What’s up guys I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes and this time I’m gonna be taking on the Bound Hero Battle versus Cecilia and Lilina And I’m only going to be using Free 2 Play units in this video and firstly I’m gonna be beating the map on the infernal difficulty, and then I’ll show you guys how to complete all of the quests Which have come with this Bound Hero Battle in a single match to get all of the rewards. So this is gonna be my team for the infernal difficulty and since this Bound Hero Battle is known to be one of the hardest If not the hardest BHB yet I do have to use a bit of Skill Inheritance, but it’s really minimal And it’s really hard to beat it with vanilla units. so I’ve given Wings of Mercy 1 to Masked Lucina from a three-star Palla You can even get that from three-star Frederick, those two units are very very common And then you need to give Spur Speed 1 Sacred Seal to your Sully and on your Ursula You need to have Red Tome Breaker 1 from a three-star Odin, and he’s extremely common so all of these Skill Inheritance I’ve used in this video is from very very common units Three-star units at that you also need to give her Speed Plus 1 sacred seal And then I’ve got my Gunter so that is gonna be my team and let’s begin the infernal map Alright so here we have got Cecilia and Lilina So this Lance Flier has got Swift Sparrow, Obstruct, Drive Attack and Iceberg he also has Sapphire Lance and Lilina has got Red Tome Breaker and Cecilia has got Hone Attack that’s pretty much it all of the other things are from her base kit except for Blazing Wind and This Lance Cavalier has got Death Blow, Pass, Brave Lance and Savage Blow this guy has got Green Tome breaker and Wolf Tome This Archer is the main problem.

He’s very strong with Brave Bow and Death Blow. He also has Sword Breaker, so let’s put Our units like this and let’s begin So Gunter’s Hone Calvary is gonna be very very useful for Ursula And we can just wait here, have Ursula get the Hone Calvary buff and You need to have Speed Plus 1 sacred seal here otherwise, as I’ll show you guys after taking out this Lance Cavalier This Lance Flyer will actually break this wall and then Cecilia will come down and kill Ursula So you need to have Speed Plus 1 sacred seal and only then they’re gonna be going on this direction I think that even if you have got a five star Ursula. I think that would do, so let’s put Gunter here and I’ve got Red Tome Breaker on Ursula so that you can do more chip damage to this Red Mage to the point where Wings of Mercy Lucina can just take out this Red Mage as you guys will see so This Red Mage is gonna be attacking Ursula for 30 damage thankfully Ursula has got pretty good res, so she’s able to take this effective hit and This Lance Flier, Lilina, and Cecilia will be moving this direction so now you can just put Ursula here and here I can make the use of Wings of Mercy and Teleport with Lucina and just kill this Red Mage the chip damage from Red Tome Breaker’s second hit is really necessary for this I guess you can even use Quick Riposte if you want to but Quick Riposte is just much more valuable actually So let’s put Gunter here and Spur Speed sacred seal is gonna Be useful here because Cecilia has got 28 speed and Gunter has got 22 So Cecilia will be able to double Gunter and just kill him so that’s why Spur Speed Is gonna be giving Gunter two more speed points so that Cecilia can not double Gunter and Gunter will be able to live at least one hit.

If you do not have a Gunter then you can just use any kind of Lance or Axe Cavalier who’s got bad res and who does not get killed by Cecilia You can even use Hone Cavalry four-star Frederick if you want to and if you do not have Lucina then you can just use any kind of Infantry sword unit who has got a similar stat line to Lucina and slap Wings of Mercy on that red unit. I tried this with Wings of Mercy Black Knight and Black Knight is also free to play unit, he has Wings of Mercy by default but the thing is that Black Knight has got So much defense that this Bow Fighter does not pursue him He instead goes this direction to kill Sully or Gunter so Lucina actually does not have as much defense as Black Knight, so she’s gonna be baiting out this Archer over here, and this is what we want and now once again I can use Wings of Mercy and kill this Cecilia I thought Black Knight would work, but of course Black Knight’s immense bulk, it’s gonna be is Gonna be not enough to bait out this Archer so that’s why you need to use some kind of Average defense red infantry unit I even tried it with Wings of Mercy Arden But Arden and also has incredible amount of defense So let’s take out Lilina with Sully There we go and you can just put Ursula here You can also use a Cain who has got Wings of Mercy, a four-star Cain would work And you will not even need a Red Tome Breaker on Ursula because the only reason why we have Red Tome Breaker Is to get chip damage on that Red Mage and Cain has got Brave Sword+ So he’ll be just able to destroy that Red Mage, and you could do that with him But Cain is not really very easy unit to get because He’s in red pool There are a lot of units there.

He only appears as a four-star unit and A lot of people just use them for his Wings of Mercy on their dancers All right so now Gunter Can just take out this let’s go Lance Flier. He’s got his Iceberg ready And the old man is gonna take out that guy and then we can just use Draw Back and Put Lucina here and put Ursula over here, so that she does not die, all right and now What we can do is do some chip damage to this Bow Fighter with Gunter Then use Draw Back on him and then Lucina can do some more chip damage to the point where Ursula can just use her AOE special to kill this Bow Fighter, so let’s do that and That’s gonna be the end of this Bow Fighter, so that’s how you can complete the infernal Difficulty map like I said if you do not have Gunter you could just use any kind of Lance or Axe Cavalier Axe Cavalier will do actually, Axe Cavalier is better so that you can take on that Lance Flier and a four-star Frederick with Hone Cavalry will also work and If you do not have Masked Lucina then you can just use any kind of red infantry unit who has got same stat line as her And who can do as much damage to that Red Mage as her and You can even use Cain if you want to Wings of Mercy four-star Cain So that was the infernal difficulty and now we’re gonna be completing the four quests which have come with this Bound Hero Battle, so Unfortunately, I’ve got five-star, Alfonse and Sharena, but I have put skills, which they have at four-star rarity I’ve also equipped their four-star weapon instead of their legendary weapons and this can also be done with a four-star Alfonse and Sharena and once again You need to have Ursula, Red Tome Breaker is not really that needed But Speed Plus 1 is required to double Cecilia, and then we have got Arthur you can even use any kind of Axe unit with Lance Breaker you just need to have a green unit to kill that Lance Flier, and that’s pretty much it So let’s do this on lunatic mode and Let’s complete that and get four orbs All right, so let’s put Ursula here And let’s end our turn Alright so on this map we do not have that Red Mage, that Red Mage is an extra enemy on the infernal map So Ursula is not able to take out this Lance Cavalier without the help of Sharena’s Rally Attack so we need to do that and then attack this Lance Cavalier and just end our turn because this Lance Flier is gonna be breaking this wall and now we do not want this Bow Fighter to go here because He’s extremely strong with his Brave Bow and Death Blow so we want to bait him into going in this direction so that’s why we’re gonna be putting Ursula there and You can just pull back Alfonse and put Sharena here Alright and Now we can just take out this Lance Flier with Arthur We can just use any kind of green unit What Lance Breaker, which does not get doubled by Cecilia and we can put Alfonse here and Sharena over here And Ursula here so Cecilia is gonna be attacking Actually first Lilina is gonna be attacking Alfonse.

A four-star Alfonse will be able to survive this actually and Yeah Cecilia is gonna be attacking Arthur, the AI is not really smart enough to move the units into a way so that they can Attack Arthur what Lilina because Cecilia is stuck here so Lilina just comes forward to attack Alfonse because she will not be able to do too much to Sharena because of the weapon triangle advantage and She does the most damage to Alfonse. That’s why she moves ahead And attacks Alfonse and here we can attack Cecilia because of Speed Plus 1 sacred seal Ursula is able to double Cecilia and we can Cecilia enough so that Alfonse can just take her out and Arthur can just get some chip damage on Lilina. It’s not really required, but we can just get that and Sharena can take a Lilina So you need to take a Lilina with Sharena to complete the quest and you need to take out Cecilia with Alfonse, so Cecilia is gonna go down by the hands of Alfonse and we completed all of the quests here We just need to take out this Bow Fighter, not really a big deal.

We can just move Sharena here and Ursula here Just wait for this Archer who’s actually pretty strong and Let’s double him with Sharena even a four-star Sharena will be able to double This Archer, and then we can use the AOE special from Ursula to just take him out So Ursula does a lot And the in-game content for Grand Hero Battles and Bound Hero Battles because of her Wolf Tome and because of her mobility So you got one orb, two, three, four and with that we completed all four quests in a single match So this way you can save some stamina you can also find Cecilia and Lilina now at level 40 in the hard mode chain challenge for chapter 3 and 4 but this is way more easy and takes less stamina so if you guys enjoyed then please be sure to leave your like and if You have any kind of trouble let me know in the comment section down below I’ll try my best to help and Let me know your strategy for the infernal difficulty in the comment section down below because many times people do look for help in the comments And if they see that you’ve got the same units as them then they can also apply the same Strategy as you and do not forget to subscribe for more Fire Emblem Heroes content, and that being said I’ll see you guys next time Thank you so much for watching and have a great day

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