What’s up guys I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back to my Banner Review series for Fire Emblem Heroes and today I’m gonna be taking a look at 2018 Choose Your Legends units and these are the topics I’m gonna be discussing in this video so let us begin. Veronica: “My brother and Xander taught me how to ride a horse” Veronica is a cavalry healer who has got the best offensive stat line for a healer in the game Maribelle does have more attack buts speed greatly benefits Veronica and it’s worth the trade-off Veronica’s bulk is pretty bad with below-average defenses but after she gets the debuffs with her staff and it buffs herself she can tank hits better her speed also translates into her bulk as she will now get doubled much after the debuffs and the buffs from her staff It’s not the biggest issue as she will not get counter-attacked in the player phase and for enemy phase you could definitely use her debuffs for survival She has got a superboon in HP which definitely helps her with bulk in the enemy phase and also helps her score more in arena, She comes with Hliðskjálf which is a 14 Mt Legendary staff and it does have dazzling staff refine built into it it’s other effect as same as Sothe’s Peshkatz, it debuffs target and foes within two spaces for -4 in all of their stats and then simultaneously buffs herself and allies within two spaces for +4 to all of their stats.

This is a really amazing effect because healers outside of fear and slow staff and Chill skills don’t really have a way of debuffing enemies as they cannot run seal or smoke skills, Veronica being able to debuff foes and buff allies simultaneously so safely without the fear of counter-attack is a huge boon and a seriously fantastic utility. Her staff effect makes her a particularly good teammate with a Bladetome unit and a unit like Gunnthra who can use debuffs also really appreciates speed buffs. She comes with Recover+ which is pretty much one of the best healing assist skills along with Physic+. Recover+ gives you a very nice consistent raw healing, it also works on the attack of the healer and Veronica has pretty decent attack for that.

Windfire Balm+ is a 1 turn healing special which she has and it gives massive +6 Atk and +6 Spd buff to an ally basically a Hone Emblem buff and this is so incredible for a mixed team and for Bladetome allies. Basically when she attacks she gives you the buff with her staff and when she doesn’t she can give you the buffs with her healing special. Her weapon already has a Dazzling staff refine built into it and she comes with Wrathful staff having Razzle-Dazzle combo by default makes her a really cheap unit to build and it’s amazing for new players and F2P players.

Close Guard is her Slot C skill and for a mixed team it’s really good but if you’re gonna be using an emblem team then Ward skills are better. Close Guard is more relevant than this Distant Guard for Tier 20 and Tier 21 Arena as there are hard hitting armor units with their broken armor skills and also dragons like Myrrh and Grima and people with an Arena core of a mixed team that uses tactics skills can use this skill really really well. This is an in combat buff meaning that it can stack up with visible buffs like the one from her staff or from Hone or Tactic skills. Overall Veronica is the best healer in the game as of right now with incredible utility with her buffs and debuffs from her staff and also being able to heal while doing some good magical damage without the fear of counter-attack.

Being a horse unit she can easily get the emblem buffs or even buff herself and use a dancer alongside herself and with her amazing movement she can definitely wreak havoc like most Razzle-Dazzle healers can in this game. Her best boons are definitely Speed and Attack, Speed being the best one because you want to increase your chances of doubling any and everyone and she can have a bane in HP, Defense or Resistance and that is complete fine. The -Atk Bane is actually not worst in my opinion, A -Spd Bane is definitely much worse as it reduces her strongest stat. If you get multiple Veronicas and you do not want to merge her then he could definitely fodder her off for her close guard skill, it’s definitely a coveted skill as I said before it’s really good Tier 20 and 21 Arena where most units are gonna be melee range and it’s a Slot C skill so any unit can run it but still you want to ideally run that on a unit who himself does not desperately need this buff, For example a glass cannon or a Player phase unit.

Here are some Good recipients of Close Guard skill that can use it even better because of their weapons. Obviously Marth and Brave Lucina beings Spur Buff-Bots are great recipient of this skill and now with Arena’s bonus unit kill system, M!Corrin is pretty nice as well with this Yato Refine for helping your bonus units get more kills. So Close Guard can be run on him as well. Soren has got Chill Atk in his Wind’s Brand and that further helps you reduce any sort of damage with Close Guard skill as usually melee range units are known to have the highest attack, so he can strike them with his Chill Atk and then also help you have more bulk with Close Guard.

NY!Azura has Drive Def 1 and Drive Res 1 built into her Axe which she can stack up with Close Guard and she already comes with Earth Dance and can also help enemy phase units like armors with their movement with Guidance Sacred Seal and Titania can stack it up with Dual Tactics with Close Guard for a really nice defensive support. Veronica: “Take me with you”. Veronica already has Razzle-Dazzle so she is pretty easy unit to build, for a budget set you could simply run Speed+3 on her slot A and capitalize on her speed and run a sacred seal like Drive Atk, Drive Def, Spd+3 or even a Atk+3. Atk/Spd Bond can also be run with Double Savage Blow to maximize their damage output. It’s one of the few offensive options available to healers for Slot A and decently synergizes with her weapon. Atk/Spd Push also another slot A option it’s very expensive but it’s definitely pretty good on her.

You will have to run Live to Serve Sacred seal in order to reach Atk/Spd Push’s range once again by healing and that’s a pretty good combo on healers. Veronica can also be optimized for arena scoring because of possessing the first playable Legendary Staff in the game and also the highest-scoring healing special at 300 SP, Also really good option for the people who saved orbs for +10 merging her and +HP is recommended for reaching 145 to 150 BST Bin for having a better arena score and after the debuffs and self buff from her staff she will effectively have 35 defense and it won’t really be easy to double her unless we’re talking about Bold Fighter Armor units or Brave weapon users.

This build also appreciates summoner support for Veronica enthusiasts. Hector: “Pierce the Sky, Maltet!” Hector is a Lance armored unit with very high attack and defense and pretty good resistance for a distant counter unit. His speed is really bad but not like Armor units really care about it with the broken armor skills, not to mention he can just run an Omnibreaker set to prevent doubles. He has 174 BST meaning that he will need a defense superboon for getting even higher score in arena with him. Unfortunately he also has a Resistance superbane which you have to watch out for. He comes with malted which would uses a special cooldown by one and just like Armads he has got Quick Riposte built into this weapon, it’s a better Quick Riposte because of that 50% HP threshold condition. He comes with Ignis which he can easily proc in every round of combat in both phases however in enemy face he will need to get doubled which is not really all that hard with his speed.

He comes with Ostian counter, a Distant counter skill with Sturdy stance effect built into it he already is so defensive and hits hard and this pushes it even further he can easily one shot many ranged units and against melee range units the extra defense in the higher arena tier definitely helps a lot. Bold Fighter is the single most broken skill in the game which basically gives consistent player phase to these slow sluggish armor units with special cooldown and with no drawbacks. Hector with his good attack and Ignis can delete many units in the player phase with this. His Slot C skill is Even Res Wave and that really helps him a lot with taking on mages and dragons, he does a pretty decent resistance and with this he can reach 34 Res but the problem is that common green dragons like Myrrh and Grima can still tear through him because of their green color and they’re pretty common in Arena. For his IVs any boon is good for him, Attack and Defense being the best boons and Speed bane is the best bane for him and overall Hector is one of the many really good armor units in the game and he is basically a god, let’s be honest with that fantastic Statline and Amazing Mixed phase utility. He is better than Hardin, both can be mixed phase units and the slight edge which Hardin has over Hector is that in the enemy phase, Hardin can use a breath skill because of the innate Distant Counter in Gradivus, on the other hand Hector has got a free Sacred seal slot but even then Hector statline is just superior and much better Min-maxed and his higher attack and better defense will definitely give you better results.

Hector: “I’ve just gotta be me, y’know?” Hector is extremely cheap to build. You just slap an assist skill on him and call it a day but for arena usage you would like to run Aether on him, it’s a good skill on him because he can heal up and keep himself in the Quick Riposte range from his weapon. Just like original Hector he can run an omnibreaker set and because of how Wary fighter interacts with Double Quick Riposte in his weapon and his seal, this lets him not get doubled and double attack himself in the enemy phase and he does miss out on the player phase due to lack of Bold Fighter but if you just want to use him for enemy phase and have him not get doubled then you could definitely run this set.

His final set is a Special fighter set which lets him enjoy the breath effect while retaining his Distant Counter, this makes him an enemy phase monster because of guard effect preventing enemy specials and letting him proc Aether in every round of combat in the enemy phase. Celica: “By Mila’s Grace!” Celica once again is a red unit and she’s extremely fast with base 39 speed and her Royal sword puts her at 42 speed. Her physical bulk is also pretty decent and she has somewhat average resistance combined with her speed she’s not only all that easy to double which translates to her bulk. She comes with Royal sword which gives her Spd+3 and gives her the kind of effect heavy blade gives you but the activation condition here is an ally being near within two spaces of her it’s quite easy to activate and it’s very deadly actually because of her high speed and Double Lion so she can charge up specials extremely fast with Royal Sword.

She comes with Galeforce which can easily be charged up with her quad attacks and Royal sword and DB4 is a new skill which is a very very strong skill with her Double Lion effect. It also opens up new floodgates due to being the only inheritable skill other than distant and close counter that’s 300 SP so for arena scoring DB4 can be run and if you are someone in Tier 21 Arena and you’re just gonna be facing melee a range armor units with really high attack then you really do not need to run Distant Counter so you could just run that blow and that is absolutely amazing. She has her exclusive skill Double Lion which pretty much gives her the brave weapon effect and after combat she will lose one HP point and kick herself out of the range of this skill so if Celica can naturally double then she’ll be able to quad attack with any weapon thanks to her Double Lion skill and this makes her a very scary player phase unit, she’s an absolute monster because of this skill and this skill does say it does not stack by that it means that it does not stack with another brave effect like with Brave sword so she will not be able to Attack x8 with Brave sword but only Quad attack.

She comes with Attack Tactic which does have synergy with Royal Sword as she would want to stay near two spaces of an ally but honestly Celica herself needs the At Tactic buff due to having such monstrous player face so you could definitely run Odd Atk Wave on her if you want to and I really wish she came with Odd Attack Wave instead because it’s much more premium than Atk Tactic. For her IVs +Atk is the best boon for her with double lion and +Spd IVis also really nice if you’re gonna be using something like flashing blade, For the perfect Bane -Res IV is the way to go. Overall, Celica is a devastating player phase unit with Double Lion and DB4 She is a one-trick pony and cannot really function in the enemy phase which is also her flaw but she specializes in that player phase role now I know not every unit in the game needs to work in both phases and be a mix phase unit but still it definitely helps but Celica is definitely monstrous in the player phase.

If you get multiple copies of Celica and if you do not want to merge her then you could fodder her off for DB4, it’s a skill you could give to your +10 merged Arena units because it is a 300 SP skill but here are some examples of the users of this skill outside of that. A nuke like Lilina can destroy entire galaxies with that at DB7 she has with her skill and with her refine. Reinhardt of course with his brave tome and Quickened Pulse Moonbow appreciates more damage from DB4 and a brave weapon user like Cherche with her high attack loves it and works really nicely with heavy blade as well. And If you get the Prerequisite skills for Galeforce and DB4 then you could actually inherit both of those skills at the same time from Brave Celica, which is definitely optimal use of her as a fodder and effective weapon users like Alm, Hinoka and Micaiah love the extra attack for destroying their targets it’s also a 300 SP skill and Chill Def, Odd Atk Wave are all skills which can stack up with DB4 and add to the massive power of that unit.

Celica: “Nothing will ever come between us.” For a budget build she can run an assist skill and a sacred seal like a Atk+3, she can activate Galeforce in her first combat and after that she can either go after another target or retreat for healing. Firesweep sword is a deadly weapon in hands of Celica as she can quad attack with Double Lion and her natural doubles and delete units really quickly while DB4 can be run L&D3 gives you valuable speed for quads and doubles so you can definitely run that.

Flashing blade allows her to charge up Galeforce in her first combat if she strikes a unit three times. More premium skills can be run for her Slot C, you could even give her Aether as she’s not gonna get counter attacked so healing up the damage isn’t really the hardest thing with Aether in her second combat with this set and I would definitely prefer this set over the Royal Sword set but if you are running on a budget then you can definitely work out with Royal Sword as well but this set has got a lot of safety with the fire super sword. Celica can also run Armorsmasher+ to destroy +10 Merged Armors in arena, this is the matchup chart of an unmerged neutral IV Celica against +10 Merged armor units and she kills all of them except for Brave Hector so you could imagine with some merges and beneficial IVs like +Atk, how much deadly if she could become and it’s really amazing because of Double Lion. With this particular set you want to get a kill on a +10 Lance armor unit first, charge up your glimmer and then nuke another armor foe.

This set is more for Arena Assault but if you want use her as your main unit for arena, then it can be score optimized with flashing blade and with a speedy build and you can even run Aether on her with merges. Ephraim: “By Garm’s Might!” Ephraim is an axe armor unit this time boasting extremely high attack and good defense, his resistance is pretty decent and he does have the super boon in it which can be really good if you want to run Distant counter on him and it also helps him score more in Arena. His HP is slightly on the lower side for a melee armor unit which makes him susceptible to high HP armor units who run Panic Ploy.

He comes with Garm, an axe with essentially 19 Might. It gives him follow-up attack if he has got a visible buff by a Hone skill or a Rally skill or a movement boosting skill like Armor March or Armored Boots and that condition isn’t really all that hard to activate because he already comes with Armor march and presence of Tactic skills and seals make it much easier. This makes his low speed irrelevant and makes him a fearsome mixed phase armored unit. Draconic aura goes well with his high attack but you could definitely run Ignis (I made a mistake with his Slot B, Ignis is optimal) with a double Close defense set and he can trigger this pretty much in every round in both phases because of Special fighter. He comes with Close Defense which enhances his enemy phase performance and he has already got high defense and decent Res so that’s really good. Special fighter is a new skill which has a breath effect built in for both phases and guard built into it as well it does have an HP threshold condition. This skill is fantastic on Ephraim.

Because of Garm and allows him to nuke enemies with specials while avoiding their specials, he’s the best user of this skill in the game right now because he does not really have a need of running Bold Fighter or Vengeful fighter because of how Garm functions and finally he has got Armor march to activate his Garm condition so that he can double attack in both phases and become a really strong mix phase unit. For his IVs +Atk is the best one but +Res is required for a better Arena scoring and -Spd is best (NOT if you are not using him at +10 Merge for 175 BST Score, for Optimal Arena Score -HP/+Res is best) Overall Ephraim is an absurdly powerful Green Armor with Garm and Special fighter that can double in both phases and even kill red units, he does need some team support for it to get him going but that thing is pretty easy to do.

He also has a lot of competition being a Green Armor unit and I do think that Legendary Hector is better green armor than him because of having the ability to function as a Mixed Phase armor unit while denying follow-ups from enemies thanks to Thunder Armads, being able to deny any follow-ups is definitely a really big thing. If you get multiple copies of Ephraim and if you do not want to merge him then you could follow him off for Special fighter it’s not really a slappable on armor units like Bold Fighter but it’s a good skill on armor units with speed like Valentine Lyn, Winter Robin, tanky low armor units like Sheena could run a Wo Gun+ weapon while also using Distant Counter and also enjoying the breath effect of the skill and the inbuilt guard can help them be really tanky and add to their longevity. Ephraim: “Together we will always stay.” For his budget set you could run double Close Defense and run Ignis (I made a mistake here, Ignis is more optimal with Special Fighter) and if you really like him then Distant counter is highly recommended on him it’s his optimal Slot A skill and Aether with Special fighter can help you restore HP and be in the Special fighter range.

He can also run an Omnibreaker set similar to original Hector and Brave Hector. With this he can prevent doubles and double himself as long as the opponent does not have Axebreaker or an armor unit who is 5 points faster than him and has got Bold Fighter and in those cases he will still get doubled. Now let’s talk about which unit you should consider for your free summon. Obviously if one of these characters is your favorite and you voted for them then yeah you should definitely pick them there is no doubt about that. But keep in mind that these units will appear in future banners multiple times like the previous CYL units did so you could definitely save orbs for them for those future banners if you couldn’t save them right now. Hector is the most powerful unit from this banner and he’s also a Lance armor unit and that category and class isn’t really all that saturated compared to something like green armors and he’s best in that class. Ephraim is really good but as I said the saturation of green armors is present and Legendary Hector is the better unit in my opinion. Celica is also from a saturated class of infantry sword units but she’s extremely powerful player base unit but Ayra and Karla have got more consistency and they can work as mixed phase units.

From thousands of votes I’ve got from Twitter and YouTube from the polls I did and by talking to a lot of people, the general consensus seems to be towards Veronica as a free summon. Veronica is looking like the most popular choice for the free summon for this event. If you saved up many Orbs for Choose your Legends to get a +10 unit then Hector and Ephraim are better free summon choices as they will reduce your cost by getting one free merge pretty much and Hector and Ephraim are fantastic units for +10 merging for arena core because of their high BST and because of the exclusive skills that they have got. If you are a veteran player and you have been playing for a really long time then you might have built up a +10 Blue armor unit like Effie or Gwendolyn and even someone like +10 Sheena, in that case Hector and Ephraim are not really most appealing units to you because you already have a +10 merged unit in that class Veronica is a good choice even for veterans even if you have built a razzle-dazzle Cavalier because there’s no healer in the game that can provide utility that Veronica can’t with her staff.

This makes Veronica a very unique unit from this banner and Veronica has good offenses and targets resistance of foes which is on average lower than defense in the game for units and this adds to her potency as an offensive unit, not to mention she has got the best offensive statline for a healer. Veronica has extremely solid player face with utility this makes it easy for you to trivialize GHBs and BHBs and other in-game content like Chain challenges of course as Veronica will never get counter attacked and she has got a massive range and also works wonders with a dancer because she can give herself that buff and after a dancer, you could just wreak havoc with Veronica. Not only Veronica can trivialize content because of being a razzle dazzle healer from the start but she can work really well with other free-to-play units like Fjorm, L!Ike and Black Knight and provide them with defensive support with Close guard and heal them up and also provide buffs with her staff or Balm skill.

She can also initiate combat safely and trigger AI movement for various maps and this is definitely really helpful this makes her the ideal unit from this banner for clearing content because of her utility, movement, offenses and razzle dazzle. If you have already summoned a Veronica then Hector is the next best choice for your free summon He is extremely powerful Mixed phase armor unit and he already has a really good kit and if you are a new player then Veronica is a go-to choice for you and as mentioned with other Free units she’ll be able to make it easy for you to beat the content in the game as for Celica unless you really like her it’s not really worth as she needs team support for Double Lion and there are so many Fast Red Sword units with similar statline to her but obviously not as absurd as Celica in the player phase.

For new players you already get Legendary Ike and he’s consistent and has self-sustainability because of Radiant Aether. So I’m gonna be picking Veronica as my free summon and whenever I’m gonna be using her in my free to play guides I’m gonna be making sure that I try my best to include a solution that does not include Veronica because I know a lot of people have not picked her and are probably not gonna be picking her because they have their reasons and I can completely understand that if you have someone favorite like Ephraim, you have all of the reasons to choose Ephraim over Veronica but yeah like I said I’m gonna try my best you have an alternate solution if I’m gonna be using Veronica I’m just gonna try my best.

So that is gonna be it for my review I hope you guys enjoyed if you did then please be sure to leave your like and make sure to share this video with your friends or any sort of new players and if you haven’t already then make sure to Subscribe for more Fire Emblem Heroes content and with that being said I’ll see you guys next time, thank you so much for watching and have a great day! .

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