Hey everyone! welcome to my video this is the fifth one on this series with budget builds for easy to get arena bonus heroes this time we have four Narcian from grand hero battles Gordin and Palla from the 3 and 4 stars pool and the starter Sharena. i already did one of these for Sharena, but since then she got her new weapon refinement it’s still the budget build i’d recommend for her tho, so i’ll skip sharena this time there’s also the four new brave heroes: Hector, Ephraim, Celica and Veronica they already come with almost full skill sets tho for Hector i’d just give him pivot for the assist slot, and close or distant defense for the seal slot armor boots are good too if you need the extra mobility for Ephraim, i’d give him pivot for the assist slot, and quick riposte for the seal slot close defense also works if you can activate his weapon’s effect consistently for Celica, i’d give her reposition or a double rally for the assist slot, and quickened pulse for the seal slot she’s really strong, and can easily trigger galeforce on turn one and for Veronica, i’d probably give her attack or speed +3 for the A slot, and probably a drive or tactic skill on the seal slot she seem’s like a very strong support unit, and her weapon already comes with the dazzling staff effect.

Now Narcian is a flying Axe unit, he has mediocre attack, speed and resistance, and ok defense he comes with emerald axe, vengeance, lancebreaker and savage blow with his gem weapon, Narcian is a pretty decent tank against blue units i’d give him reposition, or a double rally skill for a higher score swap his special for moonbow, give him fury for the A slot Lancebreaker is fine for the B slot, or you can give him quick riposte 2 so he can also fight dragons and other axe users and any buff is fine for the c slot for the seal slot i really like close defense, he’ll work great as a counter against blue dragons like nowi Gordin is an infantry bow user he comes with brave bow, shove, attack+3 and vantage he has ok attack, bad speed and resistance, and pretty good defense with some extra investment he can be a pretty good physical tank, but with his default weapon he’s probably better as an offensive unit i’d give him reposition or a double rally for the assist slot, luna for the special death blow for the A slot, desperation for the B slot, and any buff for the C slot for the seal slot i really like brash assault, so he can quad other ranged heroes when he is at low health alternatively, you can give him something like wings of mercy for the B slot, and an attack seal.

Palla is a flying sword user she comes with ruby sword, moonbow, wings of mercy, and goad fliers she has ok attack, ok speed, ok defense, and mediocre resistance just like narcian, her weapon makes her work better as a tank against green units give her reposition or a double rally for the assist slot fury for the A slot, you can keep her wings of mercy, or give her quick riposte 2 or a breaker skill in the B slot and any buff for the C slot and of course close defense for the seal slot if you are interested in a heavy investment build for palla, here’s mine That was it for the video! thank you so much for watching please consider subscribing, liking and sharing. it always helps me and feel free to leave a comment. here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time

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