What’s up guys, I’m Phoenixmaster1 and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes! Today i’m gonna be summoning on the Legendary Ryoma Banner And before I begin, I just want to let you guys know that once again I’m doing a new Fire Emblem Heroes giveaway in which I’m giving away a $25 Google Play or an iTunes gift card And I also want to congratulate the winner of the previous giveaway So if you want to participate in this giveaway, you can check the link in the description and let us begin So I really want to get Ryoma of course and also some Fjorm merges and Fjorm is definitely a unit Which I have who has got a lot of merges and I eventually want to have her with +10 merge.

Hopefully I can summon Some Fjorms I was not actually aiming for +10ing a Fjorm, but… While trying to get Bride Charlotte from the second Legendary Hero Banner I got a lot of Fjorms, and then I thought I should just do that So I’m gonna get a Mae from my free summon and then I’m gonna get a Nowi Nowi’s Dragon Tribe is not really known, a lot of people speculate that she’s a Divine Dragon because of her Awakening model. …so recently Tiki got a new Breath announced So a lot of people were saying that because it’s a Mist Breath That Divine Dragons could use in FE3, Nowi could also get that. But like I said, we do not know her Dragon Tribe. Ryoma is definitely one of the more powerful Legendary Heroes. I do think that him and Legendary Ike are the best Legendary Heroes we have got Legendary Ryoma is much better in the Player Phase actually with something like Firesweep Sword and Fliers cannot inherit Wrath so he does welcome Bushido for a Firesweep set.

Definitely helps him finish off units, but as a Distant Counter unit he’s not really all that bad, he does have decent Defense I guess and he’s extremely fast so he’s not gonna get doubled, and that adds to his bulk. All right two more stones… I really like Ryoma actually, if you guys remember my summoning video for the first Hero Fest banner, I summoned like four Ryomas in 250 orbs So I’m hoping that I can have some of that Ryoma luck here on this banner. I really do like Ryoma and for the longest time he was my summoner supported unit But as I tried to focus on my Arena team I just removed him as a summoner support because at that time he was my most merged red unit But then I invested into Marth.

I want nothing to do with these colorless stones actually This banner is definitely a bit underwhelming compared to the last Legendary Hero banner. But still I wanted to summon on this because I want to get Ryoma and of course, Fjorm merges. Fjorm returns back at the end of August, I think… Yeah, that’s gonna be a lot of time. So this is my chance of getting Fjorm merges. I’m gonna get Oscar I’m so happy. He cannot pity break me He has pity broken me so many times Honestly as a three star unit, he’s pretty good Okay, come on… I wouldn’t mind getting Hardin as well because Bold Fighter is such a broken skill. I’m gonna get L’Arachel, Okay. I was really hoping they would feature Eldigan over Sigurd because Sigurd has been on a Legendary banner, before… so I was really hoping. But hopefully Eldigan can get his chance someday Because he has not been on a banner for a really long time Okay Donnel… I’ll go with the Green Stone as well If I get a +Atk Gunnthrá, that would be pretty nice Because I do enjoy using Gunnthrá quite a lot if you guys have seen my Arena Showcases Okay, it’s gonna be Arthur.

The one I’ve got right now is a -Spd Gunnthrá. I think.. actually i’ll exit, i’m not gonna summon on the colorless stone, Okay, 9% Pretty much 50 orbs gone the last Legendary Hero banner was a disaster for me, the one which had Lyn. Got like two five-star units on 300 orbs and I’m gonna get Shanna. Alright, I really need Shanna! for some reason I cannot summon Shanna and Subakis.

I do have plenty of other units from the blue stones for fodder. It’s gonna be Clair, I have a lot of Clairs actually… And… a lot of Catrias Getting Cecilia …stop. Cecilia Some time ago used to be like the best go-to Green Hero for a Horse Emblem team, but now she has got so much competition, from Valentine’s Lilina. Olwen from the World of Thracia banner. Gunnthrá, of course. I am gonna be investing into Bartre soon actually Because he can be a really good unit for Arena Assault for destroying those Wary Fighter Effies and Hardins No five stars so far yeah the normal banners definitely go much better for me.

I don’t really have the greatest luck on the Legendary banners I don’t think a lot of people do… I’m gonna get Ryoma! Yes! I am gonna get him! Please be good IVs I want to make a Matt Mercer team and I’m gonna get a Water Blessing, of course because he’s a lobster I guess Let’s check his IVs Please please… He is +Atk! Oh my God! I am definitely giving him Firesweep Sword. I’m definitely gonna be doing that. I’m gonna be putting him on my Flier Emblem team. Because he’s actually much better than Elincia. He’s got the same base Atk as Elincia and he’s got much more Spd. Of course, he lacks Amiti, but still he can rock a really good Firesweep Sword set, And I guess an inferior Brave Sword set. So he’s got Kestrel Stance, Bushido, Guidance. Oh my god… Yes! Perfect IVs, +Atk, and uh…. -Resistance. Yeah, that’s actually really good Amazing alright, so my finals actually over so I’m gonna be getting a lot of time for making Arena Showcases that I’ve got long overdue, Like the Ares Showcase, the Matt Mercer– Oh my God! Speaking of Matt Mercer! I’m gonna get Chrom! Winter Chrom! Amazing, Ok.

I do have him already From the Christmas banner. I got so many Christmas Lissa’s while trying to get him actually Ummm He is… +Defense -Resistance. Pretty good IVs He also has Sack o’ Gifts, Which is the main thing people are gonna be foddering him off for because Ares has got Brazen Atk/Def at four stars Really happy with this! +Atk Ryoma, now I do not summon a lot of five star units from the Legendary banners usually, but I do seem to get pretty good IVs for Legendary Heroes which I guess is pretty nice, and I’m gonna get Lukas Super Happy with Ryoma.

I am a bit disappointed by his outfit. Actually, they could have definitely given him King Sumeragi’s clothes He would have looked so awesome in that black and gold clothing He would have looked amazing The-I think they could have even given him something like Hagakure Blade like you do not have to give him Raijinto everytime, Hagakure Blade could have been some kind of Player Phase sword because honestly, Like I said, this Ryoma shines a lot in the Player Phase. He is pretty decent in the Enemy Phase, not gonna lie, but still His optimal sets are in the Player Phase, ditching Raijinto and using Bushido and his amazing speed Okay, still gonna be summoning on the Red Stones because I do have a -Atk Young Tiki. Umm… I’m hoping that I can summon one who’s not -Atk because she could come into play For some kind of Theme Battle in the future, who knows? And I’m gonna get Arthur Okay time to go after Fjorm merges, but of course I do not want to accidentally snipe, and lose a lot of orbs. Still want to summon on the Red Stones, okay two Blues, that’s amazing.

Man this summoning feels so relaxed after that hell of a Legendary Hero Battle, which I just recorded, that Legendary Hero Battle is just so hard which does makes sense because it is from Conquest and Takumi’s Grand Hero Battle was also really hard. Think they’re gonna be giving a a Legendary Hero from every game like they have not repeated any kind of game when it comes to Legendary Hero– And i’m gonna get Fjorm! Yes! That is one Fjorm merge! Excellent! Gonna check your IVs. I already have perfect IVs for her actually And +Atk -HP which is something I prefer, Because she cannot really compromise with her other stats. This is +Def -Spd. Okay, never mind Really good that I got Fjorm. Because Fjorm is honestly such a good unit and she does appear in Arena Rotation as a bonus unit quite a lot. So that’s useful. A lot of people were thinking that we would get Corrin as a Legendary Hero but his big brother took the precedence Ryoma honestly deserved an alt but they could have done some justice to his clothing Tried to make him a bit different but he is pretty interesting as a unit Amazing flying unit And i’ll get Marth.

Yeah Marth’s also a Legendary Hero that they could make from Archanea games from Shadow Dragon. Gunnthrá, can you show up? I wouldn’t mind getting Hone Fliers as well from Azura, but Hone Fliers is such a rare skill that I definitely appreciate that. I still do have, my extra Hardins from the Fallen banner I’ve not really invested any kind of unit with Bold Fighter as of yet. I was thinking of Hector, but then I stopped. Umm.. Might actually do with Jakob, Halloween Jakob! But the thing is that I do not really have +Atk IV Halloween Jakob But still he’s just so broken even with non +Atk IV. He’s insane This Ryoma is basically a better version of the infantry Ryoma His mobility is fantastic and his stats spread is also superior Okay Come on…! I definitely think they could make Marth as a Legendary Hero, next month, because of the…

Archanea refines we’re getting for Young Tiki, Merric and Linde. But… that probably does not mean much We did get refines for Camilla and Corrin and we got a Legendary Hero from Fates, so who knows? Legendary Seliph, Legendary Alm and uhhh– Okay I’m gonna get New Year’s Azura! That’s good. Let’s check our IVs. I think the one I’ve got is like.. -, no she’s +Atk – HP I think..? I do not remember..

Ok, so this is +Def- no, This is +Resistance -HP That’s decent. Probably gonna be using her for Hone Fliers, her weapon is also something you could use for, You could stack up Drive Res Slot-C Skill and Drive Def… Sacred Seal. Okay, should I… go for the Colorless Stones? Probably not… Actually, I’ll try my luck with the Colorless Stones. Who knows if I could get like two more Legendary Heroes. So this Legendary banner is definitely looking much better than my previous Legendary banner, which is definitely reassuring I’m gonna get Innes! Okay.

Good thing I decided to summon on this Colorless Stone. For a very long time he avoided me actually, but I finally got him on the first Legendary banner. Okay! -Spd IV, okay. I guess I’m just gonna be making him for Cancel Affinity fodder. + IV is Defense. +Def -Spd. They really need to refine Nidhogg and Tana’s Vidofnir actually. Those two weapons definitely need some kind of refine even Valter, I guess they could throw that in Okay, it’s gonna be a five star? It is gonna be Lissa. Hoping for more Fjorm merges, as I say that I’m gonna get three Red Stones, still Young Tiki is definitely something I want and I’m gonna get Seliph. I really like how they gave refine to Merric and Linde, even though they do have Dark Excalibur and Dark Aura. As they are side grade. So it’s definitely interesting, they could definitely do that for Seliph as well I guess I’m gonna get Sophia. Okay, the next Legendary banner is gonna be having Winter Tharja and Winter Lissa, so Vengeful Fighter and Bold Fighter.

It might even have Fallen Grima/Fallen Robin He could be another Vengeful Fighter unit They could even put Myrrh actually on that banner Depends but the next Legendary Hero banner is actually gonna be having a new Green Legendary Hero It’s probably gonna be a Fire Legendary Hero, I think. I’m gonna get a four star Shigure. Harmonic Lance, pretty useful. Hey, can I get Tiki? Tiki’s Mist Breath or actually Breath of Fog in this game, is gonna be interesting if they give her the dragon-effectiveness like FE3. Because that’s gonna give them a lot of edge against other dragons Speaking of Tiki, I’m gonna get her. Okay, I seem to be always getting like 2 Colorless Stones.

Yeah, Blue Stones. This is exactly what I want. Come on Fjorm, please show up. It’s gonna be a three star, please be Subaki! It’s gonna be Gwendolyn. Yeah, Gwendolyn and Sophia I guess are the units that people debate a lot as being the worst Fire Emblem units. I definitely think Sophia’s like much worse from my experience at least Because her bases absolutely suck in Binding Blade.

That’s a game I really want to see a remake off because they could add some personality to Roy Imagine with voice acting, like the cutscenes with Zephiel, oh my god, that would have been so nice. And the cutscene where Zephiel nukes Cecilia! Absolutely crushes her! That’s definitely a game whose remake I want and then FE4, but I’m afraid they might just censor a lot of things from FE4. Because it’s such a dark game probably not fit for Nintendo in this day and age, but I guess they did release Bayonetta for Switch I guess that FE4 is not really all that bad compared to Bayonetta Bayonetta has a lot of visuals going on for it. 3 Red Stones. Can I get Young Tiki? Legendary Ike is gonna be returning back the next Legendary banner.

I’m gonna get Roy, It’s so weird that next month we will have a Green Legendary Hero and it might be a Fire Affinity Hero. Green color with a Fire Legendary Hero. It… It would be weird if it was Roy. Because Binding Blade has not got any kind of banner since the release Even Thracia’s has got a banner and Thracia’s like the worst selling game, and Roy is so popular as a Lord compared to Leif or really anyone from Thracia outside of Reinhardt now, I guess 9% Okay, definitely want to have like at least two more Fjorms. I would be happy with that Wouldn’t mind getting Hardin as wel– And I’m gonna get Hardin! His theme is just awesome! I have to play that.

*Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem – Dark Emperor Hardin plays* Okay, I’m gonna get him, Actually let’s check his IVs! Please be +Atk! It’s not +Atk I think… This is.. -Spd, that’s fantastic. -Spd +HP. That’s amazing, he does have Bold Fighter, of course that I can make use of. All right, let’s see if I can get Fjorm. With Hardin! Blue is actually the best color on this banner followed by Green and Colorless I guess is the weakest one Red is still pretty decent actually. Um, but it does have Young Tiki who does not have anything for fodder Like she has absolutely nothing Armored Blow, Breath of Life and Flametongue. Flametongue I guess is useful for the people who have got low attack dragons But still it’s not the best breath does not have a lot of utility and Let’s go with the Green Stone, I’ll actually summon on the Colorless Stone Because just like the previous time, who knows I might get some kind of five star unit And is it gonna be…

A Hawkeye. Next month, I guess we could get some kind of Axe unit. I’m gonna get Wrys, okay. Umm.. Got Hardin! Bold Fighter, pretty good and he does have really good Bane which is Spd. All right, 2 Blue Stones and 3 Red Stones, pretty perfect. The colors which I really want on this banner Corrin I guess is the only Lord who does not have a preferred weapon She could have some kind of preferred breath Sometime in the future That’s a Player Phase-oriented because she would really like that but honestly Dark Breath is still really good for a unit like her. and I’m gonna get Effie. I’m actually looking for a Neutral IV Effie that I could use for my Guides, like the Armor Quest Guides. Which pop up every now and then for the re-runs. I’m gonna get Eirika. Eirika is definitely something I see a lot in Arena, a lot of people have merged her to +10 rarity. Because she’s such a good support unit But I honestly prefer Marth over her He’s also a pretty good support unit and his buffs are Spur buffs and he can also check dragons, which is definitely a bonus Okay, got Sophia.

Let’s see if I can get an actual dragon instead of a half-dragon. Okay, it’s gonna be Eliwood. Okay, he just heard “Dragon” and he just got summoned. Calm down Eliwood! We do not have Ninian here. Okay Yeah, Eliwood and Ninian is also a Arena Showcase, which I have to do. So many showcases I have to do… Hopefully after this I can work on that. I also have to work on the Bridal Banner review. Which is probably gonna be happening this week. I’m gonna get Florina. I want it to be Tiki! It’s gonna be Olivia. This banner is actually pretty good for me. Definitely grateful to this banner and +Atk Ryoma! Oh my god! He’s gonna have 37-39 offenses! That’s insane! and if you give him the Flier buffs, he’s gonna head like a truck! and I’m gonna get Chrom. Okay 2 Green Stones… I’m still gonna be something on them just to increase my pity rate and if I get someone like Winter Chrom, and Azura then it’s a bonus for me.

And of course, I’m looking for a +Atk Gunnthrá, but she’s not like my main priority I could definitely live without her. But she would be nice to have for my Horse Emblem team. Because she’s such a fun unit to use I’m gonna get Hawkeye He does have Death Blow 2, so pretty good for the people who cannot just summon Klein. and a lot of people cannot because we’ve got so many Useless colorless units in there. So getting Klein is definitely hard.

I myself have someone like only two Sothes so far, ever since he got demoted in January. Clarine is here. Would be so happy if they could release Pent and Louise. They could of actually put that as a theme for the Valentine banner instead of just having Brides. They could have done some kind of ‘Couple’ banner. Like maybe two couples from different games; Louise and Pent and Mae and Boey. and I’m gonna get Lilina. I would actually use Valentine’s Lilina on my team. But I do like Olwen a lot as a character So that’s why right now I’m using her as my Green Mage on my Horse Emblem.

I’m gonna get Camilla. I actually, married my Ryoma to Camilla in my Revelation files. They’ve got really funny supports. I definitely like to ship Ryoma and Camilla, but of course Scarlet is watching from afar. This Camilla… Only few orbs left Really hoping I could get at least 1 Fjorm More. At least 1 and at most like 2. It is gonna be Tailtiu. Really really good unit actually to invest into, if you just do not have any kind of good Blue Mage. But if you have something like Ishtar, Linde or Delthea, or even Lute, then Tailtiu I guess, It’s not really all that good compared to those mages who have got really strong preferred weapons I’m gonna get Jagen. I’m actually thinking of making an Arena Showcase with Bride… Caeda. Groom Marth, Jagen and Ogma, like they’ve got their…

Retainers Okay, I’m gonna get Reinhardt, please be +Atk -Spd! I actually do not remember IVs of a three-star Reinhardt because this is my first three-star Reinhardt, so this is okay This is a completely neutral IV Reinhardt! Absolutely fantastic! I’m gonna be upgrading this Reinhardt actually for my Guides because I do not use non free-to-play units that much but sometimes like this Ryoma’s Legendary Hero Battle was so insane! Reinhardt just destroys that map. Okay, definitely gonna be favoriting him. *Reinhardt: Come now, no more of that.* This is a completely neutral IV Reinhardt, that’s absolutely amazing! I’m happy with that because so many people have got Reinhardt and I’ve actually completed like 90% of the Chain Challenges with Reinhardt and a Dancer.

Really long time back When they originally came out because Reinhardt was like the, one of these strongest units you could have at that time in like September You, of course had Brave Lyn. And… can I get Young Tiki? It is gonna be Hana. Alright, Yeah, they could have definitely put Hagakure Blade actually as a weapon for Ryoma. Okay, so I’ve got 10% Let’s see 2 summons, 2 Blue Stones? Okay, 1 Blue Stone, fair enough. I’ll just summon on this Blue Stone and 1 Red Stone. Then I guess I’ll end my summoning session. So I was able to get a Fjorm, a +Atk Ryoma. A neutral IV Reinhardt, which is a good– Okay, I’m gonna have Fjorm! Amazing. Okay 1 Fjorm to end this session on! Okay, so I’ll go with the Red Stone. Which one is gonna be having a five star unit?! Let’s see. Probably this one. Young Tiki. are you there? This Legendary banner has been like the best Legendary banner for me. I’m really happy with this summoning session It’s gonna be Corrin, okay. Amazing banner! So definitely Let me know about your summons in the comment section down below and if you’re saving for the next lettering banner or not And if you guys enjoyed then please be sure to leave your like and definitely enter in the giveaway It’s in the description.

And with that being said I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day .

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