Hey everyone! welcome to my video so i have some new teams i’ll be using for arena assault and i just wanted to show them i wanted my teams to be all themed around the mainline games so i’m keeping some of my old teams too like my magvel team, my eirika and ephraim team, my Tellius team, and my fates fliers team i’m also still using my main flier team for the first battle, so i can maximize my score the first one of my new teams is my binding blade one so i have Lilina, Gwendolyn, shanna and fae Lilina has her regular nuke build, with swordbreaker to help kill red units.

She’s really strong Gwendolyn is the physical tank of the team, with really high defense but low speed wary fighter helps her survive magic enemies. and she can deal a lot of daamage with ignis i’m using defense+3 in the A slot for now, but i think i’d like to give her fortress defense when i pull a Seth Shanna is also an aggresive hero here she has firesweep lance and hit and run, so she can deal damage without risks and she has guidance, to give my team some extra mobility i still need to give her a better C skill tho and Fae is the magical tank of the team, she’s great at killing Reinhardts and blue units in general My second team is from archanea. with Tiki, Linde, Minerva and Sheena Tiki is great at killing dragons and green units and her legendary weapon gives her a nice healing ability i’ll probably give her fury when i pull a hinata Linde is a fast blue nuke. she just hits really hard Shenna is an awesome tank, and hits hard with ignis and Minerva also hits really hard it’s a pretty simple team my third team is from the blazing blade.

With Serra, Legendary lyn, fangs nino and Florina Serra, Lyn and Nino are great. they are really strong Serra can heal and hit with dazzling staff. Lyn is great at baiting hits, and she has speed tactics, and Nino just hits really hard Florina is the weaker one here, with low attack and speed. but she can debuff and deals decent damage against armored heroes she can also act as a healer with renewal and ardent sacrifice my fourth team is my fates retainers one. with Selena, Beruka, Setsuna and Felicia Selena and beruka are great physical tanks, Felicia is a magical tank, and Setsuna can deal with brave lyns and fliers they are really strong, i really like this team my fifth team is my FEH characters team.

With Sharena, Anna, Fjorm and Gunnthr� Fjorm is an awesome ranged tank, and Gunnthr� can debuff and hits really hard Anna is pretty fast, and i like her mobility Sharena is not great right now, but i’m pretty excited for her upcoming refinement she still needs some investment tho. and my sixth team is my Awakening team. with Sumia, tharja, Nowi and Adult Tiki Sumia is a nice physical tank, and i really like attack/defense link Tharja can hit pretty hard, and she is fast enough to use desperation i still need to give her a better A skill, but darting blow is fine for now Nowi is just another great tank, and so is adult tiki they both have the distant counter breath. so they are pretty strong this team is still not ready, as i haven’t upgraded my Tiki to 5stars yet the one i have right now is -defense, so i’m waiting to see if a pull a better one but this team should be pretty strong when it’s ready.

I also have some teams planned for the future i’d like to split my fates retaines team into two, one for hoshido and one for nohr the nohr one would have Selena, Beruka, Peri and Effie while the Hoshido one would have Setsuna, Kagero, Hana and Oboro i’d have to find a new team for Felicia tho, as i really enjoy using her i’d also like to build an Innes and Tana team, to mirror my Eirika and Ephraim one this one would have Tana, Summer Tana, Innes, and Summer Innes but i’m still missing regular Tana.

My current merging projects are Caeda, Clair and Camilla and when they are ready they’ll probably replace Palla, Catria and Cherche in my main flier team so i’d like to build a whitewings team in the future, with palla, catria, est and Minerva a 5stars Maria or Athena could probably replace Minerva in my Archanea team. i’d also like to change my Celica team, the one i have right now has Celica, Fallen Celica, Genny and Clair i’d like to pull a Sonya to replace fallen Celica in that one by the way, as an unrelated thing, today we started with the 15 daily banners and i’ll be posting my free pulls on my twitter, so you can follow me there if you want to see them. That was it for the video! thank you so much for watching please consider subscribing, liking and sharing. it always helps me and feel free to leave a comment. here you can check out my schedule for the week and here you can find some of my other videos or you can go to my main youtube page, where i have everything organized i really hope you enjoyed, and see you next time

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