Hey guys! welcome to my video i just got the new Quick Riposte seal, and i’m really excited to try it Quick Riposte is just really strong as a seal, mostly because it leaves the B slot open for things like Guard, Vantage, or Wrath it also means you don’t have to spend 20000 faethers upgrading a Subaki so for tomorrow’s arena video i’ll be using Fjorm, who is also a bonus hero because of her weapon and especial, she is clearly designed to be an enemy-phase hero but her speed is really mediocre, so she really needs quick riposte to work well Fjorm’s default B skill, Shield Pulse, works really well with her especial, so being able to play it alongside will make her a lot stronger i’d also like to try this seal in other heroes, like my Micaiah her speed is low, so she can benefit a lot from this seal, and it’s really strong with Guard but a Desperation + Brash assault build may be stronger, i’ll have to try i could also try it on my Amelia, she’s -Atk, so building her as a strong enemy phase bruiser could be nice i don’t think i want this seal on my Selena, as i really like the bonuses from close defense but i could eventually drop Beruka’s Iote’s Shild, and maybe try guard in the B slot with this in the seal slot.

So, what do you think of the quick riposte seal? are you excited to try it? are you scared to encounter it in arena maybe? tell me in the comments! .

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