Hey everyone! welcome to my video so this is a new series of videos i’ll be doing every two weeks where i’ll take arena bonus heroes that are easy to get, either from events or from the 3 or 4 stars summoning pool and i’ll present a budget build for them i’ll assume they are at 5 stars tho for this season i’ll be doing 5 heroes: Canas from the Tempest Trial, Linus and Navarre from grand hero battles, Camilla from the 3 and 4 stars summoning pool, and the starter Sharena. So canas is an infantry red tome user he comes with Rauorowl+, Reciprocal aid, HP/Resistance and Resistance Tactic his best stat is his resistance, his attack is ok, and his speed and defense are not great so i’ll build him as a magical tank we’ll keep his tome, give him reposition or draw back for his Assist skill for the special, both iceberg and glacies are fine Fury is the best budget option for his A slot. as the drawback is not relevant in Arena for the B slot, quick riposte 2 from Subaki is the best option.

As quick riposte 3 is only available at 5 stars vantage is also a decent if you need a higher arena score for the C slot you can keep resistance tactic if you are playing him in a mixed team. if not, any other buff works. a defense one would be best for Canas as he won’t be taking many physical hits for the Seal, distant defense will boost his resistance even further. Fortress resistance can also work, but won’t be as strong with Fury and distant defense Canas reaches 42 resistance on enemy phase. which can be boosted even further by his weapon’s effect and ally buffs he’ll be able to tank red and green mages, and even some blue ones. but his damage won’t be too high so he’ll work better in a team with other damage dealers. his special procs will be very strong tho.

Linus is an infantry axe user he comes with the legendary weapon Basilikos, which can be refined to get the life and death effect his special is Luna, his A skill is Brazen attack/speed, and his C skill is Drive defense Linus’ attack stat is very high, his defense and speed are ok, and his resistance is pretty low the build i’ll give him is as a glass canon you’ll want to keep all his default skills, refining his weapon with the life and death effect for the assist slot you’ll want reciprical aid Desperation for the B slot, and Brash assault for his Seal slot the idea of the build is to use Reciprocal aid to heal another ally, while getting Linus under 50% HP this means his A skill, B skill, and seal will all be active allowing him to double every melee unit in the game, and making both attacks before taking a hit and his 65 attack points means almost every unit in the game will die from those hits his defensive stats will be pretty low tho, so you need to keep him out of harm’s way Navarre is an infantry sword user he comes with Killing edge, which can be refined into slaying edge his special is blazing wind, his B skill is desperation, and his c skill is threaten speed Navarre’s only good stat is speed, with every other stat being pretty mediocre Navarre needs to rely a lot on his special to deal damage for this build you’ll want to give him slaying edge with the speed refinement reposition for the assist slot, Moonbow or Luna for the special slot Fury for the A slot, vantage for the B slot, and threaten defense or any buff for the C slot moonbow will trigger every combat if attacked on enemy phase.

Luna is stronger, but means you’ll need to double your opponent to trigger it reliably navarre’s damage won’t be great, but with some buffs from his allies he can still work he’s the weakest bonus unit of the season Camilla is a flying axe user, and one of my favorite heroes if you want to see some more invested builds for her, you can watch this other video i made, tho it’s from before she got her legendary weapon her legendary weapon is camilla’s axe, which gives her extra attack and speed when close to a cavalry or flier ally and it’s special refinements gives her a goad effect for cavalry and flier heroes. so you’ll want to use Camilla in a flier team, or in a mixed team with those movement types Camilla’s stats are not great, but she works well as a sort of mixed tank you’ll want reposition for the assist skill, and luna as the special for the A slot you can run triangle adept to focus on tanking and killing blue units, or fury for a more balanced tank for the B slot, vantage is a good option.

Or you can give her renewal for longer fights for the C slot any buff is fine. and for the seal slot, Quick riposte is the best one you can give her. as Camilla’s speed is not good enough to double most units. alternatively, you can give her quick riposte 2 in the B slot, which allows her to run close defense in the Seal slot. making camilla an even better mixed tank. Sharena is an infantry lance user her legendary weapon is Fensalir, with the threaten attack effect she comes with rally attack in her assist slot, speed +3 in her A slot, and Fortify defense in her C slot she has no great stats, and her resistance is pretty low Sharena is better played as a support unit, buffing your allies and debuffing your enemies you can give her a double rally in her assist slot, moonbow for the special fury is the best one for the A slot, a swordbreaker or lancebreaker for the B slot, and a fortify or hone buff for the C slot. or you can give her a tactic buff if you are using her in a mixed team if you give her another buffing skill as a seal, Sharena can buff all 4 stats for one ally or you can give her drive or spur skills or in a mixed team, something like this grants +18 extra stats to one ally, and +12 to the rest so those are our builds for this arena season most of these heroes can be a lot stronger or fill different roles with some extra investment but these builds are pretty easy to put together, and will allow these heroes to help during your arena run with little investment.


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