Hey guys! in honor of Shanna making it to the finals of the gauntlet Today i’ll talk about Shanna builds so Shanna is in a really weird spot her stats are not really bad, but there’s a lot of really strong lance fliers so she is outclassed by one of those heroes in most situations the main advantage she has over them is being available as a 3 stars hero Which makes her easier to merge quickly her stats are still good enough to be really strong in the right team So the three most basic builds for lance users are Brave Lance, Firesweeper Lance, and Quick Riposte Shanna’s offensive stats are pretty decent, specially her speed a Quick Riposte build would probably be the worst of these 3 builds for Shanna as her defensive stats are really nothing special maybe if there were a triangle adept seal, Shanna could try to be a red mage counter, with distant counter but as she is she can’t really tank better than Valter against physical units or Clair, or Est against magic units You would probably play Slaying Lance or Sapphire Lance in a Quick Riposte build or maybe Ridersbane if you really want to counter red horses So with 35 base speed, and 30 base attack, and some flier buffs, Shanna can easily use a Brave Lance build with Life & Death, or Swift Sparrow a +ATK nature means she gets to 46 ATK before buffs if she’s playing Life & Death 35 speed means you can Quad almost every hero in the game, with some goad buffs stacking she’s still outclassed by heroes like Cordelia, and Hinoka in this role.

that doesn’t mean she’s bad, a +attack or +speed seal can help a lot without flier buffs a Firesweeper build would probably be stronger and reduces the negative impact of playing Life and Death 50 attack and 40 speed is really strong. and with Hit and Run or Reposition, she can kill or poke enemies pretty safely Death Blow can be a cheaper A skill for these two build if you have a spare 4-stars Klein but the extra speed from Life & Death or Swift Sparrow really helps a lot. so needing Brave Lance, and Life & Death or Swift Sparrow, means her offensive builds are really not cheap but she can be really strong in a flier team or as a Guidance flier, int an infantry or armor team she’s certainly strong enough to be viable, If you really want to invest in her So yeah, that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching, check out my other videos if you want Share, Like, Subscribe, or comment and see you guys next time bye .

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