Hey guys! welcome to my video so for my last build video i did Catria, who had pretty balanced stats and not a clear niche this time i’ll do Clair, a hero with stats that tell you pretty clearly how she should be built Just like Catria, clair is a lance flier she has the legendary weapon Rhomphaia, which is effective against armored and cavalry foes and her refinement grants clair the flashing blade effect Clair’s default kit also includes Harsh command, Hit and run and hone speed Clair has pretty low attack and defense stats, but decent speed and resistance her low attack is mostly fixed by her weapon, giving her a nice attack boost against horses and armors and helping her trigger her special consistently for extra damage for this to work, Clair wants her weapon’s flashing blade effect to be active against most enemies so she’ll usually want to get some extra speed from her A skill Fury is the most popular budget option, giving clair a nice boost to every stat the self-damage is also pretty easy to take advantage of, using things like desperation or vantage on your B slot desperation is the better one for Clair because of her nice speed Life and death is not great for clair, as her defense stat is already pretty bad.

But swift sparrow is great for a more offensive build attack/speed Bond is a nice option for an enemy phase build, as the positioning requirement is easier to meet when baiting enemies brazen attack/speed is awesome when used with desperation, but reaching the HP threshold can be pretty difficult some times for the special, Galeforce can be pretty good if you don’t need the extra damage. but you’ll usually want things like Luna, aether, iceberg or Glacies moonbow will be worst than Luna most of the time because of Rhomphaia’s flashing blade effect for the B slot, i already said that desperation works great with Clair’s speed stat but there’s also a lot of movement skills that can help with Clair’s positioning things like hit and run and drag back will allow clair to kill enemies and go back to safety while wings of mercy, flier formation, or the recently released aerobics can help her both offensively and defensively chill skill are also pretty strong on clair, specially chill speed to help her with Rhomphaia’s requirement, and chill defense for extra damage for the C slot, you’ll usually go for a buffing skill, or maybe a guidance skill but Clair’s decent resistance means she can also run Ploy effects and just like with chill skills, speed ploy and defense ploy are the best ones for her the seal slot is pretty open ploy skills, movement skills, or extra stats are all decent a buffing skill like drive attack is also always useful she can also make use of the phantom speed seal, to help her reach Rhomphaia’s requirement Clair’s other decent build is as a mage tank for this one she can keep her legendary weapon, or she can go for a refined berkut’s lance this one gives Clair +7 extra resistance when attacked this build wants distant counter for the A slot, so she can use the player’s turn solely for positioning, while killing enemies on their turn iceberg and glacies are the best specials for damage here, but aether can still work if you want a higher arena score for the B slot, Quick riposte is probably the best option if Clair’s speed is not getting buffed chill skills are also good for this build or you can play guard for extra protection against enemy specials, or dull ranged if facing a lot of enemies with blade tomes for the C slot, buffs, guidance or ploys are still your best options the seal slot you’ll usually want to use for more resistance distant defense is the best one here, fortress resistance is ok if you are only relying on your special for damage or you can run quick riposte here to open up your B slot there are also other builds you can try on your clair, tho not as optimal like a firesweep build, focusing in Clair’s attack and speed stat.

this one can deal a lot of damage safely, but won’t be as strong as Cordelia Clair’s legendary weapon puts her in a pretty good spot in the meta giving her a nice advantage against common threats, and having great synergy with her stats her good resistance means she is great at dueling dragons too making Clair a strong hero even when compared to other lance fliers with better offensive stats, like Cordelia and Shigure this combined with her demotion to the 3 and 4 stars pool make her a great option for free to play flier teams So yeah, that was it for the video thank you for watching, and please consider subscribing if you liked it here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time .

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