Hey guys! welcome to my video so a few weeks ago i finished merging my Catria: my second +10 so today i’ll be talking about builds for her Catria is a lance fliers hero this is a role with a lot of very strong heroes on the offensive side you have Cordelia with a very strong offensive spread, which makes her ideal for brave lance and firesweep lance builds the recently released Shigure is also very strong here, with slightly higher speed and slightly lower attack and Est with the same attack stat as Cordelia, but lower speed, makes her pretty strong with brave lance.

Hinoka and Tana are also great offensive fliers, but they both have their own legendary weapons, and are 5stars locked compared to these heroes, Catria has pretty decent speed, but her attack is a lot lower which makes her not great for a brave build, but she can still run a firesweep build pretty well with life and death of swift sparrow, and relying on flier buffs, she can deal a lot of damage safely these kinds of builds usually want things like drag back or hit and run on the B slot, allowing Catria to hit enemies and go back to safety usually helped by an ally’s reposition or draw back skill for the C slot you can run any attack or speed seal heavy blade can also give you a nice boost of damage, or help you trigger galeforce for longer fights on the defensive side, you have Subaki as a physical tank he has pretty high defense and speed, and really low attack and resistance there’s also valter, who has slightly lower defense and speed, but he actually has decent attack he’s a grand hero battle unit tho, so he’s not great for merging and as magic tanks there’s Florina, whose only good stat is resistance actually and Clair, who has also decent speed, and compensates for her low attack with her new legendary weapon Est can also work decently well as a magical tank compared to them, Catria’s defensive stats are not great they are actually faily balanced.

She can still use a melee defensive build running close defense as an A skill and seal, she can reach 41 defense and 37 resistance with neutral IV’s you’ll also want quick riposte for the B skill, as Catria’s default 34 speed is pretty mediocre on it’s own for this builds there’s a lot of good weapons Slaying lance and the new Harmonic lance can boost her damage, using specials like ignis or bonfire berkut’s lance can boost Catria’s resistance even further, making her as great dragon killer Deft harpoon gives her a nice boost to each stat for the first fight every battle, it can also be reused if you have some kind of healing skills like aether or renewal. First bite grants even more defense and resistance, but only works after the first fight and tannenboom is probably the most consistent, buffing every stat when attacked. Catria’s ability to tank both magical and physical hits is pretty impressive, but she’ll be vulnerable to ranged enemies like mages and archers Finally, Catria can run a hybrid build that works both in enemy phase and in player phase for this builds, you’ll want Slaying lance, Harmonic lance, or Deft harpoon Fury is probably the best A skill here.

You can also run a bond skill, preferably one that boosts speed for the B skill you can go for mobility, running things like wings of mercy, hit and run, or flier formation or you can give her combat skills like vantage. chill skills are also pretty good, specially chill speed and chill attack. in the special slot, moonbow or luna give you the most consistent damage the seal slot is pretty open. i like running drive and hone skills. the new flier formation seal is also pretty good if you are not using it in the B slot.

or you can even run close defense for extra tankiness. this is the build i’m currently running on my Catria, and it looks something like this i’m pretty happy with it, she is very strong and can duel with most melee heroes i’ve also been thinking about running a full enemy-phase build. as i really enjoy those Catria is a really versatile hero, and her availability makes her a good choice for FTP players that like to try different builds on their characters. So yeah, that was it for the video thank you for watching, and please consider subscribing if you liked it here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time .

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