Hello friends, Today, I will show, the 5 tips and tricks for Fire Emblem Heroes. 1. Stay Strong. Fire Emblem Heroes is based on “gashapon” systems, acquiring new heroes through a randomized summon initiated by the player. These “rolls” are typically fueled by Orbs, one of Heroes’ main currency systems. Orbs are the most prominent microtransaction present in the free-to-play game, and their over-priced premium will push players to the shop if they want to pull strong five-star heroes for their teams. Players who hope to play through Fire Emblem Heroes without dropping a single dime have revealed a specific strategy to get off on the right foot. 2. Save your orbs. After that initial roll, you will have to pay for your own summoning sessions. To do so, you will need at least five Orbs, which you can pay for out of pocket or gain by progressing through the game. Clearing a map for the first time on each of the three difficulties, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic, will net you a single Orb. Be sure to link your Nintendo account to your Fire Emblem Heroes profile for 10 free Orbs, and make use of the daily log-in bonuses offered during the launch window to not miss out on any freebies.

3. Upgrade your Castle. Another use for those hard-to-earn Orbs isn’t announced as prominently when logging into Fire Emblem Heroes, but is just as important. On the home screen, a green button in the top right corner offers the ability to upgrade your castle. Doing so will increase the amount of experience your heroes can gain during battles. This may not seem like the most important bonus during the early stages of the game when you have a reliable squad of characters to cut down under-leveled enemies, but is a massive help when considering the endgame and Player vs Player content available. 4. Travel in groups. This is standard Fire Emblem strategy, but for an unfamiliar player who may have downloaded Heroes out of curiosity, always be sure to keep your units close together on the battlefield. Some heroes can unlock skills that increase the stats of nearby allies, or even heal them, and traveling in a pack can put pressure on enemies and keep your team out of critical danger.

Units like archers and mages can reach out and hit enemies from up to two spaces away, so positioning them behind your other teammates will keep them safe. 5. Make new friends. Fire Emblem Heroes gives each player a unique friend code that you can share with other players to receive some free feathers. These items can be used to power up your units’ star rankings, at a hefty price.

To gain feathers quickly, you can send invites to random players you match up with in the arena. There are special parameters for arena matches, including using certain heroes for an added bonus to your rewards. Additionally, winning seven battles in a row piles on new bonuses. .

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