Hey guys! welcome to my video so tomorrow we are getting a new banner, with heroes from genealogy of the holy war this time we are getting 3 new heroes: Ares as a cavary sword user Lene as an infantry sword user and Ishtar as an infantry blue tome user Ares comes with the legendary weapon Dark Mystletainn it has the killer weapon effect of reducing the special cooldown and it also reduces the cooldown by two after combat.

But only works with specials that trigger before or during combat so no galeforce. his special is draconic aura, his A skill is brazen attack/defense, and his B skill is Seal defense/resistance Ares looks really strong, and his weapon is great he’ll basically be able to have specials like luna always active the rest of his kit is ok, brazen attack defense is nice his stats are also ok, he has nice attack and decent defense his speed is ok and his resistance is pretty low there’s nothing too interesting about his stats really, his closes comparison is probably Sigurd. but Sigurd’s weapon is mostly defensive, while Ares is more offense focused he’ll probably be good in Horse teams. or with some cute miracle builds Lene comes with the new Safeguard sword, which grants +7 defense when attacked her assists skill is dance her B skill is the new firestorm dance and her C skill is sword valor lene’s sword is pretty cool, and will probably be played by some tanky sword characters her B skill is also pretty cool, but competing with wings of mercy or a breaker skill in the B slot Lene’s stats are similar to olivia’s, having the same attack, slightly better speed and resistance, and lower defense dancers are always nice, but she’ll probably play the same as other dancers the new skills she has are nice tho.

Ishtar comes with the legendary weapon Mjolnir which has the killer weapon cooldown reduction effect and the darting blow effect her special is moonbow, her A skill is swift sparrow, her B skill is vantage and her C skill is the new odd attack wave Ishtar’s kit is really strong, being mostly an aggresive blue mage her stats are also pretty nice, with good attack and speed, and bad defense and resistance she’s just a strong glass cannon character Odd attack wave is the most interesting part of her kit it gives +6 attack to the user and adjacent allies, but only every other turn it’s a strong new buff.

and out first C skill that buffes the user it will probably be pretty rare tho. so we might not see it too much in arena. this banner is nice, and the characters are all decent. safeguard and odd attack wave are the most interesting of the new skills firestorm dance is also nice. but i don’t think it will see much play i’ll be skipping this banner. as i spent most of my orbs on the last legendary banner. So yeah, that was it for the video thank you for watching, and please consider subscribing if you liked it here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time .

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