Hey guys! welcome to my video so today i’ll talk about one of my main arena assault teams: Magvel girls the four heroes are Marisa, Amelia, Lute and L’arachel. it’s a mixed team that uses the tactics C skills i have the 3 tactic skills that have been released so far, attack, defense and resistance. and drive speed takes the last C slot. so Marisa and Amelia have very similar builds, both of them are physical tanks they have similar HP and resistance, Amelia has higher attack and defense and because my Amelia is -speed, Marisa’s speed stat is higher.

So i built my Amelia with wary fighter as a B skill she also has slaying axe with defense refine as a weapon, bonfire as a special to take advantage of her high defense earth boost to take advantage of her high HP, and armored boots as a seal. with this build she reaches 46 defense against enemies with lower HP, and 52 when buffed with defense tactics so bonfire can add up to 26 extra damage, and slaying axe helps her trigger it more consistently.

Amelia’s C skill is drive speed, as Wary fighter means she doesn’t need speed. Marisa has Wo Dao with defense refine as her weapon. it’s extra damage when triggering her special helps compensate for Marisa’s low attack just like Amelia, she has Earth boost and bonfire but she has renewal as her B skill, to help her keep earth boost active. with this Marisa reaches 40 defense when fighting an enemy with lower HP, and 46 when buffed with defense tactics so bonfire adds 33 extra damage with the Wo Dao bonus. and her C skill is attack tactic, as she relies mostly on her special to deal damage. other skills these two could use are: – Close defense or steady stance, similar to earth boost – steady breath, for faster special trigger – Guard, for protection from enemy specials – Quick riposte, to trigger the special faster against fast enemies.

Lute fills the role of magic tank in this team She uses her legendary weapon: weirding tome, which has the speed ploy effect she has Iceberg as her special, Fury for her A skill, Vantage as her B skill, and defense tactic as her C skill she also uses the distant defense seal. with Fury she reaches 41 resistance, this helps apply her weapon’s ploy effect thanks to her seal, she also reaches 47 resistance when attack from affar. and 53 resistance with the tactic buff so Lute is great for tanking mages and healers, and iceberg helps her finish enemies with high resistance Vantage works well with fury, but could be swapped for thing like desperation or quick riposte. Fury helps her reach 39 speed, which is effectively 44 speed when fighting enemies debuffed by her weapon.

L’arachel is the team’s magical nuke she runs her legendary weapon: Ivaldi which gives extra attack and speed against enemies with full health she also runs swift sparrow, so she gets +7 attack and speed when initiating combat against enemies at full health, she also runs the speed +3 seal this leaves her at 54 attack and 44 speed without other buffs. she runs draconic aura as her special to take advantage of her high attack stat her defense is pretty mediocre tho, and her resistance is nothing special. so she’s not great at tanking her B skill is Renewal, but desperation would probably be better for this build. and her C skill is resistance tactic. The team mostly wants to bait strong enemies with Amelia, Marisa or Lute and use L’arachel to kill low resistance enemies that fall behind i really like this team, and it’s also my earth team for blessed gardens a flying hero like Tana or Myrrh could replace L’arachel to take advantage of the Guidance skill giving the team a lot of extra mobility, while staying on theme Eirika can also be pretty good in this team, as her new weapon refinement works great with tactic skills.

if you’d like to see more of this team you can watch my arena assault videos or this arena video, where i used this team on a full run. .

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