Hey guys! welcome to my video so on monday we are getting a new banner with seasonal heroes this one is bride themed, just like last year’s and we are getting 3 new heroes Ninian as a flying blue tome user Sanaki as a flying green tome user and Tharja as an infantry red tome user Ninian’s weapon is Fresh Bouquet wich has a Hone speed effect that also buffes herself when she’s adjacent to an ally her assist skill is dance her B skill is Chill attack and her C skill is Drive speed Ninian’s kit is pretty cool she’s our second flying dancer, and she’s a strong support unit i really like her weapon, and Chill attack is a pretty decent skill she’ll be good in a flier team if you don’t have new year azura. even tho her tome doesn’t stack with hone fliers i love her art too, she looks really pretty Sanaki’s Weapon is the legendary Nifl Frostflower which has some kind of weird owl tome effect but it counts allies within 2 spaces, only buffes attack and speed, and has a maximum buff of +6 to each stat her assist skill is draw back her A skill is attack resistance bond and her B skill is the new Defense resistance link which gives +6 defense and resistance when using a movement assist skill, both to herself and to the target ally it also works when she’s targeted by a movement assist skill, also buffing both units Sanaki’s kit is pretty good.

Her weapon looks strong, and if her resistance stat is good her bond skill could make her a nice magical tank her B skill is really interesting, i think it’s really strong and could be played in support characters that don’t want wings of mercy or a breaker skill. +6 to defense and resistance is a really strong buff. Tharja’s weapon is the legendary Muspell Fireposy, it has the same effect of Sanaki’s weapon her Assist skill is Rally attack speed, her A skill is attack speed bond and her B skill is the new speed feint it applies a speed debbuff to every enemy hero in cardinal directions when using a rally skill Tharja’s kit also looks great Rally attack speed is pretty strong, bond attack speed is awesome and just like Sanaki’s link skill, Tharja’s B skill is very interesting for support characters, but it will depend a lot on good positioning still, i really like the design of these skills. they look really cool and fun to play i think this banner is pretty cool, but i’m not that interested in it i’m not a fan of any of the characters, and even tho Sanaki and Ninian are both fliers, i don’t think i’d use them i would like to try the new skills, but i’m actually more interested in Tharja’s bond skill.

i think i’ll skip this banner tho, and save orbs for the legendary banner or maybe keep trying my luck on the new power banner So yeah, that was it for the video thank you for watching, and please consider subscribing if you liked it here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time .

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