What’s up guys I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back for some more FE heroes and today, I’m gonna be summoning on the 3rd legendary hero summon banner. And this banner has: god, RD Ike so it’s pretty strange that we got RD Ike on a legendary banner. So let’s begin and let’s see what I can get from my free summon So red color looks pretty good actually(It won’t be). This time because we have got Siegbert/Siegroot Radiant Dawn Ike and also Sanaki (The pity breaker) Sanaki in particular does not really have anything for skill inheritance (her TA isn’t worth it) My free summon (and many summons to go) is gonna be Tiki, okay.. It’s not really too bad. She’s got bonfire. I also want to summon a Fae because my current Fae is -attack and I would really like another Fae.

Who’s not – attack and… I would not mind getting Takumi or Fjorm okay – Tikis in a row. What’s up with that? (ha, so much more to go) I guess I’m gonna go with the colorless stone. Also have a – speed Gunnthrá, so once again, I don’t really mind summoning on the green stones as well. So I’ve got something that’s from all color stones and.. So far we thought only original FE heroes characters would be legendary heroes, but apparently not because Ike is one and, (And they’re drooling over him) It does make sense because he did have earth affinity in POR and RD, But he could also have been a fire- oh my god! I’m gonna get CC fodder/Takumi on my first batch! What is this? (It’s a miracle) That’s amazing, so that’s some close counter for me. Okay, let’s check his IVs. This… This is actually looking like neutral attack to me mutual attack neutral speed? This is completely neutral Takumi.

What the hell okay…. (That’s pretty rare..) I got really lucky. Okay, I’m gonna go with the green stone and see what I can get okay, so I’m gonna get a Gunter/old bones. So I gotta a five star on my first batch, that has not happened in a really long time actually…(I feel you man) Okay, um one redstone. Ike could also have been a fire hero because he’s literally known as hero of the blue flames (check super smash bros) He’s our legendary hero. And because Gunnthrá is green color and Fjorm is blue color, Ike is red. I guess the fire hero is gonna be Colorless? I don’t know it does not make sense, but it is what it is (Hm…torch healer?) I’m actually gonna be going with the blue stones, because I do want to summon Fjorm for merges.

It’s just gonna be Robin (Summer doesn’t come at Winter folks) Let’s see if I can get Fjorm It’s just gonna be a three star it’s gonna be Donnel. So RD Ike is pretty much like a better version of POR Ike we have got in this game, similar to how Zelgius is a better version of Black Knight (and how they powercreep themselves) So it’s pretty similar to that, but honestly I like path of Radiance Ike much more than RD Ike character-wise, but in this game obviously, RD Ike is a much better version even the Bike, which we have got, is from POR, not from RD. Ok so finally I’ve got a smoke it is gonna be Azura. Oh my god! (yes a feast for the eyes) I also have a – attack Performing Arts Azura so this is pretty good for me (it’s not) Yes, I’m gonna get her please do not be – attack 🙁 let’s check her IVs This is oh my god 🙁 another – attack of zero this is – attack and + res Okay, I guess I’m still gonna be merging her.

Yeah, okay, I’m actually pretty lucky this time around I think. Usually I don’t really get lucky on these legendary hero banners. I get thrashed. (I understand you bro) Okay, one redstone. What’s up with that? Give me more red stones! (Wow, just like that Myrrh session!) I would definitely not mind getting another Siegbert/Siegroot because he has got attack tactic. Longneck Sophia… Who recently got a lot of competition from Lyon I Actually got Azura. Wow that’s strange. I got Takumi and Azura so far, and I haven’t really spent too many orbs.

It is gonna be an Est So I usually just send her home like she does not have anything (cheap Hinoka) It’s also pretty weird how we have got performing arts Azura instead of an Nohrian summer unit because the only nohrian summer unit we have got is Xander, and we do have 2 Awakening summer units: and Robin and Frederick. Okay, so I’m gonna get out in I think I’m just gonna try to get the red stones first all right. This is amazing (but unsatisfying) 4 red stones is fantastic (and deceiving), so I guess warding/stinking breath Which is pretty much a counterpart to steady breath. So gives you plus five res (actually 4).. I’m actually gonna be something Soleil which is amazing because she’s got drive res and Firesweep sword. I’m hoping that I can summon Sothe because he has appear as a 4 star unit now, And he has life and death three, so he’s definitely on my wishlist to get. I’m gonna get a Lonqu/vantage fodder. Marisa is actually pretty similar to Lon’qu in terms of HP and attack.

Lon’qu does have better speed Another adult Tiki….(troll dragon) All right, let’s see if we can get Ike before I get a Marth, but I cannot get a five star Marth actually on this banner, so that’s good. It is gonna be a Raigh (come back when you’re as good as your mom…) apparently Raigh is a Top ten unit that people have tapped on their home screen. I think that that’s because He’s a free unit and a lot of like New players Tap on him to see his dialogue and stuff because I really don’t know anyone who uses Raigh (me either) So I’m gonna get Shanna, which is absolutely fantastic. I actually wanted her because I do need desperation. So she’s actually one of the better Four-star units that you can invest into because of her boosted BST and she’s actually pretty strong. Okay, I’m just gonna get a three-star Hinata, okay, that’s not too bad Now I do want Fjorm and other units, but I think I’m just gonna be focusing on the red stones right now um my pity rate is So let’s see if I can get Ike.

I’m not really being lucky with red stones, I guess (Tiki the troll) This is gonna be a three star please be not our Selena… that is gonna be Longqu All right, I’m gonna go with the blue stone, Can also summon brave Lucina from here as, a brave unit this time. I’m gonna get Abel. He’s got sword breaker 3 which is quite useful. Because we see a lot of Mia Ayras, and Selgius. and tier 20 arena, so it’s pretty useful Alright, I’m only getting one redstone on my batches Only that one time I got like 4 at stones it is gonna be Selena… Which is what I wanted because I’m running low on reposition fodder So she’s got reposition and that’s pretty good. I think I’ll go with the green stone See if I can get Gunnthra, another one. Because that would be pretty nice summer Xander is also pretty good with us infantry pulse, And he also has a fire boost.

Which is a pretty rare skill actually. Because only Luke has got that. Along with Xander alright at least I get two red stones. Come on, Ike…. Best-case scenario for any player would be just get Ike on his free summon. That would honestly be so amazing. (but quite unlikely) So I’m gonna get another Selena I wonder if he can get a sacred stone Selena any time soon but I think it’s gonna be like a few months until we get new sacred stone banner because we Got a lot of sacred stone units as of late, another Soleil actually Drive res just score pretty well in arena And it’s a decent support skill especially if you combine that with the new drive defense sacred seal. I’m not really trying to spend like all of my orbs on this banner to get Ike Because I would certainly like to spend some on the hero fest which comes out tomorrow, So I’m gonna get Chrom in like one week.

He’s gonna be having his Falcon refinement. I’m actually pretty curious to see what he gets on his Falchion refine Him and Lucina will be sharing the same refine. It’s probably gonna be something like exalted falchion. And they might have something like rightful king built into it. Okay, I’m gonna get another Tiki I’m gonna stop actually. Two red stones if I could get Ike, that would be fantastic Okay this this is my chance I could get in..

I’m getting so many Tikis in this like summoning session (are you secretly Mar-mar?_ I’m pretty sure I’ve got like five of them so far even more than that I think I Did recently build up a key for my dragon emblem team because I do think Tiki is bulk and my young Tiki is like – attack so that’s why I just built up my adult Tiki. once again um okay. I have to choose from one of these stones. No red stones this time.. No red stones this time.. Please do not be a five-star If she gets something like lightening breath refine where she could target defense or resistance depending on whatever is lower on the enemy.

That would be pretty nice actually. defense or resistance depending on whatever is lower on the enemy. That would be pretty nice actually. Oh my god another Tiki (Troll Tiki) What’s up with that (Naga loves you!) This is like the sixth or the seventh Tiki.. This is like the sixth or the seventh Tiki.. guess Tiki really wants a leathery hero Marth (Or she thinks you’re Marth) I’m gonna get Eliwood I almost thought I got Ike right there, but I got Eliwood Okay, let’s stop Marth could actually be a legend here. Oh, he does have the potential, pretty much the face of Fire Emblem. (Go Marth!) Okay, let’s stop Marth could actually be a legend here. Oh, he does have the potential, pretty much the face of Fire Emblem. (Go Marth!) Another Tiki? What’s going on? (bonfire fodder!) My god, I could make like a plus 10 merged Tiki alone with this like summoning session if This goes on… It’s so weird sometimes you can summon like the same unit multiple times.

(I feel you) Okay, this is literally the same as my last batch and Eliwood and Tiki (your luck is legendary) Okay, this is literally the same as my last batch and Eliwood and Tiki (your luck is legendary) I’m not really getting any kind of luck….three red stones. Okay, this could be Ike come on, Ike show up… Look it’s gonna be Drau.g I wonder what units will get fierce breath like attack variant of Seliph and Warding breath Probably Ike because it seems like only Ike can breathe he has steady breath, and he has dewatering breath. And it is gonna be Athena She’s got moonbow and wodao plus Well, that happens at five star rarity. But it’s pretty good because what it was quite useful for a lot of the builds it can also be refined But it’s pretty good because what it was quite useful for a lot of the builds it can also be refined So Athena is pretty valuable as if we’re sir unit in my opinion And For some like niche bills you can all see you sturdy blow it is gonna be so naughty who’s gonna be breaking my parody percent for I Please at least be plus attack Come on Sanaki…(should have put Mia on there) Come on Sanaki…(should have put Mia on there) It is gonna be – defense + res okay, that’s good.

She reaches 37 RS. fantastic actually ah… Okay, no, I guess for me in this batch But who knows I might get lucky on the next batch and just get Ike..(naw) So I’m gonna see what I get from this pay rate apparently only three star Serra and Since we’ve got a sacred stones banner recently, Maybe you might get some kind of blazing sword banner another GBA game and blazing sword is actually the third most popular game according to the chooser legends poll after awakening and fates and Earth would be pretty amazing so Serra.

I could definitely know him so down goes my 10% pity rate Earth would be pretty amazing so Serra. I could definitely know him so down goes my 10% pity rate Forsen Aki so that can definitely happen on these Larry banners It is definitely a really really big gamble because your hero also shares the color with two other heroes, so we just summon them instead It is gonna be Marth. I guess alright Okay, Roy is good because he has got triangle adept. I don’t know when Roy. He’s gonna be getting his binding blade upgrade Probably with like another binding blade banner who knows I’m gonna stop. I really want I At this point I’m getting a bit desperate Hopefully Sun Aki does not break my pity rate this time Another Hinata, okay? That’s good at least I can summon her not us which is quite good and recently people got made free Hinata So it’s pretty good for the people who cannot really summon Hinata for fury Now that’s when we start it’s gonna be tikki yep.

I’m definitely making a plus 10t key with this if so many tikkis Okay One redstone Come on, Ike I’ve got some hockey from reading dawn now if you could show up. That would be fantastic There’s gonna be a third jet it’s actually been a really long time since I’ve summoned a Carta she’s got darting blow and vengeance and She’s the only unit who’s got vengeance that he can fought her off narsing. Also has that but he’s a grand hero battle unit And we are also gonna be getting a lot of grand jury battles in light rotation as daily Maps I think that that should have been the thing from the start if having ranted about us rotate Every day Because I think rands your battles are some of the most challenging Maps, which this game has to offer so it should definitely be something permanent and It should not be something that returns in like a lot of months Okay, there’s the smoke this is my chance that is gonna be another ha K3 nadas in this something session, which is actually pretty good? Okay, I’m basically 200 dogs down at this point for Pike We star Okay Donal Actually wanted you to live it Donald that I can use in my free to play guides so Hopefully this one is neutral IVs Because accidentally I did send the neutral IV Donald home Happy started the game, and I definitely regret that actually Having neutral IVs for the free to play guides is pretty good because people can have that and the a.m.

Movement will not really change that much. I’m gonna get Pina once again If I could get Ike and still have hundred orbs left that would honestly be amazing It could have made Okay, another Athena. What’s up with that? She’s got an accent. I’ve got an accent, so I guess we do have some sort of chemistry, but I Don’t want these many Athena’s 9% all right only one redstone I Would just like one Ike, I don’t even want like a lot of them another ticket. Oh my god. I Guess ticky really wants they let you hear a Marth Okay No tikis please just give me, Ike, and I’ll leave Almost like 20 minutes into the video can we get Ike that is gonna be LAN ku Warding breath is actually pretty good on falchion users so that they can beat out dragons I’m in general is pretty good for mage tanks, but only infantry and armored demons can inherit it.

Just like steady breath I’m gonna be getting Scylla Still 9% To red stones ok this should put me at If I do not summon, Ike It’s gonna be Henry he’s got green tone breaker and It’s pretty strange. How we only have female Robin who’s got blue Tom breaker previously narsing Holland’s burger 3 But then we got Oscar so fully they can release some kind of unit with blue tone breaker and demote them to four-star Okay power Um yeah nine point five Three red sounds please I show up I’ve got a lot of saurons I’m pretty sure you would like that, but it’s gonna be Lazlo. Why did Lazlo show up when I said about Sauron Okay, maybe I guess in one of these I’m pretty happy that Xander’s crying – your batteries returning, but I don’t know where Camus is grand to your battle vent I guess they were gonna be releasing him as Zeke or Syrus hidin now Pretty but it’s pretty strange.

How they left out Camus is grand to your battle and that Fae channel lifestream Okay teehee Mike Tom Come on Okay, so it’s pretty much like 250 orbs now and not God I Guess I’ll not someone on the other stones, it’s really risky 10% pity rate, oh my god, no, red stones. Are you kidding me? Guess I’ll go with the green stone Please do not give me a five star unit I see that smoke. Do not plot another pity breaker. Okay, it’s gonna be Raven (Thank god) That’s okay… That was a close call. I always feel so nervous when I do not get the stone I want, and my pity rate is high. I’m pretty sure that’s the thing with a lot of people. You should now be forced to select a stone just to leave… When I get Stahl… 10…can I get Ike on the 10? (Yes!) All right, three red stones. This is the chance to get Ike. Please…..*sighs in despair* Raigh… All right No Sanaki or Siegbert, please.. Yes, I’m gonna get Ike finally he yes!! The 10% pity rate finally paid off, I got, Ike yes an earth blessing. Solid okay, this looks like a – speed Ike to me No, this is not – speed This is plus defense – HP.

That’s are actually not really too bad. That’s amazing so he’s got radiant aether which is not inheritable (aw) It’s basically like four turn aether Nothing really too special and He’s got warding/stinky breath Which is pretty sick, but he does not really have a very high res even with this. He reaches 25 res and with distant defense sacred seal he can reach 31. He’s got seal attack defense (like Seth) But why? Could you (IS) not have given him something like quick riposte or Vantage or anything like that and he’s got a defense tactic So I finally got Ike, and he gives a +2 attack and +3 HP Ok finally the wait is over Okay, I’m not gonna be leaving this something session because I’ve got ten percent pity rate so might as well use it to see what I can get.

Okay, I’m gonna get a Raigh… I’ve only got four Five star yen, so far, but this could definitely change if I get another one right here. Please give me Faye Okay, there’s the smoke It’s gonna be Saizo we recently got Saizo as a free to play unit actually and We even got poison strike as a secret seal okay, can I get Gunnthrá? Yes, there’s the smoke this could be a five star to end out the summoning session (it’s not) Never mind, it’s gonna be Gunther/HC fodder okay, so at least I got Ike. I’m happy with that at least I got him at the end. Damn, it definitely took a long time. It took me like 278 orbs to get Ike, so definitely let me know in the comment section down below about your summons (Bye-bye Ike) And you can even tweet them at me if you want, and if you enjoyed them Please be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already then make sure to subscribe for more FE heroes content Which I’m gonna be uploading in the future, and I’m definitely gonna be I’m working on an arena showcase for Ike.

I think so. Yeah, well that being said I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day. 🙂 Greetings everyone, this is Mela Lee the voice of Tiki, and you’re watching PhoenixMaster1, (no wonder he got so many Tikis) and you can join me and several other Fire Emblem voice actors on the unlocked app by clicking the link in the description, where we’ll be chatting exclusively with Fire Emblem fans. Oh I… wonder if mama will be there. (CYL Naga) .

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