Hey everyone! welcome to my video this is the fourth one on this series with budget builds for easy to get arena bonus heroes and this time we have five Arvis and Fallen Takumi from grand hero battles Roderick and Frederick from the 3 and 4 stars summoning pool and the starter Alfonse So fallen takumi is an infantry colorless bow user he has the legendary Skadi, with effectivenes against fliers, extra speed and it deals 10 damage in an area at the start of the third turn he also comes with Vengeance, Fury and Speed smoke his stats are ok, but nothing special with the bonus from his bow he reaches 37 speed, which is pretty good but his attack, defense and resistance are pretty meh Reposition and draw back are as usual the best assist skills you’ll want moonbow for the special you can leave fury in the A slot and takumi will work fine give him desperation to take advantage of his speed, and leave speed smoke or give him any other C skill for the seal slot, attack +3 will compensate for takumi’s mediocre attack or you can give him attack smoke to go with speed smoke Takumi is an ok damage dealer with this build.

But most of his utility comes from his weapon. Arvis is an infantry red mage he has the legendary Valflame, with an attack/resistance ploy effect he also has growing flames, defense ploy, and recovery ring, which is a stronger renewal he has good attack and resistance, ok speed and bad defense Arvis is a great hero, he can tank hits from non-blue mages, deals decent damage, and has good utility with his ploy effects you’ll want to keep most of his kit just give him a good assist like draw back, swap his special for iceberg or glacies leave his B and C skills, and give him fury for the A slot his B skill will negate fury’s draw back, and the extra attack, speed and resistance are great on arvis distant defense is a great seal if you want him to tank mages better, or you can give him speed ploy for the full debuff Roderick is a cavalry blue lance he comes with firesweep Lance, rally def/res, Drag back and drive defense his has good speed, ok attack, and bad defense and resistance he is mostly a glass canon hero.

Attack and speed are his best boons i’d leave all his skills, and just give him moonbow as a special, and life and death for the A slot heavy blade is a great seal for him, allowing him to trigger moonbow every fight he’ll be able to kill enemies and run to safety, but he’ll usually need his team’s repositions and draw backs to help him retreat after hitting Frederick is a cavalry green axe user he comes with hammer, which can be evolved into slaying hammer he also comes with Luna, wings of mercy, and fortify defense he has great attack and defense, but bad speed and awful resistance. without a lot of inheritance he is mostly an armor counter and physical tank. his best boons are attack and defense you’ll want to keep most of his kit give him the defense refinement for his weapon reposition for the assist slot, and swap his b skill for quick riposte 2 or a breaker skill you can keep luna for the special, or give him bonfire or ignis. luna is better against high defense heroes. for the A slot you’ll mostly want something that grants attack and defense fury is the easiest one, and works great.

But the strongest one here is probably brazen attack/defense from ares for the seal slot close defense is very strong, letting him reach 53 defense without external buffs Frederick is a pretty cool hero, but don’t let him get hit by mages. Alfonse is an infantry sword user he has the legendary Folkvangr, with the defiant attack effect but if you upgrade it you get the brazen attack/defense effect. it can also get the triangle adept effect he also comes with Sol, death blow and spur attack he has good attack, ok defense, and bad speed and resistance Alfonse is mostly a physical nuke i like taking advantage of his weapon upgraded effect. trying to get him to low health upgrade his weapon with the attack refinement you can run desperation in the B slot and brash assault in the seal slot, so he’ll be able to double any melee hero when on low health double his weapon’s effect with brazen attack/defense in the A slot for a very high +14 to both stats when under 50% HP glimmer is a good special for alfonse, draconic aura and dragon fang are good too as they scale with alfonse’s attack give him ardent sacrifice or reciprocal air so he can lose hp safely.

and any buff in the C slot is fine. That was it for the video! thank you so much for watching please consider subscribing, liking and sharing. it always helps me and feel free to leave a comment. here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time .

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