spot for being plain boring.

The bosses are boring, the mobs are boring and the design is boring. The dungeon is short on paper, but the artificial gating and mob clusters makes it feel like it takes waaay too long. And of course, no music. I know I know, it’s getting old, but it makes a world of difference to have a unique soundtrack to go with a dungeon, as it’s part of its identity. Sadly, because Copperbell Mines uses the generic battle theme, it falls into the “generic” category. The monster variety is also pretty bland, mostly consisting of Spriggans, elemental sprites, Coblyns and Hecatoncheirs, which doesn’t exactly make this dungeon any better. The bosses are incredibly basic, perhaps with the exception of the second boss which is just an infuriating mess if your party members don’t understand what to do. Being one of the first dungeons you encounter in the game, it’s a shame it’s this boring.

Before we get to the number one spot, here are a couple of honorable mentions for dungeons that just barely missed a spot on the list. The Aurum Vale I bet most of you thought this would be number one. Hey guys, it’s not. The Aurum Vale is actually a pretty unique and interesting dungeon – but we all know why this dungeon is also a nightmare. The first room is just a cluster of annoying mobs, including toads with their disgusting tongues, bogeys that attack you from a range that is a nightmare to tank and saplings which are JUST as annoying. The first and last* boss is a carbon copy of each other, only difference being one extra mechanic.

However it gets plus points for being a challenging dungeon, being the first dungeon new players encounter that gives them a taste of what endgame is going to be like. Lots of wipes. The Stone Vigil – This dungeon feels too long. With what feels like endless amounts of mobs everywhere. It also has an annoying dragon that randomly peeks down from the ceiling and damages the party, which just further infuriates the players. The dungeon has a good design overall, but it does feel like it just never ends. The dungeon is however incredibly good to run for exp at its level range, so just pop up Netflix and grind that shit.

Cutter’s Cry – The definition of bland. Starting off with a color palette consisting of 4 shades of brown. And to top it all off, the length is dragged out through these shifting sands gates that only activates if all mobs in a room is killed. Sure, you might enjoy it somewhat the first time. Have fun doing that again and again for exp. The dungeon does get plus points for evolving into something better looking towards the end, and of course: because it’s the home of the iconic Chimera! Now let’s get into our number one spot on our list -NUMBER 1- The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak There was no doubt, this score is way below the number two spot.

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak ticks all the boxes for a bad dungeon. This dungeon feels like an eternity in hell. It has several gates that must be opened by looking for photocells that can be obtained in the dungeon and by killing mobs. There are also some areas that has these cobweb doors that sucks you in, and then closes the web behind you, leaving any party members that are too slow, on the other side. So you’ll have to spend time destroying that web to let the other members in. The mobs are just diremites, ochus, pterocs and the odd sapling, and it never changes except for a few puddings along the way.

To make the dungeon even worse it has branching paths that don’t actually lead anywhere, and the ground is often covered in this green goo that gives you heavy – dragging out the length of the dungeon even more. Just to make it all even more infuriating, they have these… things that explode when you get near them, giving you poison that actually stacks. So you’re forced to either have your healer esuna every one, or having to shield lob or range attack every single one you see before you can proceed. The bosses are just two ochus and a diremite. The same mobs you’ve been fighting throughout the entire dungeon. The design of the dungeon is dark and mossy, with very little light and is mostly just depressing – the dungeon also doesn’t have any unique music other than a 60 second sample at the very beginning that sounds just as depressing as the dungeon looks.

What a surprise. Sorry Toto-Rak, you’re terrible. That’s our Top 5 worst dungeons from A Realm Reborn. Do you agree with this list? Do you disagree? Most likely, so let us know your top 5 worst dungeons in the comments below! We have released the full score document in the description below for you to enjoy and read our individual scores and explanations! In our next top 10 video, we’ll be tackling the Trials from A Realm Reborn! Remember to subscribe for more and leave a like if you enjoyed! See you in the next one! .

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